How to Access the Light Within Featuring Psychic Medium Kim Russo


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How to Access the Light Within Featuring Psychic Medium Kim Russo Kim Russo is an accomplished, highly sought-after medium who has been communicating with spirits for nearly two decades. Fluent in the language of the spirit world, Kim has helped friends, family and clients confront the fears that haunt them most, and embrace the truths that bring increased light, love and understanding into their lives. Kim is author of the new book “Your Soul Purpose: Learn How to Access the Light Within Hardcover.” (see more info below). The word of Kim’s gift spread wide, and she quickly found herself appearing in the A&E hit series “Paranormal State” and “Psychic Kids” as well as Bio Channel’s “Celebrity Ghost Stories.” These opportunities paved the way for her own series, “The Haunting Of…,” which became the #1 series on LMN. Lasting six seasons and nearly 80 episodes, “The Haunting Of…” features Kim week after week taking a celebrity back to the place where they experienced the paranormal. In each episode, Kim unravels the mystery while also uncovering deep personal moments from the celebrity’s past. This series lead to A+E Networks greenlighting another series for Kim called “Psychic Intervention.” In this emotional six episode run, Kim turned her attention to helping families in dire crisis by connecting them to the other side for a spiritual kind of counseling. A self-proclaimed skeptic, Kim always wants proof before she believes things to be true, therefore, she willingly has become a certified medium by The Forever Family Foundation and The Windbridge Institute for Applied Research in Human Potential, both of which subjected her to a battery of double-blind tests to prove the accuracy of her readings. Both organizations are dedicated and committed to proving the existence of life after death by integrating mediumship along with scientific studies. Being accredited is no easy feat, and Kim’s scores proved to be exemplary. In 2016, Kim published her first book, The Happy Medium – Life Lessons from The Other Side, from Harper Collins. Debuting at #1 in Amazon’s spiritual book category, The Happy Medium interweaves experiences from Kim’s life with some of the best, most astounding behind-the-scenes stories of her celebrity readings from episodes of her Lifetime show, “The Haunting Of…” In addition, she gives readers the tools to access the energy that is all around us, including experiments and lessons she uses in many of her sold-out theatre appearances and courses she teaches around the world. Kim’s second book, “Your Soul Purpose, Learn How to Access The Light Within” is scheduled to be released on April 2, 2019. To pre-order, please visit Kim’s Books Tab. Kim is a mother of three boys and has been married to her husband Anthony for 32 years. Kim believes the most important of our soul purpose is to implement and share our God given gifts with the world. To that end, Kim’s biggest enjoyment is speaking at hundreds of engagements across the country, addressing eager audiences of all different ages, religions and beliefs. Website: ============================================================= Your Soul Purpose: Learn How to Access the Light Within Hardcover – April 2, 2019 Discover your soul purpose by harnessing your own energy and accessing the world beyond in this expert guide from the world-famous psychic medium and author of The Happy Medium. Everyone on earth has a purpose for being here, but it can be difficult to discover. Luckily, each of us has a guru residing inside—a spiritual guide to lead us on the path to fulfillment. As “The Happy Medium,” Kim has reached beyond the realms of the known. Her gift allows her to sees what many of us cannot: that the world is filled with distractions and barriers that can derail us from living our lives with meaning and purpose. By explaining spiritual laws—including divine oneness, balance, vibration, and resistance—and providing practical, illuminating exercises, Kim unlocks our spiritual toolbox to help us reframe our world. Wise and compassionate, Kim teaches us how to embrace love, reject fear, and rid ourselves of negativity bias, through a series of helpful quizzes and assignments that make it easy to discover who we are. Your Soul Purpose will empower readers to recognize love, leave their fear and egos at the door, and use the spiritual tools they already possess to fulfill their destiny. Psychic, happy medium Kim Russo, vibration, oneness, afterlife, spirits, Psychic Intervention, author

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