The Apocalyptic Optimist with Chris Duane


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The Apocalyptic Optimist with Chris Duane The Outer Limits of Inner Truth once again is honored to welcome back to the program, Chris Duane. Chris is an apocalyptic optimist and visionary. He’s also a deep critical thinker who regularly offers insights about our world today and the world to come. We have a tremendous amount of respect for Chris. Chris Duane is a Financial & Investing Expert and Founder of the Silver Shield Xchange. Chris is also a US Marine & venture capitalist and became a self-made millionaire by age 30 (and has been able to increase his net worth by an estimated 3,750%, even while the housing, stock, and job markets were tanking). Chris’ YouTube Channel “The Greatest Truth Never Told” has over 33 million views, and seeks to provide individual solutions to collective problems such as the collapse of the U.S. dollar. Chris believes massive change is coming and that if you are aware and prepared for this change, you will be able to create generational wealth. Chris also believe that each individual should aspire to reach their full potential. Chris also author of a phenomenal book Thrivalist. YouTube Channel Link: Website Links:

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