Constance Stellas 2020 Astro Predictions


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Constance Stellas’ 2020 Astro Predictions You’ve come to know and love her as an esteemed Virtue on The Outer Limits of Inner Truth. Constance Stellas is an actor (SAG-AFTRA/AEA), writer and astrologer. Her best-selling books include The Hidden Power of Everyday Things, The Astrology Gift Guide, Advanced Astrology for Life and The Everything Book of Sex Signs. This last book has gone into a second printing, been translated into French, and is available at both bookstores and Urban Outfitters. With over 25 years of astrology experience, she regularly consults the stars for clients from the arts, business, academia, and regular folks. A permanent guest on Sirius/XM’s Broadminded, Constance has also had columns in Prestige Magazine (Singapore), Valley Life (LA), Scarlett Magazine (UK), and now blogs for the Huffington Post. She leads workshops at home and abroad in Greece, at the Oracle at Delphi. As an actor, she’s appeared in many off-Broadway productions. She was a member of the Jean Cocteau Repertory Theatre, New York’s oldest classical rep theatre. She also performed under the direction of Elia Kazan at The Actors Studio Playwrights and Directors Unit. She played Nurse Darla in the indy feature, Stealing Martin Lane. Having appeared on numerous soap operas, her episode of As The World Turns was nominated for an Emmy. Tree of Keys, a graphic novel, is Constance’s latest project. The comic tells the story of 12 orphans, who under the influence of the longest lunar eclipse of the century, are called to the tree of keys. Each orphan, born under a different star sign, has a special quest. Watched over by Zalinda, the Harmonizer, they journey to discover their inner most talents. As they transform to confront Nefos, the Distorter, as well as their own fears, these buoyant, bold kids become – Super Astro Heroes! Constance introduced the 12 Astro Heroes at Comic Con San Diego, 2011. A successful Kickstarter campaign followed, and Issue 1, Threshold of Fire, resulted. Join the mailing list to stay up to date on all the latest Tree of Keys news! Website: ==========================

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