The Warrior Sage, Dylan Charles


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is the founder and editor of and host of the podcast. His hero’s journey of awakening and self-actualization began with a choice to take full responsibility for his health, wellness, and happiness. Shunning the medical establishment, he set out to overcome addiction, depression, anxiety and chronic illness, first turning to the martial arts of Kung Fu and Tai Chi, then toward mastery of personal energy with Qi Gong. In 2009 he left the US to live in Central America and studied shamanic plant medicines with traditional indigenous masters from the Amazon and Africa, and now sits in ceremony as a facilitator-in-training, and serving as a guide and advisor to courageous seekers of inner truth. Dylan is a warrior for consciousness and is dedicated to leading as many men as possible back to their natural state of presence and power, guiding them on their path to self-mastery and inner peace. Having written hundreds of articles and reaching millions of people with visionary insight and matrix-busting candor, he now guides individuals and small groups of men on intensely transformational journeys of self-discovery and sovereign re-programming. He offers group mentorships, deep one-on-one personal coaching, medicine retreats, and online trainings. Today, Dylan lives in the Blue Ridge mountains with his wife of 23 years and three kids, where he practices Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, paints visionary artwork, DJ’s, grows plants, and humbly plays his part in the awakening of humanity. If you are in search of deep personal guidance during these challenging times, , and you are invited to to focus, align and prepare you for whatever is to come at us in 2021. Dylan also shares his wisdom, experience and perspective in a regular newsletter, which you can get free, .

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