The epic road trip that taught me how to live again


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After graduating from university, Suleika Jaouad had moved to Paris, found love and was starting to pursue her dream of becoming a foreign correspondent. But a leukaemia diagnosis at 22 put an end to all of this. She returned to the US and began life-saving treatment that would take an enormous toll. Determined to try and regain some sense of control, she began writing about her experience and eventually landed a regular column with the New York Times called "Life, Interrupted". Her words moved many readers, who inundated her with letters about their own experiences of disease and lives changed in an instant. After three gruelling years in and out of hospital, Suleika was better but realised that having survived she now needed to learn how to live again. She went on a 100-day road trip around the country to meet some of her readers in the hope that they could help her find her place in the world. Presenter: Emily Webb Producer: Kevin Ponniah Picture: Suleika Jaouad (Courtesy Suleika Jaouad) Get in touch:

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