Global Wellness Day Founder Belgin Aksoy


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This episode's guest is "Global Wellness Day" founder Belgin Aksoy. Aksoy has dedicated her life to creating a physically, mentally, and spiritually better world for everyone.
This episode features entertaining stories and inspirational anecdotes. Watch this episode, and you will learn something new.
Global Wellness Day is June 11, 2022. Visit for more information, including ways to celebrate and this year's theme.
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00:00 | ☀️ Opening Chi
00:15 | CG Introduces Belgin Aksoy
01:44 | Belgin Aksoy's Health and Happiness Balance
05:18 | Global Wellness Day Initiative - One Day Can Change Your Whole Life
9:50 | Oprah supports Global Wellness Day
15:50 | Global Wellness Day in the Next Ten Years
20:20 | 🙏Closing Namaste
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