EP36 - Expand Offshore - Outsourcing Success Story


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Expand Offshore's Vice President Mitchell Nakagawa joins us all the way from Honolulu, Hawaii to talk about the company’s success story and how they provide small to medium businesses the ability to scale quickly using outsourced teams in the Philippines. He also explained why Clark Freeport Zone, Philippines is one of the best choices to set up your outsourced team and why Filipinos are a great fit for outsourced businesses. Mitchell said in this interview, “I was first exposed with outsourcing about 15 years ago and during that time I saw teams, in this case it was an IT call center, really outperform the in-house teams.” “Outsourcing in the Philippines can be a tremendous driver of growth in multiple varied industries. I believe that it's important to find someone who you can communicate with - an outsourcing partner to do your diligence.”, he added. Visit offshoring.com.ph to listen to more podcast episodes about offshoring to the Philippines.

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