Pamela Marshall: The Feisty Skincare Guru


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The first thing that Pamela said to me when I met her before recording this podcast was that she is VERY opinionated when it comes to skincare and products and boy was she right. Pamela doesn't hold back and her sometimes extreme views all root from a deep passion and lifelong study of skin and what makes it behave in certain ways.
Get ready to hear Pamela talk about her views on high street skincare, the simple things that we can all do to achieve better skin and an affordable product that she believes has the power to fight acne. She also reveals some of the secrets of her approach when people visit the treatment rooms at her beautiful clinic Mortar and Milk.
If you love skincare and are on a mission to find out what could really work for you then this episode is for you. Pamela is a true skin guru.
You can follow Pamela on Instagram @mortarandmilk.

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