Innovation: The “Mindfulness” Element

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Captain Brent Chapman, Project Manager of the Army Defense Innovation Unit Experimental

(Photograph courtesy of Brent Chapman, and used with permission.)

“Just because something can be connected (to the IOT), doesn’t mean it should be,” warns Captain Brent Chapman.
Brent, who serves as Project Manager at the Defense Innovation Unit Experimental, is a Cyber Operations Officer in the U.S. Army, as well as an avid maker. He worked on a number of maker initiatives while serving on the faculty of the U.S. Military Academy, according to his website. And a look at his personal maker site, Brentmore Labs, reveals all kinds of cool projects–involving LED lights, woodworking and 3D printing.

But, Brent tells fellow makers, be careful. Innovation can come with a price–which can include unwittingly compromising security. A hacker or terrorist might be delighted with your latest IOT connection or other creation, for purposes you never intended!

Brent, who is a frequent speaker at Maker Faires, talked about his background as a maker, some of the safeguards makers can take against having their inventions misused, and one of his own latest cool “hacks”, for his young future maker-in-residence.

UPDATE: Since this podcast was recorded, Brent has confirmed that he will be speaking at the 2017 Maker Faire Bay Area in San Mateo. Come join him in Zone 2 of MAKE, Live at noon on Saturday, May 20th, as he participates in the “Every Marine a Maker” discussion panel.

On this edition of Over Coffee®, you’ll hear:
  • How Brent first became a maker during his growing-up years;
  • The pitfalls he sees in the “maker mindset” that could compromise security;
  • The challenges of creating safeguards fof the Internet or other innovations in a connected world;
  • What considerations makers might want to keep in mind, when connecting to the Internet of Things;
  • The security safeguards Brent uses in his own home;
  • One of his most fun recent maker projects, for his young son;
  • Some of Brent’s favorite maker resources
  • How Brent’s organization is encouraging applications to work with them on national defense.
  • Some cautionary considerations about wearables and security of data.


MAKE Magazine

Ars Technica



Defense Innovation Unit Experimental

And, of course, here is Brent’s maker website, Brentmore Labs.

This weekend is it–the Maker Faire Bay Area! Friday, May 19th, is Special Preview Day, with hours from 1:00 to 5:00 pm. Then, doors open at 10 am, Saturday, May 20th. Hours are 10 am – 7 pm, Saturday and Sunday, May 20th and 21st, at San Mateo Event Center, 2495 South Delaware Street, near East 25th Avenue. Happy Anniversary to Maker Faire, as they celebrate 12 years in the Bay Area!

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