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What if you could touch a poster, and have it play music? Or touch just about anything else, and hear all kinds of sounds? That's Dr. Kate Stone's vision--and now, she's created the technology to make it a reality. While Dr. Stone is technically a physicist, she's also an explorer and designer. But anyone seeing her creations might also consider her a magician. Dr. Stone has created the world's first "playable" posters--and other paper items. Using electronics, she's designed interactive paper! On this particular picture, each flower plays a different note, on a different instrument. Through her UK-based company, Novalia, she also offers a way in which anyone can "hack" an inanimate object, so it can play back audio. (Here is a link to the DIY kits she's created.) During NASA's 2016 International Space Apps Challenge, Dr. Stone was on hand at Space Apps Pasadena. Besides giving a presentation incorporating her new technology, she demonstrated it for attendees. Dr. Stone talked about her innovative technology, some of the ways it can be used to "hack" objects (and support a talented musician!), and her experiences creating the magic. On this edition of Over Coffee®, you'll hear: The materials she used to make commoditized electronics accessible to the general public; How and why she first created her innovation; Dr. Stone's explanation of the technology behind the magic; How her work has made electronics "as simple as sticking a stamp on an envelope"; How Dr, Stone used her innovation to "hack" a box of chocolates--and an exciting result! Dr. Stone's social media information, for updates on her NEXT innovations; How her new technology can work in a DIY experience; And, what happens when she touches her hat! Her goals for the future with her interactive software tools and processes.

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