Local Roots Farms: Where Agriculture Meets the Future

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Local Roots Farms founder and CEO Eric Ellestad says vertical indoor farming isn't a new idea. "(Ancient) Babylon discovered (indoor farming) as one of the seven wonders of the world," he explained, during his presentation at Make in LA's March Toolbox LA lunchtime event. Historic idea or not, vertical indoor farming is gaining traction as world population grows. And with Los Angeles-based Local Roots Farms, Eric is using twenty-first century technology to develop produce to specifications. LED lights, sensors and irrigation systems allow Eric and his team to adjust the plants' environment. The controlled climate enable them to change crops' flavor, texture or durability. Local Roots Farms has the goal of developing a worldwide network of indoor farms which grow crops sustainably. Their current markets include universities, community centers, mass-market grocers and the hospitality industry. Eric talked about creating his startup, explained how some of the technology works and shared his vision for the future. On this edition of Over Coffee® you'll hear: How Eric developed Local Roots Farms to meet the challenges of modern farming with cutting-edge technology; How this technology works to give plants the optimum growing environment; Some of the research Eric did, in developing his indoor farming systems; The story of Local Roots Farms, which Eric founded in 2013; A good "learning mistake" Eric and his team made, while developing their startup; The resources that worked well for him, in developing Local Roots Farms; The direction Eric wants to take his company, globally, in the future. Would you like to attend one of hardware accelerator Make in LA's "Toolbox LA" lunchtime presentations--which are all about innovating to support the Los Angeles ecosystem? Their May 3 event, "Health Tech Challenges", is happening in Pasadena. Then, on June 1, they'll host "Social Justice and Tech" in downtown Los Angeles. Here's the link to RSVP for these free events.

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