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Can anyone build an InMoov--the world's first 3D printed lifesize robot? Technically, yes, says nonprofit Robotics Society of Southern California. And that "yes" is due to open-source design software and the Robotics Society of Southern California's mission: supporting hobbyist robot builders of any age or skill level. Robotics Society of Southern California--RSSC for short--is a nonprofit experimental robotics society They started in the 1970s, as one of the world's first robotics clubs. Anyone who loves robots is welcome at their meetings, which include classes and special-interest groups. And a major area of interest is the life-size InMoov robot, which French sculptor Gael Langevin created around 2012. Alan Timm and Walter Martinez have both been RSSC members for a number of years. And they're both working on their InMoovs. Alan, who is currently vice-president of the Robotics Society of Southern California, has his built. Now, he's working on teaching it behavior. Meanwhile, Walter, who is the organization's secretary and past president, is looking forward to finishing his InMoov within the next year. Alan and Walter talked about their backgrounds in robotics, their InMoov projects and the ways RSSC supports exploration of robots as they build the future. On this edition of Over Coffee® you'll hear: How Alan and Walter first became involved in robotics; How makers are creating prosthetic hands through nonprofit E-Nable; What's involved in building the InMoov; What the InMoov can currently do; The directions in which Walter, Alan and their fellow roboticists are going, as they experiment with the InMoov's capabilities; How the Robotics Society of Southern California was created in the 1970s; What Walter, who teaches robotics, would tell a beginner about creating a first robot; How both Alan and Walter first became involved with RSSC; What a beginner can expect, the first time attending an RSSC meeting; An exciting major contest in which RSSC will be participating on June 10: the Fire Fighting Robot Contest; Some misconceptions about the InMoov; What Alan and RSSC are currently teaching the InMoov; How Gael Langevin came to create the 3D printed InMoov robot; Where to find "Alan's Robot Lab" online, and Walter's "Robotics City", which includes a kit he created for children; The resources each of them recommend to fellow roboticists as they get started; Alan and Walter's favorite stories about life with robots; AND, a good mistake each of them made, from which they learned, that can encourage any of us as we build robots! ALL-IN-ONE-PLACE, COOL ROBOTICS RESOURCES: E-NABLE - a global community that matches volunteers who can 3D print prosthetic hands with those who need them Robotics Society of Southern California - Their upcoming summer classes include Amazon Alexa programming and machine vision InMoov - here's where to find the plans for the life-sized 3D printed robot Thingiverse - where you'll see videos of the InMoov robot by Gael Langevin Alan's Robot Lab - here's a link to his YouTube page, as well Walter's, with research, lecture notes from his robotics classes and his robot kit!

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