Is International Education the Best Investment?


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The value of international education is increasingly being realised, particularly in countries in which tuition fees have increased significantly over the years. As Anthony Nemecek, one of our expert panelists explains, more and more students are recognising the advantages of looking beyond their borders for higher education opportunities.
While the financial incentives are becoming more apparent, international education can enhance life skills, help develop greater cultural awareness, provide a wider choice of educational opportunities, and can be a key differentiator on the CV or resume. Tune in to understand how international education could be the best investment one ever makes.

Host Dan Harris is joined by fellow podcaster partner Claudia Koestler, Senior Editor of the Süddeutsche Zeitung in Munich, along with our guests who are specialists in international education at university and secondary school levels: Anthony Nemecek, Chief Educational Consultant at Banyan Education Consultancy; and Dale Scarboro, History teacher, author and career advisor at St. Edwards Senior School, Cheltenham, UK.
In the podcast, we discuss:

  • Introduction to international education
  • Banyan Educational Consultancy’s services
  • The overall benefits and challenges of studying abroad
  • Level of interest in international education in the UK, Europe, North America and elsewhere
  • Different application processes between European and North American universities
  • Cost considerations of higher education between the UK, Europe and USA.
  • Lifetime benefits of international education

It’s an informative and insightful episode that will be of interest to educators, students, parents and anyone seeking to study abroad and possibly develop an international career.

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