What Does A Country’s Cuisine Say About Its Culture?


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If you were the culinary ambassador of your country and had to offer one dish to attract as many visitors as possible, what would that be? A soul-searching question for our panel of international culinary professionals and foodies from France, Taiwan, Germany, UK and the USA. Their delicious, inventive and practical suggestions are entertaining and intriguing. No doubt our listeners will have their own favourite dish from their travels (remember when we could actually do that?).

In our OHOT discussion, host Dan Harris will be joined by fellow podcaster Claudia Koestler, Senior Editor at The Süddeutsche Zeitung, Asian Cookery Presenter Pamela Chen, award-winning French restauranteurs Yves and Elisabeth Ogrodzki, and US food writer, musician and entrepreneur Adam Wilcox. Let's forget about pandemics and lockdowns for a little while and let our culinary wings take us to lands where once we traveled or yearn to go.
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