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This is episode 100 of the OverClocked Podcast, a regular dose of video game music and conversation from OCReMix.org. This week, a special guest runs down our latest remixes, Rexy interviews a couple of other special guests, and we wrap things up with a special playlist of special songs that people would like to see remixed.

ReMix ReWind:

The Playlist: The Wishlist

  • From Mohawk and Headphone Jack, “Coysehaiys”, submitted by Black_Doom

  • From Racing Hero, the arcade version, BGM 1, submitted by electricboogaloo

  • From Ristar, “Greedy Game”, submitted by Rexy

  • From Devilish, “Prarie”, submitted by UtopiaNemo

  • From MegaRace, “NewSan”, submitted by Patchpen

  • From Death Rally, “Hi-Speed”, submitted by Jorito

  • From Sonic Battle, “Emerald Beach”, submitted by Stephen

  • From StarTropics, the title theme, submitted by Cliff Bailey

  • From Ecco the Dolphin, Defender of the Future, Aquamarine Bay, submitted by Liontamer

  • From Omikron: The Nomad Soul, main menu music, submitted by John Bunday

  • From Phoenix Wright: Trials and Tribulation, The Fragrance of Dark Coffee. submitted by FenixDown

  • From StarCraft, Terran Theme 1, submitted by Jack Barton

  • From Banjo-Kazooie, Rusty Bucket Bay, submitted by Mr. Skinner3d

Next Week's Playlist: Serious Mode

Music that goes with those intense, challenging, and sometimes even stressful, stages in games.


  • Script: Patchpen, FenixDown, Liontamer, Eino Keskitalo

  • Hosting: Patchpen, Liontamer, Rexy, Eino Keskitalo, FenixDown

  • Editing: Eino Keskitalo, Rexy

  • Interviewees: Stephen and Bryan Kelly

  • Release: Stephen

And a very special thank you to everyone who gave us feedback and submitted Playlist recommendations!

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