Ep. 70 Sean Stephenson: World-Renowned Speaker, International Best-Selling Author, Therapist, Coach, and My Most Important Mentor


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Ep. 70 Sean Stephenson: World-Renowned Speaker, International Best-Selling Author, Therapist, Coach, and My Most Important Mentor

Today's interview is a very special one because the man I am interviewing today is the reason I got into personal development in the first place. He was a hero for years but is now a good friend or "friendtor" (friend+mentor) as he likes to say.

Sean is truly one of the most incredible people I know and I am honored to finally have him on this show and to have him as a part of my life.

Sean was born with a rare condition called Osteogensis Imperfecta or "brittle bones disorder" which caused him to suffer more than 200 breaks and fractures by the time he was 14. Something as simple as a sneeze could break a rib.

Through Make-a-Wish, Sean got to meet one of his heroes, Tony Robbins. Tony told Sean that he could help him take control of his life and overcome his illness. And he didn't just overcome his illness, he did that and SO much more.

Sean is now an internationally renowned speaker, an entrepreneur, a coach, a certified therapist, and one of the most genuine human beings I have ever met. In his life he worked at the White House with Bill Clinton, he has shared the stage with the Dali Lama and Richard Branson, spoken around the world, had multiple viral videos, and touched countless lives.

When I gave Sean a copy of my book, I told him that outside of my family, he is the person who has had the single greatest impact on my life. It is largely because of him that I am the man I am today. This podcast would not have existed had I not met Brad Costanzo at Sean's event!

In today's interview, Sean will discuss:

- The early years of his life dealing with a severe disability, the pain he experienced both physical and emotional

- How his mom helped him to reframe his situation

- How reframing conversations in OTHER people's minds has been a key to connection in Sean's life

- Being just "naive enough" to take action

- The event that drove him to go back to school to 10 years to better understand how people work

- Why we choose to do what we do

- The cure to insecurity

- The meaning of the quote, "Beyond mountains are mountains"

- The difference between Gratification and Fulfillment and how understanding this can change your life forever

- The two "Fuels for Success"

- How a 3-foot tall man in a wheelchair married the love of his life (and advice on how to find the love of your life)

- Sean's advice on finding your purpose in life

And so much more!


Website: Staypositive.club


Sean Stephenson Dance Party (Original): This was how I initially got introduced to Sean.

Awesomeness Fest 2011: How to Create Powerful Connections with Anyone (59 minutes)

Tedx Ironwood State Prison: The Prison of Your Mind (10 minutes)


"You can do anything if you are willing to let go of what it looks like."

"What's wild about mastery, when you read one book, and they reference 20 books in the back, when you are committed to mastery, you now feel compelled to read those 20 books because you want to see what other information is out there for you to understand. What are the other models out there, the references, the metaphors, what are the questions that need to be asked, the options that people can take."

"When you grow you're contributing to yourself, when you're contributing you're helping others grow."


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