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On Episode #7 we talk about digital pills and some of the associated ethical concerns with this new product that's already on the U.S. market.

Show note links and additional reading on digital pills:

NY Times article "First Digital Pill Approved to Worries About Biomedical Big Brother" by Pam Belluk

Wikipedia blurb about Otsuka Pharmaceutical, makers of Abilify

Press release from Proteus Digital Health's website that announced the FDA approval on the digital pill Abilify MyCite, a collaborative effort between Proteus and Otsuka Pharmaceutical

Healthcare Analytics News article by Ryan Black "Can the Digital Pill Quiet Pharma's R&D Nightmares?"

Forbes article by the Forbes Technology Council "The Potential Consequences of the New FDA-approved Digital Pill"

In the News (a brand new segment debuting on the show today!):

Check out what Worcester Polytechnic Institute (aka WPI) students and their professor are doing by Using Data Science to Help Predict Adverse Drug Reactions by Thomas Coakley

Roseanne Barr blames a prescription drug for her controversial tweet that lit up the Twitterverse and beyond, Vulture article by Hunter Harris

New published research data on synthetic drugs vs. opioids and which one (spoiler alert***** synthetic drugs) caused more deaths in 2016, article by Steven Ross Johnson

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