The Alternative Mental Health Revolution w/Judy Meyer, HHP, NHC


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On Episode #9, Psychiatric medication may work for some people but many people have had different experiences or aren't willing to take the chance, given some of the devastating and debilitating side effects that may occur from taking commonly prescribed pharmaceutical medications like Lyrica, Seroquel, Cymbalta, Vyvanse, Latuda, Invega and Pristiq. Listen in as we talk with holistic health practitioner, Judy Meyer, about alternative mental health treatment that involves holistic options which are often safer and more personalized to an individual's needs.

Show note links:

Check out the 2016 list of top selling psychiatric medications on (Lyrica was on the list with over $4 billion dollars in revenue)

Connect with Judy on Instagram (Holistic_Depression_Coach) and/or Twitter (@altmentalhealth). You can also visit her websites at:,

To visit the Alternative Mental Health Revolution blog, click here

To read "healing stories" from people who have used holistic options as an alternative to psychiatric medications, visit or click here

Also mentioned in this episode...

To access practitioners/providers who are supportive of alternative mental health options:,

Map your 23andMe or AncestryDNA results to for "cutting edge nutrition" recommendations customized to your unique genetic profile.

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