Overtime Podcast: Episode 8 with not so special guest, Robert Estrada


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Join us each week for The Overtime Podcast, the sports podcast that just had way too much going on. Each time, your hosts, Mark Viera and Mykal Dager, will run down the biggest sports news of the week and give their thoughts on them so that you can know what's happening in the world of sports. Would you like to have your thoughts and opinions mentioned on the air? Email us at overtime@veedanews.com!

And we're finally back with the Overtime Podcast after a couple weeks of hiatus but we were finally able to wrangle ourselves up and record the show for you guys. This week, I make a couple sounds here and there on occasion while Mark and Mike talk about their picks for the draft and give a bit of discussion on the latest happenings in basketball as I'm sure all of you are following. They talked about the rankings and what players and teams they think might win it all so give it a listen. Also, even though the baseball season hasn't started yet, there's still a bit to say and Mike gives us all the happenings in the MLB as he always does.

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