The Overtime Podcast: Episode 2, with special guest Enrique Escarra


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Join us each week for The Overtime Podcast, the sports podcast that just had way too much going on. Each time, your hosts, Mark Viera and Mykal Dager, will run down the biggest sports news of the week and give their thoughts on them so that you can know what’s happening in the world of sports. Would you like to have your thoughts and opinions mentioned on the air? Email us

Welcome back to The Overtime Podcast! This week was a packed show; so much so that it goes past the hour and delves in the around 75 minute mark. I just couldn’t cut anything out because all of what these guys were talking was very important to the topic at hand and trust me, you won’t mind listening to them for the extra 15 minutes. This week’s guest was Mark’s brother-in-law, Enrique Escarra, which you will see a lot more of on this blog because he will be joining us as a guest blogger. Enrique is an aspiring sports talk show host and has made spectator sports his life so we are pleased to welcome him to the team.

The show started off this week with talk about Albert Pujols’ declining an 8 year contract with the Cardinals. They then moved on to the “Carmelo Anthony Sweepstakes” and try to figure out where he’ll end up going. Then a little talk about a few football players including Peyton Manning, Michael Vick, Vincent Jackson, Haloti Ngata, and more. Mark and Mike were very chatty after the break and we know how riled up these guys can get when it comes to picks. The entire second part was all about version 1.0 of the official NFL mock draft for The Overtime Podcast so if you want to know who they think is going to be the big players of the team be sure to listen to that.

Music used: Cold Funk by Kevin Macleod during the intermission and Sax, Rock, and Roll by Kevin Macleod for the outro.

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