The Overtime Podcast: Episode 4, with special guest Jeorge Vega


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Join us each week for The Overtime Podcast, the sports podcast that just had way too much going on. Each time, your hosts, Mark Viera and Mykal Dager, will run down the biggest sports news of the week and give their thoughts on them so that you can know what's happening in the world of sports. Would you like to have your thoughts and opinions mentioned on the air? Email us at!

Welcome back to The Overtime Podcast, ladies and gentlemen! Looks like we survived the merger and are back to bring you all of the latest in sports news. Just as a reminder, The Overtime Podcast will be posted here at Veeda News every single week from now on so if you go to, it'll just redirect you here. If you're only interested in The Overtime Podcast and sports news, which I wouldn't recommend since I am publishing a ton of world news on the site that you should probably know about, then you can find them at and respectively.

It was a packed show, as usual. This time, though, we started off talking about baseball with Mike giving us a few stories to consider. Started off talking about Zach Grienkie getting a fractured rib, then moved on to Chase Utley, Justin Morneau coming back, and finally wrapped up baseball with Jeorge's take on what teams are going to be in the playoffs and World Series. Then we moved on into football with Jeorge's thoughts on what teams are going to shine, Tiki Barber coming back, and then moved on to the Pro Day, including a little talk about what the Miami Dolphins should do for this season.

After the break, we talked about Jeorge's first post which was about the game between Barcelona and Arsenal. I would have preferred a Real Madrid story but, eh, what are you gonna do. After that we moved on into basketball, starting with how bad the Miami Heat is doing and how good all of the other teams are doing, including the Portland Trail Blazers. Then they went into how Kevin Love set a record in the NBA for the most double-doubles and what they think of him overall. After that they talked a bit about the New York Nicks and their position in the rankings and wrapped up with the San Antonio Nuggets and, of course, The Fastest Minute.

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