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Nicola and Judith talk to Charlotte Davies about SEO strategies for small businesses.

In the Show

There’s been a heatwave in the UK but it is wet in Stoupa and it is cardigans at the ready there, most unusually, although apparently, it happened on exactly the same dates last year too. Nicola’s children arrive this weekend with their cousins and the awesome foursome are moving in almost next door. Nicola’s local friends have also lent her a car for 2 months as they return home during the hot months. Judith waxes lyrical about the full moon. Summertime and the livin’ is easy.

What’s Fuelled Their Fire?

Nicola’s still excited about IGTV, vertical video on Instagram, and Judith’s got lots to share in this section from a testimonial which made both her and her client cry, to fixing tech glitches, setting up a low-carb affiliate, referrals, book sales, newsletter opt-ins etc., all the result of support from nice clients and FB friends.

Focus of the Week

Nicola and Judith talk SEO strategies for small business with expert Charlotte Davies.

Words of the Week

Judith picks Chill and Nicola chooses Wet.

Project Updates

Own It! continues to do well with podcast download numbers now exceeding 84,000.

Who or What’s Impressed?

Nicola has found two TED Talks inspiring, one by Bill Gross and the other by Curtis “Wall Street” Carrol who learned how to read and then how to trade stocks when in prison. Judith is happy that so many clients and FB friends use Messenger to send thoughts and links about things they think she might enjoy. She’s happy to know she’s in their thoughts as much as vice versa.

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