Own It! 201 | Why Are Entrepreneurs So Annoying?


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Why are entrepreneurs so annoying? They buy systems and processes and then sabotage themselves by deviating from them!

In The Show

Judith’s had a testing week with another fall, another house move, breakages and sleeplessness. Fortunately, there are lots of lovely family meetups too.

Nicola has been woken in the night by an earthquake – wow! And she was persuaded to go and watch the local Am Dram.

What’s Fuelled Their Fire?

Two of the ladies in Nicola’s Write Club have had some wonderful successes. And sharing a computer with sister Sarah in 2-hour stints has caused them both to be more efficient and work differently.

Both Nicola and Judith were inspired by the contributions from the listeners to episode 200 of Own It! And Judith’s enjoyed driving in the countryside, finding it uplifting; she’s especially enjoying singing M People’s Moving on Up and noticing the pretty English churches in Somerset and Dorset.

Focus of the Week

Why do entrepreneurs buy systems and processes and proven formulae and then sabotage themselves by deviating from them, or not showing up at all or believing that somehow it’s different for them?

Words of the Week

Nicola chooses Contingency and Judith picks Idiosyncratic.

Project Updates

Nicola changed three things at once with her online presence across the summer and then realised she couldn’t tell the impact of any of them, so she’s reversing two. Judith’s still pondering a sabbatical in 2019 where she might not take on any new clients but would continue to look after her most beloved existing ones.

Who or What’s Impressed?

Judith was impressed by Jo Berry who has found a way to forgive the only IRA member convicted of killing her father in the Brighton bombing of the Tory Party Conference. Patrick Magee was later released from prison as part of the Good Friday agreement and they got to know one another and now travel the world in the name of peace and reconciliation. Here’s her interview on R2’s Jeremy Vine show with Vanessa Feltz.

Nicola has discovered Magic Numbers with Hannah Fry on BBC4 and the Mysterious World of Maths.

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