320 New Year Special: Performance and Health, with Dr. Anton Krige


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This week we have a New Year Special Edition on Improving Performance and Health. Dr. Anton Krige is a medical doctor, multiple Ironman finisher, and functional medicine specialist. This is a fascinating conversation regarding the simple (and not so simple!) things that we can do to help promote health and performance in a busy and demanding world.

In his own words:

"I have been an endurance athlete for over thirty years and in my quest to maintain my performance as an ageing athlete with minimal time to exercise I implemented significant changes to my approach to nutrition along with targeted supplementation and many other lifestyle interventions over the past 5 years.
Not only did I feel much better after introducing the changes but various symptoms which I had chalked up to normal ageing simply disappeared including a joint pain of more than two decades duration. I now have consistent energy and focus, sleep better and recover faster than ever from intense exercise.
​This led me to extensive self-study, using my research skills as an experienced clinician researcher, about the underlying causes of chronic disease & how to discover & address these causes. It was during this quest that I discovered the logical evidence -based principles of functional medicine & the obvious value of this approach.
​Not only are many patients with unexplained symptoms given a "functional illness" label & treated as having psychological/psychiatric problems but are treated with medication which may introduce side effects.
On the other hand I have encountered patients who have self-healed from various conditions using changes in nutrition and/or supplements. Unfortunately the current medical model does not have sufficient consultation time per patient, has little knowledge of the latest nutritional research and does not recognise the power of these interventions yet.’

You can find out more about Dr. Krige at his website: https://www.bestyou-functionalhealthclinic.co.uk/about.html

Disclaimer: Dr Krige has stated that nothing said in the podcast should be construed as personal medical advice and is just for general information. Always obtain professional medical advice before implementing any changes based on test results and obtain professional interpretation of the results.

This interview was first released in January 2020.


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