Packers week 04 Victory Celebration - PFP 209


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Unofficial Packers Fan Podcast #209 - It was definitely a week of smiles on the faces of Aaron Rodgers and the rest of the Packers this week as they trounced the Falcons to keep us undefeated. We’ll recap the game and share your feedback from this feel-good game of the year, all next...on YOUR Packers Fan Podcast!

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Discussed on This Week's Show.

  • [00:20] Introductions of Scott Clark and Wayne Henderson.
  • [1:07] Our favorite things from the Packers victory over the Falcons!
  • [15:57] Fantastic listener voicemails and emails.
  • [53:01] Various NFL tidbits.
  • [58:16] Thank yous and shoutouts | Outros.

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