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Sarah Rose Summers is a Nebraskan beauty who has won the state titles of Miss Nebraska Teen USA and Miss Nebraska USA as well as the national title of National American Miss. But let’s be real, we all know her best for being the very first woman from Nebraska to win the title of Miss USA in 2018.

Her work as a Child Life Specialist helps her to be compassionate and understanding to people she meets both inside and outside of work. With her unique and caring perspective, she has been able to travel across the United States inspiring many.

Sarah Rose was born in Omaha, Nebraska and grew up in Papillion. Omaha doesn’t exactly scream ‘Miss USA’ pageant community, but it did breed a great support system for Sarah Rose to grow up in. However, when you think about it, we’ve had a Miss America in Teresa Scanlan and a Miss USA from Nebraska in the last decade, which not many states can say.

Sarah grew up watching her mom try all of the diets, but then she joined a program where she learned to eat nutritious foods in healthy portions. She found a program that worked for her and lost 75 lbs. While Sarah was able to see her mom find success, this still impacted her mindset as a young girl when it came to eating and training when she joined the pageant world.

Sarah Rose is extremely passionate about encouraging others to have a healthy relationship with food and fitness. Throughout her post-secondary studies she was working part-time as a pilates instructor and at Lululemon Athletica.

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