Ep 141: Mantic's Ronnie Renton (Kings of War 3rd edition et al)


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This week I speak once again to Ronnie Renton of Mantic Games. We have a catch up on his BBQ technique, Dungeon Saga, The Walking Dead: Call to Arms skirmish game (an expansion to the All Out War narrative), along with Kings of War Vanguard & also the announcement of Kings of War third edition.

Always fun talking to Ronnie and I hope you enjoy the show. I am no salesman and I am not looking to influence you but every interaction I have had with Mantic has been positive. From talking with Ronnie to their customer service on 3 occasions, to their games: Kings of War, Dungeon Saga, Star Saga, The Walking Dead I have enjoyed them all!

Thanks to Ronnie for coming onto the show once again, always a pleasure. If you want to know more about Ronnie as an individual then go back to Ep 44 where you can hear our first chat, then also Ep 57 & EP 119 for other chats.

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