Inside EXPO with Chad Schirmer


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Sometimes, in our industry, a fresh perspective and a little bit of inspiration go a long way to completely revolutionizing your business. We believe the PCA EXPO provides exactly that. So, a short film was created by the PCA team to help you see, from beginning to end, what the EXPO experience is like. We thought it would be nice, for those of you who haven’t had time to see it, to take just the audio and let you hear it. Maybe you’ll want to see the video too, and maybe, just maybe you’ll want to have a real experience at EXPO by making this your first, second, or third time to attend. We start out with a conversation with Chad Schirmer, the producer of the video, and he gives some more insight into the making of the short film. Registration for the 2020 EXPO in Glendale Arizona, February 19-21 opens September 3. Go to You can save $100 by registering early, and you can save even more by becoming a PCA member first. You can also find the Inside EXPO short film at

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