PMR #178: Discussing the Dangers of Estrogenics with Dr Anthony Jay


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In today’s episode we welcome scientist and author Dr. Anthony G. Jay. Anthony is the President and CEO of AJ Consulting Company and recently wrote an eye opening book titled Estrogeneration: How Estrogenics are Making You Fat, Sick and Infertile. His book explains what estrogenics are, just how pervasive they are in our world today, and, despite the mounting evidence of their many negative effects, just how little is being done to minimize the use of unnecessary and often toxic ingredients in our food, skin care, plastics, and other daily products.

Often scientific research can be inaccessible to the average human brain, but Anthony writes in such a personable and digestable way. Anthony exposes what is in our coffee, sunscreen, our salmon and critiques the shady politics of scientific research. Although the information in his book might absolutely horrify you, thankfully he offers plenty of actionable steps for us to easily minimize the amount of estrogenics in our daily life. If you are experiencing any type of health issue, suffering from depression, or even infertility — we would highly recommend you take a listen to this illuminating interview!

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Key Points From This Episode:

  • How Anthony combats the inaccessibility of science in Estrogenics.
  • What is an estrogenic?
  • The health issues tied to having too much estrogen.
  • If it’s natural can it be bad?
  • The link between lavender and man boobs.
  • Why you should avoid cosmetic parabens.
  • Fat cell production and the estrogenic paradox.
  • Fat for your brain!
  • Money, politics and atrazine.
  • Mold, sunscreen, red dye and “fragrances”: How to avoid harmful estrogenics.
  • Why you might just be drinking birth control.
  • Phthalate is everywhere: Here’s how to void it.
  • The dirty secrets of science.
  • And much more!


“These artificial estrogens, they cause your body to create fat cells.” — @anthonygjay [0:15:26.4]

“The average life of a fat cell in your body in humans is one and a half years.” — @anthonygjay [0:16:03.1]

“Our body actually creates fat to prevent chemicals from harming our brain.” — @anthonygjay [0:17:45.1]

“Everybody should be filtering their water and use activated charcoal.” — @anthonygjay [0:30:25.1]

“Phthalates are artificial estrogens. They are in plastics, and unbelievably dangerous.” — @anthonygjay [0:35:25.1]

“Sometimes they put Red 40, red food coloring in salmon.” — @anthonygjay [0:47:43.1]

Guest Links:

Dr Anthony Jay Website — Dr Anthony Jay What I Use Dr Anthony Jay on Twitter – Estrogeneration Book by Dr Anthony Jay on Amazon – William Davis Wheat Belly – William Davis Un-Doctored – Cate Shanahan Deep Nutrition –


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