PMR #181: Brian MacKenzie Swims With Sharks—and Talks About His New Book, Unplugged


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Today we welcome Brian Mackenzie, co-author, together with Dr. Andy Galpin, of a book called Unplugged: Evolve from Technology to Upgrade Your Fitness, Performance, & Consciousness. Brian is a world-renowned strength and conditioning expert and has worked with many high level winning CrossFit games athletes and Olympians. He cofounded XPT Life, a wellness conditioning and recovery program, with Laird Hamilton and Gabby Reese. For a while now, the idea of being “plugged in” has been considered pretty much exclusively positive, but it’s safe to say that our addiction to technology today has spiraled out of control, keeping many of us from living our own lives or listening to what our body is telling us. Brian’s book, Unplugged, provides a framework for using technology to meet your specific health and performance goals in a more mindful way, while also reconnecting with your own instincts and the world around you. In this episode, we learn more about Brian’s research into breathing and discuss technology addiction, diving with sharks, why technology is never going to replace your soul, and how to balance it back into our lives. Take a listen!

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Key Points From This Episode:

  • Learn more about Brian’s research into breathing.
  • Who is Brian’s book Unplugged communicating to?
  • Using technology in moderation.
  • Why millennials are no longer having sex.
  • Training the pulmonary system.
  • Re-introducing the concept of triangulation.
  • It’s not the technology, it’s you.
  • Why humans are hardwired like sharks.
  • Blaming the business rather than our behavior.
  • Setting hard lines with our social media.
  • AI, super humans and computer brains.
  • Connecting back to what is in you.
  • Brian’s recommendations for fitness technology tools.
  • Three simple breathing techniques you can do today.
  • And much more!


“I think [the breath] is easily the greatest tool we’ve got to understanding our own internal technology.” — @brianmackenzie [0:09:20.1]

“Technology is never going to replace your soul.” — @brianmackenzie [0:27:38.1]

“We need to bring back what it’s like to actually socialize and look at somebody in the eyes.” — @brianmackenzie [0:35:55.1]

“The moment we stop wanting to learn, life no longer moves forward. Life ends.” — @brianmackenzie [0:40:48.1]

“Are we supposed to save everyone and everything?” — @brianmackenzie [0:43:31.0]

“I wouldn’t be where I am at without social media. But it has to be used in a context of delivering information.” — @brianmackenzie [0:50:00.0]

Guest Links:

Brian Mackenzie on Twitter – Brian Mackenzie on Instagram – Unplugged Website – Unplugged on Amazon – XPT Life Website –


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