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I’ve traveled a decent amount in the past 4-5 years while writing a couple books, going on a few book tours, and learning to always say yes when a friend asks if I want to go on a trip. And one of the main complaints that I hear from people at my gym or on my blog is that it’s super hard to stay healthy while traveling. And it’s absolutely not. I even go on trips that are completely centered around food, but I’ve learned how to offset those indulgent meals, how to slow down and actually enjoy what I’m eating and how to stay on track while still being busy and not have as many healthy options around. It’s all about planning!

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Episode 27 Transcription!

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This is Juli Bauer from PaleOMG and you are listening to PaleOMG Uncensored.

1. No more TV show updates for a while [4:14]
2. Fasciablaster update [9:40]
3. Quick rundown of Orange Theory [13:21]
4. Juli’s California trip [25:06]
5. Juli’s travel tips; planning is key [31:22]
6. Pack snacks [34:56]
7. Staying active [41:49]
8. Staying hydrated [46:32]
9. Favorite and least favorite airlines [50:15]
10. Favorite and least favorite destinations [54:52]

Juli Bauer: Just in case you’re new here to PaleOMG Uncensored, here’s a quick reminder that my podcast is rated E for explicit. Because I tend to curse a lot, and I like to talk about inappropriate things, every single episode. Forewarning!

Well hey there, all you pretty little pandas! I’m pretty sure that’s a girl from The Bachelor franchise; it’s her insta, or her blog name. But I just really like it; pretty little pandas. You little pretty little pandas; just like my dog. He’s a pretty little panda.

Anyways. How’s everybody doing? Welcome to PaleOMG Uncensored. Hopefully you figured that out by the 14 intros that I just gave you. You’re here on the podcast now; we’re just doing the damn thing. It is Thursday, and this podcast goes live on Saturday. I just got back on Wednesday night from California; so I’m kind of pulling this podcast out of my ass, because I just haven’t had time to plan for it. I was getting all my recipes done for the blog, getting all my fashion stuff done while going on this semi-vacation, semi-business trip. Which I’ll get into in a second.

But, that being said, I did not have time to plan for this podcast. So I asked people to give me podcast topics, some were wonderful; some people talked about the bowel movements. {sigh} No offense to that; it’s just not a full topic that I would like to personally talk about. I’m all about talking about my bowel movements with my best friends at the dinner table, where it should be talked about; but not on a podcast. That’s just inappropriate.

1. No more TV show updates for a while [4:14]

So, let’s see. Let’s talk about what’s going on. Well, first of all we have nothing to talk about because the Bachelor is over, and Bachelor in Paradise hasn’t started up. Which is such a bummer; can they film that sh*t so we have something to watch on Monday nights; what the hell am I supposed to watch? Right now I’ve been watching Homeland, trying to not watch it on Sunday or whenever the hell it releases, and watch it on Monday night; but Homeland isn’t exactly the same as Bachelor. Not quite. And let’s be honest; homeland has never been quite as good as the first season when the ginger was almost blowing himself up with the president. Nothing has been as good as that season; you just can’t go back.

So now; isn’t the show Shameless over for good? That was my other favorite show, and I’m pretty sure it’s completely over. Let’s see what else; Wentworth, which is on Netflix, and it’s the Australian Orange is the New Black, but 10 times better than OITNB, I think the new season comes out in May. So I don’t know. I just don’t really know what I’m supposed to be watching. I’m watching a lot of Food Network, which means I’m eating more because I’m watching the Food Network, and I just need to get my life together.

So anyways, we just got back from California, nothing to watch on TV, so we’re just hanging out on our very uncomfortable couch. I got this couch from Crate and Barrel; and to me, Crate and Barrel is like, a step up. Sure, it ain’t no fancy, crazy ass sh*t, but I spent decent amount of money on this couch. And my friend has this couch, and she’s like; “Oh my god, I love this couch.” I f*cking hate this couch, and I hate her for saying that this couch is awesome. She’s a liar. Hopefully she doesn’t listen to my podcast, because she’s pregnant right now, and calling her a liar might make her emotional. But you know who you are, Sarah.

So she said this couch was awesome; but the thing about this couch; it’s like lumpy. And I’m sitting on it right now because I don’t want to sit at my desk because I just had the hardest Orange Theory workout ever, and I don’t want to sit, I want to lie while I record this podcast {laughs}. So I’m lying on this awful, uncomfortable couch. So the big pillows; it’s like, imagine if people took a bunch of dumps; maybe the readers who were asking about dumps, or the lack thereof; and took a bunch of dumps into this pillowcase. It’s very lumpy; these big old pillows are very lumpy. And then the little pillows, you know, that you’d rest your head on; the throw pillows. I don’t know what they’re called; are they throw pillows? Yeah, throw pillows. Throw pillows are not; all the feathers are not encased in anything, so these feathers are just stuffed into these pillows. So what happens to feathers? Well, they find their way out, leading with the needle first. So while I’m sitting on this pillow right now, I have at least 5 needles sticking into my back. So what do I do? I pull the feathers out and I place them on the table, and then I forget about them when I stand up, and then they go all over the floor, so floor feathers. That’s my décor statement at this point in my life.

So when we bought this couch, we were like, “Oh my god, this is going to be the best thing ever!” And now we hate it, and every single night when we sit on the couch, we hate our lives. So we hate this couch; we thought we made such a good decision when we moved into our house 2 years ago; and this couch, we literally want to throw it out on the street. So we’re looking for new couches, and I ask people for recommendations on the blog today, and people gave a bunch of awesome recommendations. But I’m ready to get a new couch and watch fun shows.

And I know you’re like; “Juli, you’re lazy as f*ck,” but that’s just how it is. My husband leaves usually at 5:30 in the morning, he doesn’t get home till 7; he doesn’t want to talk at all, and I want to talk completely until I’m like; “Hey, I did laundry today! Hey, I took the trash out today; Hey I took Jackson for a walk today!” Because I work at home. So the couch time is our peace time; we just don’t have a care in the world. But we have a lot of cares right now because we’re being slashed in the back with feathers. So anyways; that’s our next step in our lives, is investing in a new couch. We’re just totally grownups.

2. Fasciablaster update [9:40]

Ok, so what else has been happening? Oh, a bunch of people asked about a Fasciablaster update; so I thought I’d kind of update about that. So I talked about the Fasciablaster, I don’t know, probably a month and a half ago. I got it in the mail; Fasciablaster is, everybody swears by it that it gets rid of cellulite, and you kind of use it as a roller on your skin, almost. How you’d roll out your muscles; I don’t know. Just look it up, it’s easier to visualize when you know what the f*ck I’m talking about. But it’s called a Fasciablaster. And it’s supposed to help with cellulite; supposed to smooth out your fascia, which is what’s leading to cellulite in the first place.

So I’ve been using it for about a month and a half; and I try to use it every day, but when I say that, I’m usually using it like 2 minutes per side in the shower, because I can’t f*cking go longer than that. It’s so not interested in going longer than that; it just takes so long. So, have I seen results? It’s hard to tell. So you know when you look at cellulite, and you’re in the mirror, and you’re like, oh my gosh, I feel like my cellulite feels better. People who have cellulite. You’re like, I feel like it looks better. And then the light changes; the sun is rising instead of setting, and you’re like; where the f*ck did all this cellulite come from. It was just gone two hours ago.

So it’s hard to tell, because I didn’t do any before photos. I think it definitely has helped a little bit; I have pretty bad cellulite, I always have, since I was in 7th grade I’ve always had cellulite. So, yeah. I think it helps a little bit. I need to do it more religiously. I just get lazy. And if I have something coming up, I don’t want to be ultra-bruised all over my ass and legs. So when I have a vacation to San Diego and La Jolla, where I’m surfing, I just didn’t want to be all bruised up. I’m going to be wearing dresses and everything like that. So I don’t go as hard.

And then I have a trip to Dallas, and I have a trip to Costa Rica; so I feel like I need to dig in a little bit before I leave for those trips. But I bruise like a peach, so yeah. Update; I think it’s working a little bit. I don’t think I’ve put enough time into it to see a difference, but I totally understand.

Oh, and I do think that I’m less sore because of it. Because I haven’t used it in probably 6 days, because I was gone to San Diego; and I didn’t workout a ton in San Diego. I did two gym workouts, and we walked a sh*t-ton, and then I went surfing. And my legs were way more sore than they have been in the past month and a half or so. So I think it really does help with just breaking up the tissue, since I’m kind of bad about rolling out on a regular roller, and this gets deeper than a regular foam roller. I really do think it helps with soreness, and just recovering those muscles. So more than anything, I’ve seen a difference in how my legs have just felt over all versus visually; versus the vain side of things.

I shouldn’t be lying on the couch because I’m yawning again. I feel like I’ve gone at least 3 episodes without yawning. So, whoever has stuck it with me, and gotten through all the yawning, I love you. I love you.

3. Quick rundown of Orange Theory [13:21]

This kind of leeways into my other topic, because I had a bunch of people ask about Orange Theory. I’ve had more people ask about it on the blog or in this Instagram post; and people are just asking kind of general questions about it. So just a quick rundown; because I don’t think their website does a really great job about explaining what Orange Theory is. You just kind of have to go in and try a class out to understand it a little bit better.

But, ok I’ll just do the rundown of my class today, but know that it’s different every single day. The breakdown is a little bit different; the movements are different, it’s always different. But every Orange Theory, I think for sure in the US, if not in the world, every Orange Theory, wherever it is the same workouts. So I’m doing the same workouts as the people in Massachusetts, today.

So this workout today; I started on the treadmill. So you’re hooked up to a heart rate monitor, and with the heart rate monitor it hooks up to a screen so you can see how many calories you’re burning, what heartrate zone you’re in; how many splat points you have. Don’t ask me what a splat point is; I don’t f*cking know, I just try to get a lot of them. I don’t even know how to get them, so I’m not helping you there.

But the workout either starts on the treadmill or on the floor or on the rowers; every day is totally different, especially depending on the size of the class. My class today was big enough that we had two groups. So I started on the treadmill, and I like to start on the treadmill personally; I like to get it over with it. I don’t like to finish with treadmill stuff. So I start on the treadmill, because honestly I don’t like running. People always ask me, “Will I like it if I don’t like running?” I don’t like running. I don’t like rowing, I don’t like being miserable, and I do it every single day. So you just learn to appreciate it, at the end of the day.

So the workout today started on the run, and so she says; get warmed, and all we’re doing is just running at a base pace. And you’ll kind of start to figure out your base pace, your; f*ck. F*cking yawns! Big breath in. Ok, so your base pace, your push pace, and then you’re all out sprint pace. And the first few times, it’s just kind of trial and error. And you can kind of look at where your heartrate is, and just start figuring out those numbers and change them as you go.

So we’ll start on our base pace, and then she usually goes over to the weight room, and she explains all the moves that everybody is doing, and then she’ll come back over to the treadmills. Because this was a power-workout today, and this was a two-part class.

So on the treadmill, she literally walks you through everything. So she’s like; ok, we’re going to speed up to a push pace now for the next two minutes, and then we’re going to come down to a base pace for a minute, and then we’re going to do an all-out sprint for a minute. And then she’ll just run you through these; sometimes you’re walking uphill, sometimes you’re all-out sprinting, sometimes you’re going kind of up and down. You’re always doing something different. So we were on the treadmills for I believe 30 minutes; 25-30 minutes, and she ran us through all kinds of circuits like this. So we were push pace, we were base pace, we were sprinting; and those numbers change like a minute sprint, and then a minute base, and then 45-second sprint, 30-second sprint. And today, honestly, I think we did 8-10 sprints. It was a f*ck-ton of sprints, and it was so hard. I was so dead after the first 30 minutes.

So she takes you through that, and then afterwards you switch with the people who were on the floor. So we switch with those people on the floor, and we have a certain amount of time. She’ll run through all the movements; so today, we had to row 200 meters, and then you had to do 20 burpees, then 200 meters, then 18 plank jacks, then 200 meters, back to burpees, then 200 meters, back to plank jacks. And the number and the movements demonstration are on a screen, so if you forget it’s right there, it tells you that. So we did that for, I don’t know, 7 to 10 minutes or something. And then she takes us through another thing.

And I’ll say minimum 2 rounds, and it has TRX stuff. You’ll be on; is it a plyo ball? I don’t know what they’re called. You’ll have dumbbell stuff; and you’ll just be running through all kinds of different movements and different numbers. Sorry, I needed a water break. You have all kinds of different movements; every day is totally different.

So at the end of class, they send you an email with how many calories you burned, what your average heart rate was, what zone you were in. So what heart rate zone, whether you were in the orange, or the red, and they tell you when you start what all those mean. But I don’t remember, ever. So they give you a breakdown of how many minutes you were in each zone, and then how many splat points you got. And they give you a little breakdown. So it’s cool, because then you can kind of compare what you’ve done in the past, and see why it was a little bit different.

So today was super hard. I have been loving Orange Theory. I did CrossFit religiously; just CrossFit, pretty much, for 6 years, and then I started adding in some barre classes, and then I did Orange Theory while I was on book tour, and I was just recently getting bored with our CrossFit workouts, mostly because we were doing strength cycles and I’m just not interested in doing strength cycles. I’ve been the strongest I will ever be, most likely, when I was competing in CrossFit, and I was 30 pounds heavier, and I don’t want to be that much heavier, and I don’t want to lift that heavy anymore. I like staying with a little bit lighter weight that I know is possible and having completely perfect form, and feeling it in the right spots, like front squats; sure I could go a little bit heavier but if I stay a little bit lighter, I can always feel it right below my butt, right in the crease where your butt and hamstring meet. And if I was doing heavier, I wouldn’t necessarily feel it there.

So yeah, I was kind of sick of the strength cycle, and just needed something different, and something that our owner of our gym; which by the way, I was thinking about bringing him on the podcast. Because he started his own business. He is from New Zealand, so he has this thick accent, and he’s super funny. So I was like; f*ck it, yeah. I don’t know who else to bring on here, because I hate all people. So I might bring him on. And he I think is totally into it. He’s going to act like he’s too cool; but he’ll be like, “oh yeah, totally, I’ll be on it. I mean, I’ll do it. I’ll do it.” And then he’ll act like he’s cool when he’s not.

But I’m going to have him on, so he’s been doing kind of shorter workouts, like sprint workouts, which I love. But I really like having longer workouts, as well. So I’ve been doing Orange Theory, and I definitely think my body has changed a little bit from it. My hips, for me, my hips size goes down a little bit when I’m doing less squats, and a little bit more running. I don’t think my butt has changed that much, but my hips have definitely seemed to decrease a little bit. My calves have gotten a little bit bigger just because I’m running more. But I’ve loved it, and it’s just a nice change of pace. It’s nice to do lighter weights, because barbell is always 65 pounds or heavier for whatever barbell movement I’m doing, and it’s nice to do dumbbells where I’m just doing 15 pound dumbbells and getting a great workout.

So I’ve been loving it; I highly recommend it to people. I highly recommend CrossFit. So many women are scared to bulk up with CrossFit, because I think that they see CrossFit competitors and think that’s what reality is; but I can tell you, my CrossFit gym is filled with every single body shape and size. So it’s not necessarily that, it’s what you decide it’s going to be and what your body type is and what your body does. So I don’t think you should ever be held back by that notion that you’re going to look like a CrossFit competitor. Because those women are snatching; like these women are snatching 185 or more. Your body has to be very, very strong and your body has to be different than an average person to be able to snatch 185 pounds, while being able to go to capacity to do a 3-minute Fran or whatever else.

So, keep that in mind. I don’t think women should ever be held back by that notion, because it’s very wrong. It’s just what people see. So just keep that in mind. But I highly recommend CrossFit, highly recommend Orange Theory. I’ve been loving the two of them together. I’ve been doing both of them, kind of switching off, and then doing boot camp style classes, as well.

I stopped doing barre mostly because the barre studio I was going to, my friend’s studio, it’s just on the other side of town. It’s really not that far, but just with my time, when Orange Theory is just down the street for me, it’s so easy to just go down a couple of blocks to Orange Theory or CrossFit gym that’s 10 minutes away than going the 20 minutes and having to be on the highway that is hell here. So that’s kind of why I stopped doing it; I like CrossFit and Orange Theory style. I like feeling like I’m dying. And I guess it’s just the masochist in me; but I really like that feeling of, I can’t go any further, and then going farther and pushing harder. I just love that feeling. It’s the best.

So that’s what I’ve been loving lately, and that’s my little breakdown on Orange Theory. Hopefully that kind of helps you understand what Orange Theory is looking like. And people have asked me to post the workout of Orange Theory, and I never remember it after I finish it; I never remember it in complete detail. But somebody mentioned that there’s a Reddit page; which, how do you explore Reddit? Reddit is the most intense forum of all time. But I heard that you can find the Orange Theory workouts; they post them on their Orange Theory Reddit page. So maybe look into that if you’re trying to find the workouts. But love it; the music is always f*cking awesome. Like, f*cking good. And it keeps you motivated the whole time. I love it. Their music is always so good.

4. Juli’s California trip [25:06]

Ok, what else has been happening? I guess all I really have left is talking about California. So I have been trying to add more travel to my blog, and I recently was on book tour, and I met this awesome woman who used to work for a company that sets up these trips for bloggers or, say, I don’t know people who write for magazines, or online. I don’t know; I don’t know. Media people. So she helped me set up this first trip to Arizona, where I did kind of a media tour. So I want my trips and travel to be food and wellness oriented. So activities and excursions you can do outside and stay active during a vacation, and then find delicious restaurants that have gluten-free options; even paleo options if possible, but are sustainably raised food, farm to table.

So I had this amazing awesome woman set up this first trip in Arizona; loved it, had such a good experience. You can find any of these trips on the travel tab on my blog, on So I did my first one in Arizona, and I just had my second one in La Jolla and San Diego. So they pretty much set up your trip; you can say, I don’t want to do this, I want to try this instead. I’m sure you can make recommendations; I haven’t done a ton. But I had this one in La Jolla, and started the trip off in La Jolla. We went kayaking; we went surfing, which the water was like 58 degrees or something, but we had wetsuits on so it really wasn’t bad at all. It’s crazy how wetsuits keep you warm; you can’t even feel the water.

And then; what else did we do? We walked like 4 million miles. My feet were so f*cking sore. And I was wearing my most comfortable tennis shoes, but I’m just not used to walking. I mean, I’m sitting on the couch right now for work in a bathrobe. Bathrobe, you guys. So the walks I take are very not intense when I’m walking Jackson. But we were walking 3 miles. At one point I was like, “Yeah, let’s just walk to dinner.” It’s like 2 miles, and I had wedges on. And of course, for me, I can’t walk in heels very long; especially 2 f*cking miles. And then we were like; oh they’re not open yet. Oh, let’s go one more mile down to another restaurant for cocktails. {sigh} My heels were bleeding. It was quite lovely. So I had bloody heels the entire trip. That salt water felt good! Good.

So, after La Jolla, after a bunch of great restaurants there we went to San Diego. I got to check out the Liberty Public Market; and I’m going to blog about all of this, too, and have my favorite restaurants there. But we got to go to a bunch of different restaurants, and explore San Diego more. Go to Balboa park. And it’s been awesome. So I have another trip like this planned to Dallas, and I’m trying to set up more so I can incorporate more travel stuff. So if you’re traveling to a certain city and you don’t know what to do, or you don’t know where to eat, I have this on my blog and have it ready for you. So you don’t even have to make any decisions; it’s just made for you. Because that’s how I like getting my information is through word of mouth, through friends, and your friends haven’t always been to the places that you’re traveling to, so hopefully I have. So I’m trying to add that to the list.

And then, we also have Costa Rica coming up. It’s our one-year wedding anniversary next month. How great is that? I can’t believe it’s already been a f*cking year. Where does time go? It’s been so crazy. It’s crazy how fast time goes when you’re old. I’m not saying I’m old; I’m 28 years old, but every single year goes by faster and faster and faster. So this is why I’m also trying to get as many trips in as possible, because I don’t know if we’ll ever have a family; you guys know my viewpoint on children. But if that viewpoint ever changes and I want to have a child, it’s going to be a little bit harder to travel and you want to save money; be able to buy them clothes. So I’m trying to get as much travel in as possible at this point in our lives.

So when I went to Costa Rica for; I did a PaleOMG, what’s it called; not camp, but trip out there and a bunch of different readers came out from all over the US. We had workouts out there, just wandered around the town, and the whole time I was just thinking how I wished my husband was there because I wished he was experiencing Costa Rica with me. After we got back from our wedding in Jamaica in April last year, I was having post-traumatic wedding disorder; is that bad to say that? Well I was having that sadness of, “Oh sh*t, it’s over!” We’re not having kids any time soon, so what the thing we want to look forward to? Oh, vacations. Ok. I’m booking a trip to Costa Rica for our one-year anniversary.

And, an awesome reader recommended; her parents own a treehouse in Costa Rica, so when I was talking about Costa Rica she sent over this link, and I was like; f*ck it, I’ll book it. And it was booked out for a while so it worked out perfectly. It was open in April; booked it, and now we’re heading there in less than a month. Holy sh*t cakes.

5. Juli’s travel tips [31:22]

So, when I asked a bunch of people about what they wanted the podcast topic to be, there was a handful of travel ones, and I thought this was perfect since I just got back from traveling. I’ve done a sh*t-ton of travel, in my opinion. Not a ton of international travel, but a sh*t ton of travel in the past 4 years because of multiple book tours and just visiting; like I wrote a book in another city. I wrote two books in two different cities; I mean, completely across the country from each other. So I traveled a ton for writing those books. I traveled a ton for book tour. And then I’ve done multiple trips for weddings and for friend’s trips. So whenever a friend asks me to go on a trip, I never say no at this point. I always say yes, and book it early so then it feels like you’re not even spending anything once you get there. Book all the travel plans early, and then you just have to bring cash at the end.

But I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to kind of talk about traveling, ways to stay healthy when you travel, and then just the things I’ve learned from traveling in general. One girl, I recently started following and I’m obsessed with. Let me find her on Instagram; she was on, I’m sure she doesn’t want to be remembered by this, but she was on The Bachelor at some point. So I just saw her one day on my explore feed, and just kind of fell in love with her Instagram. Her Instagram is Lesley Ann Murphy, and her blog is The Road Les Traveled. But she travels f*cking everywhere. I think she’s in Finland right now, and she’s always in a new place. She’s adorable, I love her, and you should totally check out her blog. She totally inspires me with my own blog stuff and kind of just how to capture more of those moments that I get while traveling.

But anyways; she has a great blog if you’re looking for helpful information for traveling. She has how to pack your jewelry; I don’t know. She has food stuff; she has excursions; she has all kinds of different cities she’s traveled to.

And then one more I just started following is My Life’s A Travel Movie. She is; I don’t know, I’ve never been to her blog, I just followed her on Instagram, but I’m sure her blog is awesome. I mean, she has a picture in the French Polynesia right now; in those little tiki huts. I can’t even. I can’t f*cking even. But all these girls are so inspiring; just trying new things and going new places. But they’re also inspiring in the way that, “Ok, I’m going to Dubai.” (I’m not going to Dubai.) But if I was going to Dubai, I don’t have any friends who have been to Dubai, and if I do, maybe they don’t have the same interests as me, and maybe these bloggers will. So I can go to their blogs, find about Dubai, things to do there, stuff they liked; whatever. So it’s really helpful. So I’m hoping my blog can do that for more people.

6. Pack snacks [34:56]

So, I just had a recent trip to San Diego and La Jolla, which obviously I loved since I just told you everything about it. I’ll do a blog post about it. But, I just wanted to first kind of talk about ways to stay healthy when you’re traveling. And at this point in my life, I don’t find it hard at all. Maybe because I don’t travel to sh*tty places that have no options, food-wise, and I just know what to pack and how to pack, and how to just keep my sh*t together.

So eating healthy while traveling; pack a ton of snacks. I always pack a big purse, because I pack my computer in it anyways, and I like to pack a smaller purse inside that bigger purse, so it’s like I have 3 carry-ons, but it’s just two. But I’ll pack a bunch of snacks in a plastic bag, and it will be anything ranging from jerky to almond butter packets to RX bars, to Larabars. I like this company called Thrive Tribe; they have these little bites that are perfect; plantain chips. I just keep stuff in there so no matter what happens; if we get stuck in an airport, or we’re just; you know, I just haven’t had a meal in a while and I need something to tide me over, and not make me jump face deep into biscuits and gravy, I have those snacks that will tide me over until the next meal happens.

So I always pack snacks, and I highly recommend doing that. Even if you’re just making a small trip. I’m just going to San Diego; which you know is a 2-hour flight, if that. And I don’t necessarily need that, but on the way back, since I was stuck at the airport a little bit longer, I needed snacks and I had an almond butter packet ready to go. So just have snacks; you can tide yourself over and make better decisions.

It’s all; life all goes back to planning. So if you’re going to a city and you want to stay gluten free, go to Yelp, search gluten-free restaurants. The search isn’t that good so you won’t always have that; but then look at their menus, see if they have gluten free options, see if they have better choices. Look between menus; do your planning, do your studying; talk to people, look at blogs, and start finding out what restaurants are the best to try.

So an example is; we had lunch kind of change, and we needed to find a restaurant, and I was getting hungry and grumpy and there were two restaurants near each other. There was Seersucker and Barley Mash in San Diego; I’ve been to both of them, and they’re both super delicious. Seersucker had salmon, it had burgers, and then Barley Mash had the more indulgent things like loaded fries, and lobster mac and cheese; super indulgent stuff. And I wanted to make a better decision, so I went to Seersucker instead of Barley Mash because I knew I’d make a better decision there and I wouldn’t over-eat and over-indulge. And I’m still enjoying awesome food, and I’m still enjoying the “culture” there, or whatever else. I’m still having awesome food there, and I’m not missing out on anything. I’m not having loaded fries; which look f*cking good. Really f*cking good. But I’m having really good quality food still that’s going to make me satisfied, happy with my meal choice, and feel like I’m not missing out on anything.

So I think it’s deciding what restaurants are important to you, when indulging is important to you, and trying not to overindulge in every meal. I had dinner planned that night by myself, and I knew since it was by myself I would probably eat more because it was just food between me, and I was trying multiple items so I could talk about it on the blog. I was going to indulge there, so I didn’t want to overdo it at lunch. So kind of keep those things in mind. Vacations are for indulging, and for enjoying your life, but they’re not for ruining how you feel about yourself and completely just ruining your “diet”.

I don’t try to be crazy strict, ever, but I don’t want to come home feeling full of regret, either. So you can still enjoy the culture and try things, but you don’t have to overindulge for every single meal. So keep that in mind.

I had more cocktails than I usually have, and that was kind of my over-indulging side. I had one or two cocktails; I think per day, one or two cocktails, because I wanted to try these cocktails, and see what they were like. So remember to enjoy the food, but try not to overdo it, and try to kind of stop a little bit early when you’re feeling a little bit overly full. So that’s what helps me stay on track with my food choices.

People always say that it’s hard when they’re traveling, but it’s really not. You just have to plan things out. You have to do some research, and you have to get your family on board with it. I think a lot of people get into; Well then we can’t decide where to eat, and everybody wants to eat at a different place. Then you decide. You f*cking pick. You choose the restaurant so you can make the best decisions when you go there. But doing your planning ahead of time; Yelp is one of my best friends. I look at the reviews, I look at how the restaurant does, what options they have on the menu. Do they have gluten free? And that’s how I choose. And it’s really not that hard.

I also look up restaurants in airports if I know I have layovers. If you’re going to be stuck there for a longer amount of time. If it’s a quick layover, I’m not doing any research on that but I definitely look up that kind of stuff to see if there are good restaurants in airports that you have to choose from. So every time I go to DIA, we have Root Down at DIA, which is a really popular restaurant in downtown Denver. And they have great choices, and I can feel good about eating there. So usually I’ll eat there before my flight, whether it’s a morning flight or afternoon flight or evening flight; I eat there so I’m going to be full on my flight and I’ll be ok getting to the airport, having to get a rental car, all that jazz; especially if I have snacks.

So check out airports; see if they have healthy options, and do your research. It’s all about f*cking research.

7. Staying active [41:49]

Other things I try to do on trips, because I’ve just learned over the years, is just being active. And that means trying to do outdoor activities as much as possible. I’m not an indoor person, I like being outside. I like being in my house or outside; so I just try to find activities on these trips that I’ve been going on. They kind of plan excursions, which is fun. I would be like; Oh, no the water is too cold. Maybe I won’t do surfing until it’s nice out, because I wanted to surf in Costa Rica; and I’m so glad I did it. So trying to be active; because you won’t always want to work out when you’re on vacation; or you might not even have time for it. But if you’re doing outdoor activities; I’m always trying to walk as many places as possible. If it’s 3 miles or under, we try to walk to those places, because you just might as well. Especially after dinner, if you can walk after dinner and kind of just walk off some of the food; or any meal, really. If you can walk off some of that food that you just ate.

But doing outdoor excursions; we went mountain biking, now we’ve been kayaking, surfing. We went UTVing; which is just a little different than ATVs. And yeah, we were hoping to keep doing more of these outdoor excursions.

I recently emailed a friend about stuff to do in Costa Rica, because I want to do as many outdoor things as possible. And then make out at the pool or something. But doing outdoor activities to keep you feeling good, so then you’re really; I hate to say earning, but you feel good about eating because you’re fueling all the activities that you did that day, instead of just sitting at the beach and having 400 cocktails.

Our wedding; I did pretty much nothing, it was just lying at the beach and that was it. But the older I get the more I’m excited about doing outdoor activities and wandering around. I’ve found out that I’m not much of a; I don’t care about the sights. When we went to Balboa park, there were so many different things, and 400 museums to look at. And I don’t really care about that stuff that much; I want to be doing something, not just look at stuff. So you kind of find those things; what works for you and what doesn’t, and keep those in mind, because you don’t have to do it. It’s your vacation. Maybe somebody else wants to do it; but keep that in mind about the future so you do more things that keep you excited and keep you coming back feeling happy that you went on this vacation, not like, “Ugh, I feel gross, I feel fat, I ate too much, I’m groggy, I’m grumpy.” You shouldn’t feel like that when you get back, you should feel invigorated. That’s what vacations are for.

For activity stuff; if it’s me and my husband, I don’t usually ask him what he wants to do, because he can’t even plan out what he wants to do tomorrow. I’ll be like; “hey, are you working out tomorrow morning,” and it’s like 9 p.m., and he’s like, “yeah I think so.” That’s just how my husband is. He’s cool, calm, doesn’t want to plan. I always ask him what he wants to do on Sundays, because that’s his one day off. He doesn’t want to plan that out; even when it’s Sunday morning. It drives me crazy, because I love to plan.

So I plan the activities for us. Costa Rica, I’m going to plan all the activities. If he says he wants to do something, which he doesn’t because he doesn’t know anything about Costa Rica. But if he said he wanted to do something, I would totally do it. But this I’ll just plan all the activities, and he’ll be happy that sh*t was planned for him and he doesn’t have to do anything.

So I plan out the restaurants I want to go to; I plan out the excursions. So I think you have to decide. My husband and I are awesome with traveling together, and feel very lucky that we don’t really get annoyed with each other. And if we do, we take a couple of seconds. But we’re really good with traveling with each other, and he’s good with me planning everything. So I just plan all the restaurants, and excursions, and he tags along. And it’s awesome. So I recommend planning stuff if you’re the planner in the relationship, so you don’t get annoyed when you have nothing to do and feel like there’s that lagging time in a vacation. Make sure you just have stuff planned or stuff in your back pocket that you’re like; you know what, I had nothing planned for today, do you want to go walk around downtown, see what bars or restaurants we fall into, see if there’s anything going on. So you have all those little things in your back pocket.

8. Staying hydrated [46:32]

I always take a water bottle; which I’m going to take a sip right now. Always take a water bottle, because we tend to get really dehydrated on trips, especially when flying. I’m not much to drink water when I’m flying, because I just don’t want to get up and annoy the person next to me, so usually when I get close to my flight I don’t drink much water and I don’t drink till the end of the flight. And that’s like short flights; if I’m going like 5, 6 hours, I’m going to drink water. That’s it. But when it’s a couple of hours I don’t drink as much.

So once I land, I fill my water bottle up right away, and then I can start drinking water and flushing out the system; flush out anything that’s going on from flight because people are gross. Yeah.

Also whenever I’m traveling, I try never to touch hand rails; or if you’re in the bus or train, I try not to touch the poles or anything, I just lean up against stuff or sit down if possible. But I just lean up against stuff, I never touch stuff. I wash my hands 400 times a day to try to keep healthy as much as possible and not catch any bugs. Because for me, my lips are pretty dry; this chapstick I got has been awesome, but my lips have been dry so I’ll pick at my lips, and I just touched a hand rail and then I’m touching my lips! Hey, gonorrhea to the mouth! Gross.

The other thing I always try to do; depending on how much activity I’m getting that day, I try to get a couple of workouts in. Say this past trip, I was in San Diego for 5 days; or in California for 5 days, and I worked out in the gym twice, and did outdoor and a ton of walking the other days. So I always try to get a couple of gym workouts in that I’m lifting weights, because you’re usually not lifting many things when you’re doing these kind of outdoor excursions, depending on what you’re doing. But I like to lift some weights, and just confuse the body a little bit. Get a sweat on in a different way than the normal outdoor excursion.

And I just make up my workouts on my own. I’ve made up workouts for a long time now, from working out at CrossFit gyms, and just making up my own workouts when I was competing on my own and didn’t have a coach. So I’ve just made up workouts for a long time, so I don’t have a hard time with doing that. But if you do; I mean, literally I just gave you a promo code at the beginning of this podcast for a fitness app. Hello?!

But there are so many girls and guys on Instagram who share their workouts, but I just make mine up on my own, and I just try to do something short. I’m not trying to spend an hour in a f*cking tiny-ass hotel gym. I’m looking to do 20, 30-minute workout and be drenched in sweat and out of there. So I usually do that, and if it’s not the best workout of my life, or say it just didn’t pan out like I thought it would. Like my last workout was in this tiny little hotel gym, and there were 10 people in it. No space at all, no equipment. So I’m just doing the best I can; not sweating that much, but still getting something in, and my hamstrings from the deadlifts I did. Know that not every workout has to be the best workout of your life if you work hard on a regular basis, outside of vacations, getting just some kind of workout in is going to be just as healthful as getting a crazy workout in. So just keep moving, and making up workouts, and try out Aaptiv. Hello?! Plug!

9. Favorite and least favorite airlines [50:15]

Ok, so I wanted to talk about my favorite airlines, and my least favorite airlines, and then my favorite places that I’ve traveled to. I honestly don’t have a crazy favorite airline. I stick with mostly Southwest. I like how Southwest is. You just book your ticket; you don’t book a seat number, and I think their fares are pretty affordable. They give you free checked bags, so you can get two bags for free checked. So it’s awesome when you’re traveling, especially far, and you have to check a couple of bags. I love that. And you can always upgrade to get on the plane sooner so you can get a better seat. But I love it. And almost every flight has been awesome with Southwest. Of course, there’s always flights there have been a couple of screw ups, but that’s any business in general. So I like Southwest.

I’ve had hit or miss with United; sometimes it’s awesome, sometimes it sucks. So you kind of just don’t know what plane you’re going to get, and I want one of their nicer planes. I don’t want to pay the same rate for a sh*t-ass plane; right?! So United.

I really like Delta. We don’t have a ton of Delta over here, but there’s a ton of Delta over on the East Coast, I know; I did almost my entire book tour on Delta, and had great experience with it. They have a lot of awesome hubs where you can charge your phone, order food, nice chairs just waiting for your flight.

But, and I don’t know why I haven’t done this, I’m stupid. I need to find the best one where you can get upgraded and go sit in their United Plus; I don’t know, wherever you get to go sit and get free drinks. My friend has had that before, so I’ve stayed with him in that, where you can get free cocktails if you’re a rewards member or whatever. I just haven’t looked into those. But I really like Southwest; United hit or miss; and then Delta I’ve had good experience with.

The one airline I f*cking hate, and I will never, ever fly it again. I will pay $200, $300 more to not fly on this airline, is Frontier. I hate Frontier. They keep getting worse and worse, and they nickel and dime you for everything. They make you think your flight is going to be so cheap; and then you have to pay for a carryon, you have to pay for a checked bag, you have to pay for drinks, you have to pay for your seat. And their seats are literally made out of plastic. It’s the worst seats you will ever sit in. It feels like you’re on the jankiest f*cking airplane. And then a lot of their fold out tables are the size of an iPhone. I’m not joking; literally just your phone sits on it. Like, how the f*ck am I supposed to put my computer on this? Do you have Wi-Fi? Of course you don’t. F*ck you, Frontier. I hate Frontier. I hate it so much.

And I talked about this on my blog, well blog and podcast probably. We went to pick up my brother-in-law at the airport; and it was during a crazy snow storm, and it was late at night, their flight was delayed by 5 hours, we get there and he’s on the tarmac for two hours; waiting to get off the plane, two hours just sitting on the plane. And then they finally get off the plane and we had to wait another 3 hours for luggage. So we got there at midnight; we didn’t leave until like 5:30 in the morning. We were all sleeping in the baggage claim, and none of the other airlines were having this issue. And it’s because Frontier is so f*cking cheap that they can’t pay to shovel their runways to get the plane to the airport. So sh*t is just sitting there. It was such a f*cking mess; and that was when I swore off; never flying Frontier again. They’re just bullsh*t.

Sorry if you work for Frontier, or your family member works for Frontier; tell them to get the f*ck away from that company. Did I emphasize that enough? I used a lot of F-words there. I think you can tell how intense I feel about Frontier. It’s the worst.

10. Favorite and least favorite destinations [54:52]

Ok, and then favorite and least favorite destinations. So, I obviously love Costa Rica; I went there. We went to Manuel Antonio, and that’s where we’re going back again. So I love Costa Rica; I loved Jamaica, we had our wedding there. Jamaica is amazing; it’s like the best waters; blue skies, blue water, great weather every day. I’ve gone to Mexico probably 5 or 6 times and always had an awesome time in Mexico; really some sketch ass experiences in Mexico my first few years before I was legal drinking age in the US. But as I grew up and we did more fun things; like last time we went to Mexico we stayed in an all-inclusive resort that we had stayed at before when a friend got married, but they had cheap rates, so we’re like, f*ck it, let’s go. We went with a couple of friends.

And then we went to Cozumel for a day; so you take a ferry over to Cozumel, and we rent these little buggies; it’s almost like a VW bug, but no roof. It’s like; I mean, it’s a sh*tty little car. I’m surprised it didn’t break down. I’m pretty sure the speed didn’t work on it; like it didn’t tell you what speed you were going. But we just drove around the entire island, and barhopped. So we’d go to one bar, have cocktails, have food; go to another bar. And these bars are super spread out between, and there’s no beaches on one side, so there’s no people over there. So you’re just driving around, and it was f*cking awesome. It was so much fun. My husband at the end of the day was super drunk and wanted to go on some pirate ship booze cruise; hell the f*cking no, Brian. So that didn’t happen, and he was such a sad panda.

So, I loved that; going to Cozumel was so fun. It’s such a cute little town, island. It’d be awesome to stay there, even. But that was the most fun I’ve had in Mexico.

I’ve always loved Austin; Austin is such an amazing place. Austin, Texas. Portland, Oregon is one of my all-time favorite places because it’s a total foodie city, and everybody is super weird there and the best. I loved Scottsdale. Scottsdale, Arizona; I went there recently and it was such an awesome place, and there was so much to do outside. We went when it wasn’t crazy hot; it was like in the 60s. But they have really resort-style hotels. And there are so many things to do. The food was outstanding. I had one of the best meals of my life in Scottsdale. There’s just so much to do, and it was so nice. It’s like you were taking a crazy nice vacation; like you were traveling to Mexico, or internationally. It was just so nice; I loved it.

Went to La Jolla recently; I’d been to La Jolla before, but I hadn’t stayed there. And I highly recommend staying there. We stayed in a really cute little cottage style hotel that had an amazing breakfast every morning. And you’re out at the beach every day; there are sea lions, so there are tons to do with the family, and it’s like a really walkable city. So we walked everywhere. There’s all kinds of surfing, kayaking, sightseeing, paddle boarding. So much to do outside; I love that city.

That’s all my favorites that I can think of. My least favorites are totally based on what was happening at that moment in my life, kind of. Like, one was New York, and I had a really terrible experience in New York. New York is just too busy for me; I just feel so overwhelmed. I’m not a huge fan of how they don’t have alleyways, so all the trash is out in the front. You can’t ask me to pay $70 for a steak, and while I’m walking in through trash to get into your restaurant. It’s just so weird to me. So I’m not a huge fan of New York. I know everybody loves New York, and I’m such a b*tch for saying that, but I’m just not a huge fan of it.

I like Boston, but Boston’s a little bit too cold for me. I only like it at a certain time of the year, because the wind is just so bitter c old. And I feel like all these big cities; people love Chicago, love Boston, love New York; and they just feel a little bit too overwhelming for me at times. I just feel like it’s such big cities; maybe I just like the smaller city feel.

And then another place I had a terrible experience in was San Jose, California. We had a book tour stop there, and a girl gave me a dirty look; I’ll never forget her face. She gave me a dirty ass look the entire time I talked about my book. It was so weird. And also it was so hot; you couldn’t go to the beach; it was just like, you’re in this little town, it’s so hot. I just didn’t have a great experience there.

And please don’t listen to these, and if you live in these cities, freak the f*ck out and hate me for saying this. It was one experience; other experiences change those feelings. But yeah, those are my least favorite cities. Or places I’ve been to. I feel like I’ve been to pretty cool places other than that. I think so; I’m trying to think if I hated any other ones. But luckily, I travel to fun cities most of the time. And I can’t wait to travel to more!

I just was in talks about trying out Boise, Idaho. Boise. I’ve heard a couple of good things. From a friend who lives in Idaho; but also other people who are talking like it’s a foodie place to be. So yeah, trying out new places. I want to try out Alaska, but it’s cold there. Maybe sometimes it’s not; I don’t really know anything about Alaska other than what I see on the Last Frontier. I love that show.

Ok, that’s all I have for you on my list of things with travel; tricks, and tips, and everything I love, and absolutely hate. Hope that kinds of gives you some insight into travel; I don’t know if you care about this at all, but I sure do. And I can tell you that it really is easy to stay healthy. If you look back at my Instagram; I had flourless cake, I had cocktails, I had champagne, I had really good, I don’t know, rice flour battered eggplant fries, and a whole sea bass. I had really decadent, delicious food, but I was able to stay healthy, and active, and doing things that; I just got back last night, and I don’t feel any different today starting back at my workout today. I don’t feel sick, I don’t feel bloated; I just feel like me, and I’m just trying to drink more water and just kind of get back to my routine.

But it totally is possible to travel and to stay on track with your diet, and stay on track with your exercise, it’s all about planning. And I know next time I travel, I think I’m going to try to go to a couple of Orange Theory classes in other cities; or maybe a CrossFit class in other cities. CrossFit’s are so hit or miss. The last time I went to a CrossFit gym in another city, it was the worst CrossFit gym I’d ever been to, and the worst workout I’ve ever, ever had in a CrossFit gym. So that kind of left a bad taste in my mouth about going to CrossFit gyms. So maybe you just need to go to bigger ones that you’ve heard about. But I was going to try to sign up for some Orange Theory classes in other cities, and just stay active in those ways; so when I have a little free time in between I can just go to a workout there.

But it is totally doable to stay active and stay healthy and so many people say it isn’t, but it is. You just have to plan ahead; you just have to think things through; and you can totes do it. Totes. Hey Jackson. Hey little panda; want to say hi?

Ok well I’m going to get out of here, guys. I’ve got to go get the rest of my life together. I have some fashion stuff to finish out; send out my newsletter tomorrow. I have some recipes to finish up for you guys. And I’ve got to celebrate a friend’s birthday, and go on a double date. I gotta catch up with people since I’ve been gone. {singing} “Since you’ve been gone!” There you go.

We’ll have a great day. I’ll see you next week. If you ever have any questions, or any comments, feel free to head to You can leave any comments or questions there, or even podcast topics. We don’t need to talk about your own personal bowel movements; but, hey you can always recommend it. I always like listening.

And, don’t forget to rate, review and subscribe if you like this podcast. If you don’t like this podcast, just move on. Just keep on trucking. You know? You didn’t pay for it. You don’t need to complain about a service you didn’t pay for. Am I right, or am I right? This goes back to my podcast I talked about last week. But keep spreading the positivity guys, keep being awesome. Keep doing great things and putting great stuff into this world; and making this world a better place. Right? Let’s do it. Ok, I’ll talk to you guys soon! Unless you work for Frontier. Quit that job.

I love you guys. Thanks for being here. Can’t wait to chat next week. Stay tuned for; I don’t know what we have next week, but doing a podcast with my gym owner at some point soon, and also I want to do a podcast with the girls from Girls Gone WOD, if you don’t listen to Clare and Joy over there, they’re awesome. But I was going to have them on my podcast because they’ve had me on their podcast like 4 or 5 times, so I was going to bring them on here. So I’ve got some sh*t planned, ok? Ok. Love you. Keep staying healthy. Keep doing the damn thing. Keep striving to be the best. Talk to you soon. Bye-bye!

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