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A lovely listener asked me to talk about setting goals and conquering them in the New Year, so that’s exactly what I’m talking about today! I’m sharing the ways I set goals in my own life and how I make sure they actually happen. No New Year’s resolutions here, just normal monthly, weekly, and daily goals that lead to a day better than the last. Goals can be longterm, but don’t forget about each and every step it takes to get there! Now get after it!

  • Set smaller goals that lead to a bigger goal
  • Set daily goals
  • Remember that goals do change
  • Be realistic
  • Track your progress and look how far you have come
  • Remember that setbacks don’t decide your future, you do
  • Remember why you set these goals
  • Don’t’ let others get in the way of your goals
  • Set up a timeline, both short and longterm

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Episode 19 Transcription:
This is Juli Bauer from PaleOMG and you are listening to PaleOMG Uncensored.

1. What’s new with Juli [3:12]
2. Juli’s The Bachelor update [6:47]
3. Juli’s husband’s beard [12:10]
4. Goal setting [15:09]
5. Set daily goals [18:02]
6. Be realistic [19:40]
7. Track your progress [25:25]
8. Don’t let others get in your way [28:48]
9. Set long-term and short-term goals [34:25]

Juli Bauer: Hey guys. Before I get started with my lovely PaleOMG Uncensored podcast today, and lull you into good moods with my oh so manly and weird, weird voice I honestly have, I want to tell you about today’s sponsor, because they’re f*cking awesome. Today’s sponsor of this lovely podcast that you are so smart to listen to, is sponsored by Aaptiv.

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Ok, let’s get started with the podcast, guys! Welcome to the 19th episode of PaleOMG Uncensored. If you have not been listening to the beginning of this podcast, first episode on, I don’t know what the hell is wrong with you. But I’ll back it up one second and just let you know; remember, this podcast is rated explicit because it’s explicit. That’s what an E means. So that means it has sexual content (fingers crossed), strong language, and anything interesting worth talking about that seems to offend others. I keep having to warn people. I stopped looking at iTunes reviews because they piss me the f*ck off. So, I’m just putting it out there right away, letting people know before they sh*t the bed. So you’ll be hearing this every single podcast intro; isn’t that wonderful?! It’s wonderful.

1. What’s new with Juli [3:12]

So, today I’m recording this podcast earlier than usual. I usually; I publish my podcast on Saturdays, and that means I usually record them on Fridays. But I’m heading out of town tomorrow. I’m heading to Arizona; to Phoenix/Scottsdale to explore the city, the food, to go; and I get to do all this active sh*t that I never do here because it’s too f*cking cold. Like ATVing, and mountain biking, which I’ve done here in Colorado, it is quite fun, and I even get to go in a hot air balloon; and a handful of other things. It’s f*cking awesome. I’m working with the city of Phoenix to set this trip up, so they’ve helped set up all these excursions and places to eat, and I’m so excited to share this stuff with you and share the trip. I’ve been wanting to share more stuff on my travel tab, and explore the US of A and hopefully other countries as well, so I’ll be adding that to the travel tab next week; so stay tuned for that!

Speaking of the blog. Let’s talk about what happened on the blog this week. Even though it’s like; why would I talk about that, because you never know when people are listening to this podcast, but I’m just feeling it. I just want to talk about what’s happening. Because I’ve been; this week, I had a cool giveaway that hopefully if you listen to this podcast you’ll still have time to enter it to win a pair of Coalition snow skis or a snowboard; so you can get active outdoors. Which I hate to do because I hate being cold, and I hate sitting in traffic, and I hate driving to the mountains. But most of Colorado; I’d say 90% of Colorado, people love to do that. They love sitting in traffic and going up there. So if you’re a person who wants to get active, wants to get outdoors; boom. I have a giveaway for you.

But I also shared a f*cking awesome muffin recipe; and I know muffins are muffins, but if you’re into baked goods, you should definitely make this f*cking muffin recipe. And it uses a paleo mix, so you don’t even have to buy 4 different flours. Genius. And then I had a guest post; and I have had multiple questions about what podcast I listen to. So I thought I would just put a blog post about all the different podcasts I listen to in one little place. And as I’m putting all these podcasts into this one post, I notice that I’m literally only into murder and sex. So, that’s cool.

But you know, that’s what I’m just into, I guess. I haven’t found other podcasts. Many people have recommended other podcasts, and I just have not gotten into them. I just like stories; there is one on there that is not sex and is not murder, and it’s just nice stories with Mike Rowe; the guy from Dirty Jobs. So if you don’t like sex and you don’t like murder, and you don’t like anything interesting, you won’t like my podcast. But if you do, head to www.PaleOMG.com, check it out. Yeah, that’s all I’ve got on the blog this week. I think have more. Ooh! I have a really cute outfit you should totally check out that as active wear and a leather jacket. So it’s like you have your sh*t together, but you totally don’t.

2. Juli’s The Bachelor update [6:47]

Ok, before we get into the podcast, I wanted to talk about the Bachelor. And when I was; I mentioned something last week, I was like, maybe I should do mini episodes with just a Bachelor recap. But I do that on my blog every week on Tuesdays, so head to www.PaleOMG.com and you can read those Bachelor recaps every Tuesday. And so then I feel like I was just repeating myself; and then one lady was like, “Please don’t do Bachelor recaps. Eww!” And I’m like; well, ok I’m just going to do a short recap here. So if you don’t watch the Bachelor, you need to get on it. Get your life together. Don’t be that person that’s like; “Oh I don’t really watch TV.” Ok. Then do. Because it is so good, so dramatic, and they make the dates the worst place; or the worst dates you could ever think up in the history of time, other than hanging out with ISIS. Their dates are awful.

And I keep mentioning that Corrine has to be an actress; there’s no way that Corrine is real. And then I said that in my blog post today, in the muffin recipe, and a girl said that she found out that Danielle and Vanessa are both actresses. And here’s the thing, guys; Vanessa is my girl crush. I want her to win. She was the one who went up; and they float, like space-type feel, where the airplane goes up all high and then drops really fast and you’re floating, and then she vomited everywhere and just imagine the vomit floating in space and it’s coming at you and you can’t get away from it! That was Vanessa. She was my favorite! But they play her up to be a special ed teacher on the show; but she’s an actress?! What?! Can somebody get to the bottom of this and tell me everything on my blog? Because if they’re just reaching out to hired actresses at this point, I don’t want to watch anymore. That’s a lie; I will always watch.

So, ok; quick recap. You can read the full thing on my blog. But Danielle; she’s the one, she owns a million nail salons or something. She only wears low plunging necklines. Literally all you see is full skin between her boobs. She was the one who got to wander Nick’s hometown, where Nick babbled about getting freaky in random grassy fields as a teenager, so that was cool. And then Danielle was forced to run; you know, they just ran into an ex-girlfriend, just at a coffee shop. I don’t know how they call it an ex-girlfriend, because they dated for 2 months. Isn’t that just like going on dates with a person? Isn’t that just like fooling around? I don’t think that’s considered a girlfriend.

Either way, it was a total sh*t date. Then they had the group; oh, speaking of sh*t dates. {laughs} Ha. They had the group date where they had to go to the farm, and it was a straight up scene out of farmersonly.com. Which; it’s the Bachelor franchise. They have so much money, and you take them to a farm to shovel sh*t; are you f*cking serious?! Ugh! Ok.

And then, the last date was with Raven, who is totally a mixture of E.T. and Wednesday Addams; but I truly mean that in the best way possible. I know that sounds really bitchy, but she has those two faces mixed together, but she’s this adorable little country girl, and she was totally picked for Luke; obviously not for Nick. Whatever. Besides the point.

So she went to Nick’s soccer game, and then met his family, and then they went to a roller skating rink. Total sh*t one; you know those ones that you used to go for your own birthday party? Yeah. So they went there, and she said it was the best date she’s ever been on. Could you imagine? If a guy took me on a date, a first date, to meet his parents at his sister’s soccer game, I would be like, what the f*ck are you doing ?And she said this right after she fell directly on her ass trying to skate between Nick’s legs. {laughs} You know what? She needed Luke for that because Luke is so bowlegged, she would have fit just perfectly! God. She’s really not winning with Nick.

Honestly, the whole episode just made me think about how Nick’s mom birthed 11 children. ELEVEN, you guys. Hopefully if you’ve listened to my podcast, I don’t know what episode it was, but it was the episode I talk about why having children scares the sh*t out of me. And I’m just talking about one child. Because it stretches everything out; abdominals plus vagina wall. And imagine doing that 11 times. Your skin would have to be paper thin, and your vagina, who knows how thin. I don’t know! I don’t know! This is all I could think about. I know that’s super bitchy, and you’re like; god, I hate Juli. Especially if you have kids. But 11 children! That’s unreal.

3. Juli’s husband’s beard [12:10]

So yeah that’s what I’ve got going on right now, guys. I’ve got Arizona, I’ve got muffins, I’ve got Bachelor recaps, and I still have a husband who is growing out a beard that I’m 100% not about. Somebody told me to grow out my vagina hair; let it poof out real big. And I’m getting close to it, because I am not into the beard hair. If you have not shaved; or I’m sorry, washed your beard, like shampooed it, if you have not just got out of the shower, I think it smells weird. And I have a very strong sense of smell. I smell something weird the second I walk in the door, I always smell something weird. And I hate it. And if my husband hasn’t just got out of the shower, and scrubbed his face, I think he smells weird. And then you give me a kiss with your stinky ass face? No. I’m not into it. But he said every time I complain, he’s going to add on a month to growing it out.

So I’m not sure why he’s into this, but it’s like; when guys grow out beards, their face is like a big watermelon. They have no facial structure. You see no bone structure; they’re literally a watermelon head. Just this round, fluffy, stinky head. So yeah. That’s a huge bummer. I may have to divorce him. Can you annul at this point? Because it’s still early on in the marriage? We’ve married for like 8 months. Annulment; cannot take beard smell under the reasons why. We’ll get through this. We’ll get through this hard time in our relationship.

I recently talked about my favorite natural deodorant on my blog; so if you’re like, “What deodorant is it, Juli?” just go to my blog, www.PaleOMG.com. But they also have mojito beard oil, so if you can’t break them, join them. I know that’s not quite the saying, but I’m really trying to break him. Break his ego of beard. So I might have to buy him this mojito beard oil so he doesn’t smell like a trash bag. But you know, it’s just like when you’re just covering up a smell. It’s like, if your armpits smell and you just put more deodorant on it; you’re just covering up the smell. You’re not washing it. That’s the same thing with a face. So I’m really bummed out about that. I’m down with some fuzz on the face, but I’d like to see what he looks like, still. So I’m just going to grow out my armpit hair. F*ck it. Ok. That’s enough for today.

4. Goal setting [15:09]

Today’s podcast is about goal setting. So I’m going to talk about all these different ways to set goals and kind of things around them. The biggest thing to me that proved to me that I could set any sort of goals and accomplish them was figuring out Crossfit and starting Crossfit. That doesn’t mean you have to do that {laughs}. That was just my first eye-opening experience that proved that I am able to really kick ass and conquer whatever I want to do if I put my mind to it. So Crossfit showed me; ok, look at all these girls who can do a 95-pound snatch. You can barely snatch with a barbell. I want to do a 95-pound snatch; how am I going to get there? Ok, I’m going to have to snatch on a regular basis. I’m going to have to practice hang snatches, and high hang snatches and overhead squats. And I’m going to have to work out on a regular basis to get to this 95-pound snatch. And then I did, and then I was like; oh, ok. I can snatch 105 now. I can snatch 125; I can snatch 145 pounds! It was this one goal turned to many goals that turned into; f*ck, I can do whatever I want to do. I just have to make sure I stick with it on a regular basis. So Crossfit was really my eye opening experience that you can do whatever you want to do, you just have to not let excuses take over.

So, one of the biggest things, I think you need to set smaller goals that lead to your bigger goal. So, for the longest time, I just said I wanted to lose weight. That’s all I wanted to do. I wanted to be skinny, I wanted to be smaller. It was just all about a number on the scale, and just looking a certain way. So it wasn’t until I found Crossfit that those goals change, because I said; ok, I want to have a certain time in, say, my Fran workout, or Annie workout. Or I want to lift a certain amount of weight. I want to snatch 95 pounds; I want to overhead squat, I want to deadlift. I set all these smaller goals of being able to do a certain amount of pull-ups in a row. And those smaller goals actually lead to losing weight. So it wasn’t just; I was able to focus on smaller pictures that led to this big picture in the end. So I think I had to look at my goals in a new way, and see my vision in a different way. So I think it’s important to set those smaller goals.

5. Set daily goals [18:02]

Another thing is set daily goals. I’ve talked about this before on the podcast; and you might not even think of it as a goal. But today, say I look at my to-do list, and it has walk the dog, it has eat breakfast, it has go to this printer to print off this certain paperwork; go stop by the mall to get a gift. Doing all these little things that are leading to a bigger thing. So if I am walking my dog every day, my dog is happier, which makes me happier. If I’m eating breakfast every day, I’m bettering my health every single day. And you know, 5 days a week, I’ll have on my to-do list a workout, which leads to my bigger long-term goal of being physically able until I’m old. Hopefully I’ll last long and don’t die from crazy things like murder. But I’d also want to physically in a vain way to be physically more attractive to myself, and going to the gym, and eating breakfast, and walking my dog; these all lead to that big picture of being healthier both in the inside and the outside.

So I think it’s good to set daily goals; whether that’s work related goals or that’s relationship goals. Any of those little goals; putting a to-do list together and making sure you accomplish those smaller goals that lead to this bigger picture.

6. Be realistic [19:40]

Another thing on that list is you’ve got to make sure you’re realistic. Be f*cking realistic; don’t be annoying, and be that person who just sets those goals that are so over the top and unneeded. Be realistic with yourself. So when I think of realistic; I automatically think of, when I first started working out, I wanted to be skinnier, and I wanted to have no cellulite. None. I have had cellulite since I was 12 years old when my body started changing; no boobs came in but the cellulite came full on. And you know, cellulite is one of those things; you know, genetics doesn’t help with it, for sure. You can work your ass off; and I work my ass off and I drink a ton of water and I eat clean, and I’ll still have a little bit of cellulite.

So for the longest time, I set this unrealistic goal of not having any cellulite. So every day, I would look in the mirror, and be so unhappy. I didn’t think about anything else that I had accomplished. Whether it was a 95-pound snatch, or getting my fasted Fran time. I was just obsessing about cellulite.

So I think it’s important to set your realistic goals. I’m not looking in a fitness magazine; I‘m not saying I want to look like this girl, I just want to be the best version of myself. So set realistic goals; whatever your goal is, set realistic goals, and remember those goals may change. So before you set this realistic goal of a 95-pound snatch, and you surpass that goal; sure your goals are going to change. You’re not like; ok, I hit 95. I’m cool! No, you’re going to keep going. Or, say you’re like; ok, I’ve got 95 pounds. I don’t really give a f*ck anymore about snatching, I want to do something else. Cool; do something else.

So remember to be realistic in your goals, and remember that your goals will change. That’s completely normal, but I think it’s really important to remember why you set those goals. So what happens so much with people in the New Year is they set these goals, and they go full blown, all the way, hard core; but then they just don’t care anymore. But why? If you set these goals, if you set realistic, trackable goals, why do you let yourself forget about them? I think that is so strange to me, why would you say something and not follow through with it when you’re holding your own self accountable. It’s not like; Oh, I don’t know, anything that you say, “Hey, I’ll probably be at that party,” and then you don’t go to the party. You told yourself; I don’t know that’s a bad example. That example sucks. I say that because I didn’t go to a party this weekend, and I’m trying to make myself feel better. But that’s f*cked up, Juli. F*cking Juli.

Anyways. So, what is so awesome as an adult is you’re able to hold yourself accountable and hold yourself to a higher standard. So if you think that you said; ok, I want to lose weight. You go 30 days, and you were going to the gym 5 days a week. And then you’re like; oh I don’t really have to go, make up excuses for yourself. That’s just not adulting. That’s not adulting. And sorry; you’re an adult, you can do it.

We; and I always go back to this example. You brush and you floss your teeth every day. You wash your child. You go to a kid’s baseball game; you go to your partner’s work party. You do sh*t you don’t always want to do, but it’s your responsibility as an adult. You floss your teeth; hopefully you do. You should floss your teeth. Don’t be that person who doesn’t floss; that’s gross. You wash your child because you don’t want your child to be dirty and have a dirty ass child. You do these things because you’re a responsible adult. You should be responsible for your own actions as well and how you hold yourself to a certain standard.

And I always say goals; I always think about fitness goals, because that’s what going on right now in the month of January. But this can be work goals as well. You set those goals; you put yourself on a pedestal, so you might as well f*cking hold yourself responsible for those goals. I just see so many people come up with all kinds of excuses all the time for not accomplishing a certain goal; but we all have excuses, no matter what. Whether it’s illness, or a family member, or an injury. We all have an excuse why we don’t accomplish something, but it doesn’t get us to accomplishing it. It just holds us back. So you have to find different ways to accomplish those goals, and remember why you set those goals in the first place. I kind of did all kinds of loops in there. But at the end of the day, it’s holding yourself responsible to those goals.

8. Track your progress [25:25]

I think it’s important to track your progress and see how far you’ve come. So, say again, I’m going back to fitness. This doesn’t have to be fitness related, but my world is very fitness related and my passion is fitness related so I talk about that more; but tracking your progress, whether that’s taking a photo of yourself before you set a goal; whether in your underwear or a swimsuit; or say you have a swimsuit picture from when you were traveling or something, and then seeing your progress. We don’t always see how far we’ve come, and it’s good to have something to look back at to compare yourself to. So remember to track that progress, or writing things down. Seeing how far your projects have come.

A lot of things; even with my website. I can track my progress of how far my website has come, just based on my first post, if I go back to 2011 and how much my blog has changed. I can really track my progress that way. So whatever that is; however you track your progress, be able to do that so you can go back and stay motivated and stay excited and pumped to keep moving forward.

And then remember, that setbacks don’t decide your future, you do. We all have setbacks and so many things happen. I think about my biggest setback so far was thinking that I needed to work out more because I wasn’t seeing the results I wanted to in the gym. So I was eating less, I was working out more, and I was just throwing my body out of complete whack; out of complete hormonal balance. I was all unbalanced, everything was a sh*t show. And that really set me back in some of the goals that I could have accomplished earlier, and how much happier I could have been in my own life. But I did not let those setbacks just completely shift me off course. I could have been like; oh, Crossfit doesn’t work. But no, I said why is something not working in my life, how do I need to change it, and what do I need to try to see if I can be happier if I change something up.

So don’t let those setbacks; whether it’s illness, if it’s sickness, injury; I know illness and sickness. But say cancer comes up versus a cold. We have different kinds of illness and sickness that comes up. Gah, when I had Cassy on the podcast last week, I didn’t yawn a bit. Maybe I need to freaking record more people on the podcast so I just don’t yawn. I really do find this topic interesting though, so I don’t know why I’m yawning. I’m just cuddled up with a warm dog in my lap, per usual podcast recording.

But anyways. So remember there will always be setbacks, and there will always be ways to make excuses. But you have to decide what is most important in your life, and why; and why you set those goals in the first place. So set your goals, and get after them.

8. Don’t let others get in your way [28:48]

I think another important kind of key component is don’t let others get in the way of your goals. And I’ve talked about this before on the podcast, just mentioning; do not let friends get in the way. So many times people enter the health world, they really take it on, full on; and then they’ll have friends that they were hanging out with before, say getting super drunk with, whatever. And their friends are like; what are you doing? Why are you doing this? Whatever. Don’t let those friends get in the way. Maybe, if they’re good enough friends, they will understand and help you with your new goal. They’ll be bummed out about it, but that’s what friends are for in the end is helping you with your own life, and you help them with theirs.

And something I see the most; and it makes me so sad. I see so many people who have spouses or partners that won’t get on board with them. And I find most of the time it’s with men and women; most of the time the husband won’t get on board. And that’s probably because my listener or readership is mostly women; so when I hear this, it’s women talking about their husbands. And most of the time, it’s women talking about men, and that their husband will either not get on board whatsoever; they will not open up to changing their diet whatsoever, or that they are supportive or they don’t really want to change up their own diet.

So with the first one; with a person who is not supportive, and say you make a meal for them and they won’t eat; I cannot believe that happens, and I cannot believe that I get emails about that. That is the most offensive thing I have ever heard. A person; I get that we don’t have certain things, food that we don’t like. Maybe a vegetable that we don’t like. But if you have a person who is denying to eat a meal you made them because it’s a healthier version of something, you need a new partner. That is f*cking bullsh*t. a person who denies something that is made for them, is not f*cking good in my book. Ugh that boils my blood, I just cannot believe someone would do that.

Another piece that I often hear is; say a person wants to get on board and their spouse is very supportive, but they’re not really interested in changing up their own diet, so they have their normal kind of food in the house, which makes it more challenging for the spouse. So both of these things happen, and I’m very lucky that my husband eats very healthy. But what my husband does like to do that I do not enjoy doing is drinking. He likes to have a couple of drinks; he likes to party; he’s really good at it. I’m a person who drinks a couple, blacks out, can’t function. But he can go all night and have the best time, and he’s a blast. He will drink, maybe once a week, and I don’t feel like I have to drink because of that.

I’ve set my goals not to drink, mostly because I don’t want the extra weight on my body from drinking. I think it’s a waste, I think I’d rather eat food that waste away stupid calories on cocktails. So that’s the way I see it. So when he’s drinking, I don’t feel pressured to drink. Sure, I’m going to have drinks whenever I feel like it, but I don’t feel pressured to drink, because I’ve set my goals, and I’m going to accomplish them, and nobody is going to get in my way. That changes nothing about how I feel about my husband. And if I needed him to support me, and I felt like; ok, if I’m going to be around alcohol, I won’t be able to do it, I would ask him to support me, and I would expect my husband to be supportive. But at the end of the day, you are responsible for your actions. So if you don’t want to drink, or you don’t’ want to eat something, or you want to go to the gym, but your spouse doesn’t; whatever it is, you are responsible for yourself. That’s it. Sure; I’m sure you’re responsible for children or whatever else, but you get to decide what you do, and no one can hold you back in that. So don’t let other’s get in the way of your goals. Whether that’s a friend, whether that’s your relationship, whether it’s work; whatever it is, don’t let people get in the way. It’s easy to come up with excuses, but at the end of the day, you have decisions over what you do and how you take care of yourself.

How’s that feel? I don’t know if people will like that one. But f*ck, I just hate; I cannot believe that somebody would complain about food that was made for them. That is so offensive. The way I show that I love my husband is making him dinner every night; and I don’t want to f*cking make dinner every night. So he’s not going to maybe love everything; I made kale one night, and he was like; did you put 40 lemons in this? {laughs} Sure he’s not going to love everything, but he’s damn well going to eat it. And if he doesn’t eat it, he can make his own food. And I let him know that if he doesn’t want to eat something, he can make himself something. So don’t; if you’re that person who does that, you have no soul. Get a soul.

9. Set long-term and short-term goals [34:25]

Another piece of goal setting, is setting up a timeline. Both short and long-term. And this kind of goes back to setting daily goals, but this is just setting up that timeline. Ok, I want to publish; I don’t know, say you want to publish a book. I want to publish a book by spring of 2018. So you have your spring 2018; now, how are your shorter goals going to play out? So if you’re going to publish this goal in 2018, publish this goal? Publish this book in 2018, what are going to be the steps to getting that book published by that date?

You may need to talk to other people about this; you may need to work with other people. If we go back to the fitness; say, you’re like, ok I want to lose 50 pounds by summer. That’s a lot of weight. So, maybe you do not feel like you can do this alone; maybe you need to hire a trainer. Maybe you need to hire a nutritionist. I think it’s good to set this long-term goal, and then set the short-term goals that are going to help you get to that long-term goal. So that’s the daily goals as well; setting a to-do list with all the daily goals that are going to make your life more enjoyable, so you’ll more likely get to that long-term goal.

Yeah, it’s as simple as that, guys. It’s just those simple things! I think just goal setting in general is how motivated you are. And if you’re not motivated to do the work, and put in the time, and get your sweat on and feel miserable sometimes, and be so uncomfortably sore; I know I’m going back to fitness but you can think of this in any general way. You’ve got to put the blood, sweat, and tears in if you want that goal accomplished. If you want it, you can f*cking get it. And that’s what Crossfit taught me, and I hope everybody finds that one thing that proves to them that they can really do whatever they put their mind to. I hope everyone can find that.

I never thought that I would have a business that I have, and now I’m constantly looking for ways to challenge myself, and to set new goals every year, because I want to accomplish even bigger things and better things. And be proud of what I’ve built, and proud of myself. And this goes back to fitness. Whenever I have friends all out drinking, and they’re giving me sh*t; my long-term goal is to not be frustrated with my weight, and drinking will lead me to being frustrated about my weight and depressed because it’s a depressant. It just doesn’t lead me to my long-term goal. It doesn’t mean I don’t love my friends, and love hanging out with them, and they can give me a hard time. But they don’t understand my goals and I don’t expect them to. So I think, what’s so important in the end is really accomplishing the goal that you set out. And you are responsible for your own actions at the end of the day. Don’t let other excuses get in the way. Sure, there are all the excuses in the world, but you get to decide what your future is. I truly mean that. We all have setbacks, we all have hiccups, and we all have sh*t. but if you can set your goals in stone, write them down, get them out there, share it with a friend so you have someone checking in on you with your goals, then you’re going to accomplish them. But it’s up to you at the end of the day. It’s all up to you, boo-boo.

I think that’s all I have today for you guys. What do you think about them apples? I should have asked people about their goal-setting questions, but girl ain’t got time. I’ve got to go pack! I’ve got to pack for Arizona. For Phoenix; for Scottsdale. I’m sad because it’s only in the 60s there. I was pretty much hoping for 90s, but 60s will have to do.

So guys, go set your goals; go f*cking kick ass at life. Don’t let anybody tell you you’re not worth something. Don’t let anything get in the way. F*cking be a girl or guy boss, and kick ass at life. Can I say that? Is that a trademarked thing that I can’t say? Girl boss? I don’t know. Don’t sue me. I wasn’t using it out of place.

Ok. That’s all I’ve got for you guys today. I’m going to go pack; I’m going to get out of here. I hope you have a wonderful weekend. Come visit me on Instagram. I’m going to be sharing a ton of fun stuff about all my excursions and things I’m trying out in Phoenix and Scottsdale; so come visit me on Instagram at PaleOMG. And don’t forget to follow me on my blog, www.PaleOMG.com.

Oh, and; guys, I shared, since we’ve been kind of talking about fitness. I shared a newsletter, exclusive little document with you guys recently, it’s 10 free travel workouts. All you need is a bench, so they’re all body weight workouts. And I sent them to my newsletter subscribers. But if you’re not a newsletter subscriber, you can still sign up and get involved and it will still send it to you, so you can still get those 10 free workouts. I also linked a video of all the movements; so if you’ve never heard of some of the movements, because I also made up names to the movements because I don’t know what they’re f*cking called. You can watch my video, and it can help you out. And I give a video index, time index, so you can find the exact time that you’re looking for. So I pretty much give it to you all there. They’re very hard workouts; try them out. My legs have never been so sore. So get your f*cking fitness on. No need to use any equipment while traveling; you could even do most of this in your; what’s it called? Hotel room. Put a towel down, never put your face to a carpet in a hotel room; f*cking gross.

So go sign up for my newsletter. And don’t forget to rate, review, subscribe. Remember if you’re leaving a review, only leave a positive one. Spread positivity in this world; be kind to others. Remember, you never know what they’re going through and what effort they’re putting into something, so when you bash them, it can really hurt their feelings. So rate, review, subscribe. Be nice, set goals, accomplish them. Boss. Boss B*tch. I’m a boss ass b*tch, b*tch, b*tch, b*tch, b*tch, b*tch. I’m a boss ass b*tch. Ok?

I hope you guys have a wonderful weekend. Or whatever day it is. Go crush things, and don’t forget, go check out www.PaleOMG.com to get the discount code to Aaptiv.com so you can try out those workouts for 30 days for free. For free!

I’ll talk to you guys soon. Bye!


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