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Chatting all about my favorite things right now, from skincare to makeup to food!!

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Episode 30 Transcription Coming Soon!

1. News and updates from Juli [6:28]
2. Juli’s Dallas trip [19:11]
3. Juli’s update on the Fasciablaster [25:37]
4. Juli’s favorite beauty things [30:10]
5. Juli’s favorite food things [37:11]
6. Juli’s favorite fashion things [44:29]
7. Juli’s favorite workout things [45:51]

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This is Juli Bauer from PaleOMG and you are listening to PaleOMG Uncensored.

Juli Bauer: Welcome once again to another episode of PaleOMG Uncensored. Today is the 30th episode. Is that a monumental point in our relationship? I think it is. I think so. I mean, that’s like 30 weeks of entertainment. Well, if you find this entertaining. I don’t really know. But it’s 30 weeks of just listening to me talk. So we’ve really built up a relationship at this point. I would think. And I hope you’ve enjoyed the ride.

Today’s episode is all by my lonesome, because I’m leaving out of town really f*cking fast. So I actually have to record two podcasts today. Holy poop Magoo. So yeah, I’m trying to get these podcasts done. There’s no room. There’s no time to interview anyone. Pretty much because I don’t know who the hell else I’m going to interview. If you have any recommendations of fun people, I would take those. If they’re not fun; not into it.

But I leave for Costa Rica this week, and then I arrive in Denver back from Costa Rica at midnight, and then leave for Dallas at noon. So I’m pretty much trying to get all my outfits ready to go so I can pass the f*ck out when I get home, wake up, half bathe, and repack my suitcase, go straight to Dallas. And that’s that. Yeah. I’m just super overwhelmed by it all. I’m speaking at this event, which makes me even more nervous. Because as you can tell, I record this in my house by myself. Not exactly with other people, around other people, face to face with other people. So I’m nervous for this. I’m a tad scared.

But you know, fake it till you make it. That’s what I have never; well I guess I’ve always said because I never know what I’m doing, and I’m figuring it out along the way. So I’m going to fake it at this speaking event, and act like I know what the hell I’m talking about. I hope people believe it. So nervous for that.

But, I’m super pumped about Costa Rica, and I need to stop freaking the f*ck out about Dallas, and just get to Costa Rica first. My husband and I are leaving our little pup behind. Which will be so sad. But we’re going to celebrate our one year wedding anniversary. We’ve crushed being married so far. We’ve crushed it. I think we’re really good married. We haven’t had to face too many obstacles yet, other than paying taxes. They say that being married is better for taxes, and I don’t know what the f*ck they’re talking about, because we have not experienced that. Looking back, maybe we shouldn’t have gotten married, so we didn’t have to take this f*cking tax bullsh*t. Taxes are the worst. I’m sorry. I get it. We have to do it. But f*ck, it sucks so bad when you run your own business. Jackson. Ok. That’s enough. I’m going to have to shut the door.

So, I barely remember the days of actually getting a return. I think that was when I was lifeguarding full time. That was the last time that I got a return. Nowadays, not so much. Not so much. But that’s the name of the game when you work for yourself. So there’s pros and cons, right? I’d say pros outweigh everything, because I sure as f*ck don’t want to work for anyone. I already work for my coach, Jason, at the gym. He was on a couple of podcasts ago. And I decided to work less this year. And I’ve been working more because this guy’s like f*cking going to Mexico, and he’s like, “Hey, can you cover my shifts.” And I’m a pushover. And so I say yes. No, Jason. I have my own f*cking job. You cover your shifts, bro. That’s a dick thing to say.

1. News and updates from Juli [6:28]

But anyways. What’s been going on here, recently. We decided we needed to start getting our lives together, and doing some landscaping because we’ve been talking about it for 2 years while we’ve been living in our house. And it’s just; if you own a home, and then you decide to do landscaping, and then you hire a landscaping architect, and they decide all your sh*t. And they’re like, “oh, a boulder should go here.” And then they’re like, “Here’s the price of a boulder. It’s $1000.” You’re like; “What the f*ck do I need a $1000 boulder for? Hell to the no. F*ck no.”

So, we keep getting; Jackson, please stop. I’m going to shut the door. We keep getting these little, “Here’s a recap of what the price is going to be.” And this woman who’s doing our landscaping. I think we want some trees in our backyard for a little bit more privacy, and she’s like, “I think you should get a spruce.” I think it was a spruce or something. I don’t know, those big Christmas tree-style trees. So, I first of all do not want that. I’m not a fan of that look at all. And I get why she says that we should do that, and I just don’t like it at all. And then we get the price of what a spruce would be. $7,000! For a f*cking tree. Are you high? Never in my life would I pay that. I just cannot believe any of this. This is why we keep putting off for two years. Because you’ll have someone come along, and they give you this price, and you’re like, “Why would I ever pay that? My dog shits in this grass every single day, and you want me to pay $7,000 for a tree that he’s going to piss on every day? What?!” Like what the f*ck.

So we just keep putting it off. And we may do that more. Because at the same time, my goal is for this to be a rental property. So we have this house, and then we’re saving up money that we can buy a new house, and this is a rental property. That’s my long-term goal. So then at the same time, you’re like, “Why am I painting this house and putting in shrubbery, bushes, when I’m just going to use it as a rental property? Someone who doesn’t want to tend to the bushes themselves.” So these are the things I go through every day. I want to get a new house. I don’t know why. I love this house. But I guess I’m thinking long-term. And a $7,000 spruce is not in my long-term goals. Can you believe; seriously, think about that. That’s outrageous.

So we’ve been doing stuff to the house. I installed, meaning my neighbor installed, a glass door for us. He’s a handy man, and he’s a gem. And he installed a glass door, like storm door type style. And I got this because I wanted Jackson to be able to look outside. That’s why he keeps barking randomly because I have this door open. But he wants to be able to look outside, and sit in the sunlight, and just see what’s going on in the neighborhood. You know? I want him to be able to look and be a guard dog. So if anybody thinks they can just come sneak in our house, he scares them off with his 40-pound fright. He’s very frightening. So that’s what we’ve been doing around the house. And then we’re off to Costa Rica to act like we don’t have real responsibilities at home. So much fun.

Let me see what else is going on? Oh. Ok. So this; and I used to talk about the Bachelorette, or Bachelor, whatever season was last on. At the beginning, and now we don’t have the f*cking Bachelor or Bachelorette. Like, start filming. I think they film in April or something. Start filming right now, and get the show up so we can watch Bachelor in Paradise. I’m sure they’re filming Rachel’s season. But what am I supposed to watch right now on Mondays? I’m not even really ever in town at this point. But if I were, I’d be watching it. So I have nothing to watch on Mondays. But luckily, I started listening to the Reality Steve podcast every week, and so that gives me my Bachelor need. It fulfills my needs.

And this week, I listened to him on my flight home from Texas. Oh, I should talk about that real quick. But I’ll get to it in a second. So I listened to this episode of the Reality Steve podcast this past week, and he starts off rambling. Like, is just in such a mood; this Reality Steve guy. Such a mood, and I don’t now, he’s really upset. And he starts talking about Luke. And I don’t know what the f*ck he’s talking about, but he keeps talking about his blog. So of course, what do I do. I spend my time on that flight getting on the blog, website. And I go to this article that he wrote, and it’s all about; oh, what’s it called. Who are their faces? Josh and Amanda. And Josh and Amanda, I don’t care about them at all. But they have all this drama going down.

Are you yawning now? I don’t know why I’m yawning. I have such a problem. It’s a real problem. I should probably get checked out. Somebody has told me to go to the doctor for it. F*ck those people.

So it talks about Josh and Amanda. They go through their breakups and makeups and breakups; whatever. We all do, right? But they’re in the public. And then Josh calls the cops on her; I don’t know. I don’t care. They’re super boring.

But! Within that, what’s it called. Website post. Oh my god, I’m such an idiot. So within that post, it has videos about these two different girls. And also, it talks all about Luke. So Luke was on; who’s season? Oh, Jo-Jo’s season. And everybody fell in love with Luke. And Luke was supposed to be the next bachelor; come to find out, what I heard was he was trying to get his country music; I don’t know. Country music, I don’t know. Ok, we’ll just say country music off the ground, instead of really wanting to promote the Bachelor, and be part of the Bachelor, whatever. So he gets the boot light the night before he’s supposed to fly out, and then Nick gets flown out instead, and they film his season. And all the chicks are obviously there for Luke. So whatever.

So, I honestly really liked Luke. I was like, “He just seems so genuine.” Oh my god. What a dumb b*tch I am. “He just seems so genuine, and so fun, and I really love his bow-leggedness, because I’m kind of bow-legged, so I can just really connect with him.” So come to find out, he decided that when he was going to be on the show, he asked one girl to be on there, and he said she was going to win in the end. And then he did that to another girl; asked another girl to be on there, and said she would be the winner at the end. Pretty much just promising, “Hey, I’m totes in love with you! Let’s be on the show together and we’ll stick it out to the end.” I’m guessing, and get fame.

So he promised this to two separate girls! And he was taking photo shoots with these girls, and going on vacations. I don’t know. So he’s pretty much playing the f*cking field with these two chicks. Just being a real Joe Schmoe dickhole. Such a bummer. And I’ve heard that he’s also; I’ve heard meaning Steve told me. That him and whatever other country guy there was, James Taylor whatever his face is. They do appearances at sorority houses, and then sleep with the sorority girls. It’s all just so juicy, and so much fun to listen to and read about. So I’m glad I’m still getting my fixes. My Bachelor nation fixes.

So anyways, if you don’t listen to Reality Steve podcast, you totally should. I never read his blog posts. I’m not much of a reader, because all I’m really doing is writing. Jackson has his nose right up to the microphone. What a cutie patootie. But his stuff is really interesting. It’s just like the gossip from a 45-year-old man. So interesting. Maybe he’s like 42. But either way, it’s the best.

So, that kind of does remind me, though. And I wonder; I’ve told this story on my blog. I wonder if I’ve ever talked about it here. But, I had that situation where not quite the Bachelor situation, but this guy I was dating long before I met my husband. He was playing me; he was dating someone, and I was the person. He was in a relationship for a year, and I was dating him. He was like, “I can see myself marrying you.” And blah, blah, blah. Bullsh*t, bullsh*t, bullsh*t. Come to find out he’s telling me he has to leave town, and he’s actually going on dates with his real girlfriend, and then taking me out the next night once he “gets back in town.” He was just a real skeezeball. Is that a word? Skeezeball. I think that’s something my mother would say. Which I’m so disappointed in myself for saying that, then. But, he was a real toolbag. And I see him around time once in a great while. Well, he was in the CrossFit community, and so I’d see him at CrossFit competitions. And I seriously wanted to castrate him. There’s not many people I want to castrate; meaning only him. But man, when I would see him, I would start sweating out of all areas of my body, and I just wanted to…

You know the scene in Mean Girls where the girls just f*cking pounce on each other? When they’re supposed to be animals in the jungle, or the Sahara Desert, or whatever the f*ck, in Africa. And all these animals; the women are attacking each other and ripping each other’s hair out. That’s what I want to do to him. Or I did. I just f*cking hate that guy. He was a real dick.

So anyways. It happens to pretty much every woman out there. I’ve heard this story from so many women, and now it’s happened on the Bachelor. What was he; what was Luke thinking when he was saying, “You’re going to make it to the end,” And telling another girl, “You’re going to make it to the end.” And then what happens when the end comes, you motherf*cker? The girl’s not going to talk about it? Come on.

So now I’m really pumped Luke wasn’t on, except that drama would have been really great. So, you should totally listen or read Reality Steve’s website. Because he’s already talked about what’s happened in Rachel’s season, like where they are. So he knows. I think they were; where were they? I don’t know. I don’t care enough to listen. Just kidding, I totally do. So yeah, that’s what’s been going on over here. That’s what’s been happening.

2. Juli’s Dallas trip [19:11]

Oh, I wanted to talk about Dallas before I get going. So I had a trip to Dallas with my friend Cassy from Fed and Fit. She was on the podcast. I did the fitness section to her 30-day book, cookbook and 30-day guide to just becoming healthier. And so, her and I get along so great. Which is so funny because she is just like the nicest human being ever and I’m obviously not. But that’s what’s so great about her. She’s a truly nice person that she just accepts me for who I am, the b*tch and everything in me. Unlike many of the people who email me and ask me to stop cussing. Cassy accepts my curse words. She doesn’t say them herself; of course she doesn’t, because she’s a good Texas girl. But she accepts me for me. And she’s the best.

So I had this Dallas trip planned, so I invited her along to come with. To really get to know Dallas more, especially because she’s in Texas, so she wasn’t that far away. A quick flight from San Antonio to Dallas. So we got there. We went to a bunch of restaurants. The first night we went there, we went to Lockhart I think smokehouse; I don’t know. Lockhart Barbecue and had awesome barbecue. That was so damn good. So salty. I can’t believe how dehydrated I came back feeling. You just feel so dehydrated after trips. Plus when you’re doing barbecue on top of it. And that night, after we had barbecue, we went for a cocktail in the bottom of our hotel. We stayed in the Joule Hotel. And I had this gin mojito, which was f*cking awesome and I don’t even like mojitos. And it was so good, it wasn’t overly sweet. And I was like, “I got a buzz going on already.” But just a buzz. And I was acting; I don’t know. I just said something about how I had a buzz, while we were leaving. And I fell up the stairs. I fell up them. In front of everyone. And it was the loud, like you’re catching your feet, so you’re not quite falling. But everyone hears you. And the whole place turns. And I’m like, “Keep walking! Keep walking!” get out of there as fast as we can.

So we went to a bunch of restaurants. We checked out Gym of Social Mechanics, which is owned by the people who own HG Sply Co., which is a really awesome restaurant that has seriously f*cking amazing food. And we just walked around. We did a photoshoot together, which I’m going to share on the blog. And we went to the farmer’s market. We had lots more cocktails. We had so many good cocktails. I feel like; whenever people are like, “Let’s go out for cocktails” in Denver, I’m like, where are you going to get these really f*cking good cocktails? Because I don’t think there’s any good cocktails in Denver. Scratch that. There’s one good one at Root Down. But everywhere else. Ok, wait, I’ve had one at Izakaya Den too. I’m going to scratch the whole thing.

I just don’t think there are that many good cocktails around. And I feel like whenever I travel I always have the best cocktails that are fully worth wasting calories over. Because they’re really good cocktails. And they cost like $40. But, totally worth it.

So we had so much fun in Dallas. The only thing that sucked in Dallas, I think it’s just maybe from the skyscrapers, or the satellites just don’t want to work in Texas or something. But every single driver, Uber driver, could not figure out the f*ck where we were. Even when I would put the exact address in. I wouldn’t even drop a pin, you know, “Pick me here” and it has you 10 blocks down. I would put in the address. Like say, of our hotel. So I’d get a call, and they can’t find me. And I’m like, I’m exactly where I’m at. And they don’t know where anything is. I don’t know if they don’t drive downtown very often, but this was our experience with everyone. So he can’t figure it out; he meaning every single person we drove with. He would call, and they say, “I’m at 1511.” I was like, “Ok, well I’m at 1555 like I just dropped a pin.” And he’s like, “I’m at 1511.” I’m like, “That means nothing to me! I’m not from here! I don’t know where the f*ck that is!” And they would just wait, and I’d have to find them. I’m like, ok you can’t find the address that’s outside with the numbers on it, I’ll come to you in a city that I don’t know. Oh man.

I had to even cancel a ride at one point, which was so f*cking annoying because then they charge you $5 for canceling. I’m like, “I have to be charged for you being an idiot?” I don’t get that. Oh my god, I have such a bad attitude today. Ugh. But that was the only thing that sucked about Dallas. The satellites must not work, because they can’t ever figure out where you are. But everything else was awesome. Awesome barbecue, awesome Tex-Mex. I had two different paleo meals, so they have paleo friendly food out there, which is so cool.

Oh my god; and, I went to the best bakery. We went to this bakery called Unrefined. Which is connected to this cute little coffee shop in whatever area I was in. But I had this giant cupcake, and it was a brown velvet cupcake with cream cheese frosting, and it was seriously. And I know everybody hates this word, but just grow the f*ck up. It was the moistest cupcake I’ve ever had. It was so, so good. And it was a big one. It wasn’t one of those little, dinky, normal sized cupcakes. It was like a double the size cupcake. So you’re eating it for a while. It’s not a 2-bite and then it’s gone. And then Cassy and I both shared a chocolate chip cookie. And it was so good. Oh my god, I loved that place! Loved it.

It makes me want to explore more gluten free bakeries here in town. But I just haven’t been in town! So then every time I get back to town, I’m like, “Oh, I want to get a gluten free donut somewhere.” And then I’m like, “I haven’t earned a gluten free donut. I’ve been on f*cking trips chowing my face down.” Not complaining. Not complaining.

3. Juli’s update on the Fasciablaster [25:37]

Ok, so today on the podcast, I thought I would. Oh my god, I didn’t even do a; “This podcast will have curse words.” Oops. Sorry guys. So, today I wanted to talk to you about my favorite things. So I did a podcast about this not long ago; probably 5 or 6 episodes ago. And I thought I would keep doing these every so often just to update you on what stuff I’ve been doing. What I’ve been trying. What I’ve been loving. So I thought I would start it off with a little chat about the Fasciablaster. Because I’ve talked about this in past episodes, and a lot of you guys have asked for updates on that. And I wish I had some crazy huge update, to be like, “I have no cellulite. It’s all gone.” But that’s just not the case.

This Fasciablaster, if you haven’t heard me talk about it. Imagine a roller, like a handheld roller that you’d roll your muscles out with. But it has these little knobs. So the whole thing about it is the reason we have cellulite is because our fascia, which tightens up and isn’t smooth. It kind of crisscrosses, and then fact can get pushed out and gives those dimple-like stuff to your skin.

So if you use this Fasciablaster, you kind of smooth out the fascia right below your skin. So you smooth out this fascia, and that gets rid of those little bumps and dents that cellulite gives. So you’re supposed to do it like 10 minutes per area; 5-10 minutes or something. Sorry, gotta stay hydrated. And 5-10 minutes is a long ass time when you’re pressed for time. The only thing I feel lately is that I’m pressed for time. I feel like I’m running around, with my head cut off all the time, because I’ve been traveling so much. And I’m trying to get all kinds of stuff done for you guys. So when I’m in the shower, I probably use it for a minute per leg, and that’s on my quad and hamstring, around my butt area. One minute per side. That is not enough time. But, that’s all I f*cking got. So I’m just doing it really fast.

So I personally don’t think I’ve seen a huge amount of difference from the amount of effort I’ve put into it. But it’s also kind of like, “Oh, I tried the paleo diet for one day, and I didn’t really see results, so I don’t believe in it.” No. I’m not f*cking pulling that bullsh*t. Or the same thing when it comes to working out. You’ve got to stick with it. So I’m sticking with this Fasciablaster. I think it’s been like 2 months, but that has not been me really giving a lot of effort into it, because I’ve just been too busy, and I’d rather get work done than try to get rid of cellulite. I know that’s dumb, but sorry. I’ve got sh*t to do. I don’t think it’s dumb.

But spending 20 minutes just fascia blasting, and I do it in the shower. 20 minutes in the shower, plus the other 20 minutes of showering, shaving, washing my hair; hell no. So I give it 2 minutes. That’s all I got. So I’m not saying it’s life-changing yet, but I’m going to keep with it. And once I’m in town, I’m going to try harder when I’m doing it and see if results come from it. But that is my breakdown so far. Not cellulite free, and I don’t think I ever will be. Ha ha! {doo-doot-doo-doo!}

But, I can say that my muscles are way less sore when I use the Fasciablaster. So when we did the open workout, the thruster workout, with double unders, my quads were destroyed and I used the Fasciablaster on it, and seriously my legs felt so much better. Like instantly better. I think it’s so much more helpful than just a regular roller on the ground. I think it’s so much better than that. So I would recommend that just for honestly muscle inflammation. Just using that for muscle inflammation. That’s what I recommend.

4. Juli’s favorite beauty things [30:10]

Now, let’s get into more of some of my favorite things. I want to kind of start some beauty care stuff. I talked about this on Instagram lately, and my Instagram stories. Just recently my esthetician introduced me to this new line, and I swear by anything that she shows me. It’s not like she carries 4 million products. She really finds what is awesome, and then she shares it with her customers. I talked about this before, and I’ve talked about this a ton. The first thing she introduced me to was Vivant skin care. And it has completely changed around my skin. And I’ve had many people email me and tell me that using the Vivant has completely changed around their acne issues. This has been multiple people, not just one person. Multiple people have emailed me about that, and said their acne was cleared up just using the Vivant skin products.

So I highly recommend that. And she just introduced me to a new skin care, and it’s called Revision. So the first product I tried from her, she gave me a little sample to take home to try it out. I kind of felt whatever about it. She sent me home with this product called Intellishade, which it like a tinted moisturizer. But it recognizes your skin color and it matches your skin color, so you don’t have to keep switching out as your skin color changes month to month. You don’t have to change out products. So it matches your skin color, and it actually gives you coverage. I feel like most tinted moisturizers don’t actually give you coverage, it just gives you a little bit of color to your skin, so you just don’t look pale as f*ck in the winter.

So this Intellishade, it not only matches your skin but it covers dark spots and any zits, any red marks. It really covers those. So what I’ve been using is in the Intellishade. And she has; she meaning this company. I think it’s a woman who owns it, though. She has an original, which I have. And that gives you more of a dewy look. Just a little bit of glow. But she also has the matte, Intellishade matte. And that gives you more of a matte look. So I use the Intellishade original, and it gives me just a little dew. But then I top it with my Jane Iredale loose powder. And I just use a little bit to take out a little bit of the moisture. And just, say I have an extra dark spot. I’ll just pat that with the Jane Iredale powder. So I’ve been using that, and I’m seriously obsessed with it. You can wear it when you’re working out. You can wear it when you go to the beach. And it has SPF in it, so I wear it as my main moisturizer now. I don’t even put on moisturizer to begin with. I just put on that Intellishade. And I’m seriously so obsessed with it. It’s amazing. You should totally 100% get it. I’m so obsessed.

And then I also got, and I haven’t used these two a ton, but I’ve just been using them. And I’m basing it off of smell and the feel of it, because it’s not like I’m seeing long-term results yet. But the Lumiquin; that’s for your hands. So putting on the top of your hands. Because your hands get old as f*ck, because they’re in the sun all the time. And they’re just aging as we’re trying to take 10 years off of our face. Our hands are aging, doing their damn thing. So that’s for your hands. And then the Nectifirm is for your neck, and it smells so, so good. I just want to put it on as my perfume. I love the smell of it. And it just feels so good, and it’s super thick. So yeah. Those are the Revision skin care products I’ve been using. And I seriously love them. I can’t say enough good stuff about them. They’re so great.

Another just kind of beauty product. Because I’ve had some questions about it recently, and just some different photos. So just lip color that I use. And I’m very specific about my lip color. I don’t have many lip colors that I like. I keep buying and then don’t end up liking them. But these two I use together. One is the BareMinerals Gen Nude Matte lip color. And I use the JuJu color, which I think is so fitting. Because that’s what many of my friends call me, is JuJu. So I think that’s very fitting. But it’s a very matte color, so you have to want the matte color. If you don’t, what I use on top of it, which is what I normally do. Because I like just a little bit of shine and shimmer is this Too-Faced Lip Injection Color Bomb. I’m not sure if it’s still available. My mother-in-law actually gave me these, and she works for Sephora part time. So she gets all kinds of different lip colors. And she doesn’t like light blush shades, so she gives them to me. Which is fantastic. And this one, I think it’s called Bee Sting, but it’s D113. And it’s the Too-Faced Lip Injection. It’s a plumper, so it plumps up your lips, and stings like a bee. I don’t know, maybe that’s why it’s called that. But it burns your lips. Not literally, but it hurts.

And so, I put that on top of the Bare Minerals. And I just love; it’s very blush, its’ very minimal, but it does give you a little bit more shape. I don’t have that big of lips, so this makes it look a little bit bigger. So yeah, that’s what I’ve been loving in the beauty realm. And all my Vivant products, I use those products religiously, so I highly recommend any of those. And I’ve talked about that in the past. And I have a link, because if you’re in Colorado you should absolutely check out my esthetician, or my eyebrow lady. I always call her eyebrow lady; that’s kind of an offensive sounding term for some reason. But she’s amazing. And then the woman who does my Botox, as well. All three of them are awesome. So I’m totally going to link them in this post. Because they are women in this world who are making other people’s lives better. And they’re awesome. And I love them.

Ok, and just so you know. Well. Ok, whatever now I have to say it. But next week I’m talking about plastic surgery, because a lot of people have asked about breast augmentation since I’ve chatted about it a little bit. So I just thought I’d do a whole post about it. Or a whole podcast about it. So I’m going to be talking about that. I would say leave your questions here, but I’m recording that podcast tomorrow, so it will already be recorded. But you can always leave your questions on the blog. But let’s get back to the point of this podcast, so I can go crush the rest of this day.

5. Juli’s favorite food things [37:11]

Let’s talk about some food products. I’ve talked about this on my blog, and on my Instagram a ton, and I am obsessed with Butcher Box. Butcher Box sends you grass-fed, grass-finished beef, heritage pork, and pasture-raised chicken. So they send you good quality meat that is hard to find, and it’s hard to know where you’re getting your meat a lot of times at grocery stores. And they send you a monthly subscription. So you get a monthly subscription, or set it to whenever you want it. And they send you boxes of meat every month. So when I’m just about to run out, I have a new box that shows up at my doorstep. And I’ve loved every single meat that I’ve got from them. Everything has been amazing and better quality than even the last. It’s like they are just crushing it. It’s so good. The meat is so good.

And they have this one; and I wish it came in every box. But they have this thinly sliced beef, and it’s almost like it was taken through a shredded. It’s like the thinnest sliced beef you’ll ever be around. I don’t know how they do it. Obviously a machine, not by hand. It’s the best thinly sliced beef. It’s like the most tender beef you’ll ever have. And it goes good in stir fries. I really want to make a, what’s it called, a Philly cheesesteak with gluten free bread with this thinly sliced beef, because it’s perfect for that. So I have one in my freezer from last time in my Butcher Box, and I’m just holding out for that perfect moment. And I’ve been out of town, so I haven’t found it. But, I highly recommend that. If you have a hard time finding good quality meat, this company is f*cking awesome. I seriously love them.

Oh, and I did a little, what’s it called; special offer last week. So you could get $10 off plus free ribeye steaks. But I think that was only for a week. So you could still get $10 off, and I think they might send you free bacon. But I’ll put in the link there so you can check that out. But you’ll definitely still get $10 off. They’re so awesome. I hope you guys love them. Because I do!

More food. Let’s talk more food, because I love food. So I recently tried Barely Bread. They sent me a box to check out, and I tried a piece of bread. The bread was really good. But I was excited to try the bagels. Because they have these onion garlic sea salt bagels. And I was going to pull up the nutrition. So this is what’s in them. They have egg whites, eggs, apple sauce, almond flour, cassava flour, psyllium husk, coconut oil, water, flax seed meal oil, coconut flour, baking powder, apple cider vinegar, sweet potato flour, garlic powder, onion powder, salt, baking soda, sesame seeds, poppy seeds. So that’s all the ingredients in them. And they are so awesome. I haven’t had a bagel in, honestly probably 6 or more years. I have not had one. And, this bagel is a complete game change. It’s so good. I’m seriously so obsessed with it.

If you haven’t checked out Barely Bread, they also have; I’m pulling up their website now so I can see it. They have a sliced loaf, a cinnamon raisin one, they have olive baguette. They have an onion and garlic baguette, they have cinnamon raisin bagels. And they have a grain free savory roll. So pretty much there’s no reason for you to eat crappy gluten, because they make up for it, and they really make it taste the same. It’s awesome. They are really changing the game. So I highly recommend them. Especially if you like bagels.

But, also, if you do like bagels. I just found this in the grocery store the other day. I was trying to find some Kite Hill cheese, that’s an almond cheese. And I came across their cream cheese. And their cream cheese, they have almond milk, salt, enzyme, vinegar, xanthan gum, locust bean gum, guar gum, and cultures. So I don’t know about all the gums. And I wouldn’t eat this on a regular basis; nor would I eat the bagels on a daily basis. Because I don’t do well with almond flour or almonds so I just try to stay away from them. And I don’t think you should be having these alternatives daily. But I think this is so great for a little substitution when you’re just really having that craving. So I use the cream cheese actually in a recipe, the almond milk cream cheese, I used in a recipe that’s coming up on the blog in a couple of weeks, and put it with beets. It was so f*cking good. And I use their chive cream cheese style spread. So good. Highly recommend it. You should totally check them out. And especially if you have dairy issues. They have awesome options. So love them.

Ok, what’s next? What else do I have on there? Oh, last one I thought of for food. The Purely Elizabeth; I don’t know if I talked about this on my last episode. But the Purely Elizabeth granola; they’re actually made in Boulder, or they’re from Boulder. So yay to Colorado people. But they have a gluten-free granola and then a paleo granola. I personally like the gluten-free granola way more. I just try not to over eat it just like any gluten free grains. I just try not to overdo it on a regular basis. But they have seriously the best granola you will ever taste in your entire life, period. The chocolate sea salt is my favorite, but I’ve tried all of the flavors, and they’re all amazing. I don’t know what she puts in there. Maybe it’s the salt that’s in there. It kind of gives you salt at the end after the sweet. And it’s just so good. I love it. Love it so much. And they have a paleo one. So if you can’t do gluten free oats, they do paleo. So it’s just more on the nut side. And that’s why I don’t love the paleo as much. I don’t do well with nuts, so I try to stay away from that. But seriously, Purely Elizabeth granola. I’ve been putting that in my Bellwether Farms yogurt, or my Maple Hill Greek yogurt. I love those two companies. I think I talked about those on my last podcast. But that Purely Elizabeth granola makes all the difference. It’s seriously the best.

6. Juli’s favorite fashion things [44:29]

So we’ll move past food. I don’t know if this makes me kind of old, I’m not sure. But I am totally in love with White House, Black Market. I don’t know if they’ve maybe changed their clothing, because I never used to be able to find stuff. But maybe it’s because I’m getting close to 30 at this point, so maybe that just means I’m old. I can’t shop baby clothing anymore. But even if you go to their website right now; you’re like, “Oh, all this sh*t is adorable!” And I shot some looks in Dallas with some of their clothes. And seriously love them. So I don’t know what that means about me. But I’m really into them, and they have just such cute stuff.

And I think they have really cute work stuff, and I get work clothes questions all the time. But at this point, I’m in my workout clothes from the workout that I did at 8 this morning. So obviously I’m not the best person to ask about work clothes, because these are my work clothes. But I think they totally have stuff that you can wear to work, and would be so cute, and you’d still feel cute and stylish when you’re there. So I would highly recommend that. If you’re close to your 30s, or in your 30s, or older. This place is adorable! Adorable. I love it. I hate that about myself, but I love it.

7. Juli’s favorite workout things [45:51]

And honestly, the only other thing I can think of that I’m loving still, even though I talked about it before, is Orange Theory. And I talked about this last time, but I’ve been loving it. And I found, somebody told me that there was a Reddit forum with Orange Theory workouts. So in my weekly workouts now I’ll be linking to those individual workouts, so you know exactly what the workout looks like. And you can hopefully do it on your own. I don’t know if they want you to be doing that, but whatever. They’re available.

So I’ve been loving Orange Theory. I’ve honestly been doing Orange Theory a little bit more than CrossFit, only because it just fits in my schedule better. The gym is pretty close to me, and I go at 8 in the morning. And we don’t have an 8 in the morning class at my CrossFit gym. So it’s just been fitting better into my life. So I can get everything done the rest of the day. But I love the music, I love the workouts and just pushing myself. And yeah, they’ve just been great workouts. And I just really like it. I don’t know. I talked about it a lot on the last episode, but I really just love everything that they’re doing. And that’s why the business is obviously doing so well, and they’re crushing it.

So yeah, still loving that. Still doing that on a regular basis. I’m going to Costa Rica this week, so I’ll be doing workouts there and sharing my body weight workouts that I do at my Air BNB. So stay tuned on Instagram for that, if you want some free travel workouts. I think that’s all I got today, guys. Sorry for the shorter podcast. But next week, you’ll be hearing about plastic surgery, and my experience with it, and how I feel about it. Which is positive. I know people have negative experiences, or negative viewpoints on plastic surgery. So I just wanted to tell my own story and what I thought about it and how I feel about it.

So stay tuned for next week. Be sure, if you ever have any comments, to leave them on the blog at I love hearing from you. And don’t forget to rate, review, and subscribe. Remember this podcast is rated E for a reason; because I cuss. No need to tell me that you’re not a fan of that, or email me. Because I got one from Shirley yesterday, and she left me with a “God Bless.” No need to leave me with a “God Bless.” You just keep talking how you want to talk, I’ll keep talking how I want to talk. We’ll face god someday together. That just got so deep for a podcast. Am I right, or am I right? It just got deep. I’m not trying to bring religion in here. Or politics, or any of that jazz. Don’t worry. This is a safe place.

So I hope you guys have a wonderful weekend. It’s been real. Hello from Costa Rica, so that’s where I’ll be when this goes live. And I’ll see you guys next week. Hugs and kisses. Kiss a baby. Kiss your dog. Rate, review, subscribe. And pass on the word of PaleOMG Uncensored to all your fun friends. Let’s bring more fun friends to this podcast. Ok, I love ya! See you next time. Bye-bye, boo-boo.

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