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A couple weeks ago, an awesome listener mentioned that I should do a podcast about my favorite things. So that’s exactly what I did for this episode! Talking all things beauty, food, fitness, and anything else I’m loving lately, plus I answered some of your questions that you asked on the blog!

Now what should I talk about next week? For the first time, I have no ideas so I definitely need your help! Hope you guys love the podcast and thank you so much to everyone out there that has supported and said positive things about it! You are the whole reason I even keep this thing going!





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Episode 15 Transcription:

This is Juli Bauer from PaleOMG and you are listening to PaleOMG Uncensored.

Juli Bauer: Well hello there. How’s everybody doing? You know, I’ve been; I mentioned this on Snapchat if you follow me over there, but I mentioned I’ve been listening to the podcast, My Dad Wrote a Porno; and at the beginning of the podcast it says that they’ll be naughty language and sexual content, so you are forewarned. So I thought that I would do that here, because people get very upset when cuss words are involved. So if you didn’t understand my podcast by the little E that means explicit; I will tell you here and now there will be cuss words involved. If those cuss words piss you off; if it upsets you; if it really gets your blood boiling; just step back, find a new podcast that’s very boring, and move on with your day.

But here, at PaleOMG Uncensored, we like to talk dirty in all sorts of facets. There may be drugs, there may be sex, there may be cuss words; there may be all of it. Which is slightly scary, because I think my parents may listen to this once in a while. {sigh} But what are you going to do? It’s just who I am.

So let’s get going today, guys. I hope everybody’s had a great holiday that you weren’t too burnt out with family time, whatever you had to endure over the week. We went to Nebraska, and we drove the 8 hours to Nebraska to see my husband’s family, and it was just so much drinking. I did not partake in much of the drinking. I think I had a glass and a half of a mimosa; but f*ck, everybody else was just drinking hard. And then sleeping a lot. And I get so bored with that. Like, I don’t want to feel like sh*t so I don’t drink; but I want to do stuff in the day, but everybody is hung over in the day. So it’s just a lot of; I just worked a lot, honestly, over the holiday. I just got a lot of work done, tried to get ahead. So that’s all we did. And then we drove the 8 hours back.

Luckily, my husband hadn’t listened to the second season of Serial; and I’m always down for Serial. I will listen to it multiple times, so I listened to the second season of Serial with him. The Bergdahl case, and I thought; it’s super interesting, even to listen to it the second time, because then you really get all the details in there. So that actually made for a drive that wasn’t as bad. But I went straight to the gym, and I was so dehydrated I thought I was going to puke the entire recipe; recipe? Jeeze. The entire workout. I was a hot mess. So I’m glad to be back to routine; back to my usual thing.

Recently, I’ve been over my Crossfit workouts. Not that I’m over Crossfit, by any means, just when my body just starts to change and I don’t like the way it’s changing, I’ll step back for a little bit. If I want to build muscle very quickly and just pack on more muscle, I go to Crossfit. If I want to change it up, and do less intense workouts, less feeling like I’m going to die; I’ve been making up my own workouts lately, and I’ll talk about some of my fitness inspiration in just a second. But I’ve been looking at some of these other girls online, and then I’ve just been making up my own workouts. So I’ve been sharing those on Instagram; so if you don’t follow me on Instagram, I share a ton of workouts there that you can often do. Travel workouts; but you can often do these in most any gym, not just a Crossfit gym. So I’ve been sharing a lot of those.

And, I was so excited; this is a total toot your own horn; so sorry I’m so f*cking annoying. But Men’s Health; my friend sent this to me. Men’s Health did; like top 20? It could be more than that, but their magazine online, they did top 20 Instagram fitness people; and I was in it! I felt so cool! I would have never known, but my friend showed me that. So there were just so many girls on there, so if you want to look that up; I’ll link that in here. But if you need some workout inspiration, this was like top 20 female workout inspiration people. And two of the girls that I follow were on that list, as well. So I’ll send that to you guys. But that was so cool. Sorry to toot my own horn; that was really annoying. Are you annoyed with me? Are you annoyed?

Anyways. So I’ve been doing these workouts on my own or with some girlfriends at the gym, and I’ve just been loving just doing something different. We also have a boot camp style class at our gym, so we have Crossfit and then we have this boot camp style class, and it’s called Fit. I take a lot of inspiration from those workouts, because they do all kinds of different stuff that I kind of have forgotten about over the years of just doing Crossfit. So it’s been really fun to mix it up. So follow me on Instagram; I’m sharing cool stuff over there.

So anyways; before we get started, today’s episode is my favorite things lately. Just anything. Anything that I’ve been absolutely loving lately. A reader or a listener; she recommended doing an episode like this, and I thought that was such a cool idea. So thank you to whoever that was; you’re awesome. I’m going to sharing all kind of favorite stuff.

But before we get started I wanted to talk about kind of something that’s going on in my life, because this podcast is very self-centered, obviously. So I recently had the opportunity come up to go to Bali and to go to this island kind of outside of Bali. And my husband was all down to go, and then once I got the clear that he could come as well, then I think he started thinking through it. Like, oh it takes 28 hours or so to get to Bali, plus once I get to Bali, I want to stay in Bali before I go to this other island. And this is going to be in February, so really soon. I think once he started thinking through that stuff of how much time he would have to take off of work, that started to freak him out. He’s like I can’t; I can’t take that much time off. I just can’t do it. Because we have a trip planned to Costa Rica that I planned as soon as we got back from our wedding in Jamaica in April. I was like; I need another vacation; because I was so sad the wedding was over. So I booked Costa Rica a year out for our anniversary.

So he’s like; I can’t take that much time off work. So, it’s hard to ask friends to spend so much money on the flight, because flights are so expensive to get there. And my sister-in-law is trying to kind of look into it to see if maybe she can go. Other friends already have plans for other trips; so if this all goes to plan how it’s looking in my head, I may be traveling to Bali by myself, which I’ve traveled the whole US by myself multiple times, and good with that. But traveling to a foreign country, you just feel; I mean, for the first time when you have no idea what the airports look like or no idea where to go anywhere; I get so nervous for it.

So I’m wondering if I’m going to have to travel by myself, if I’ll be there, but a part of me kind of wants to do it to be like; I traveled to f*cking Bali by myself, b*tch, what’s up? I ‘m an independent woman! So, might be doing that. So that would be really cool to do by myself. But if a person is there along for the trip, that would be even better. But we’ll see.

But I have that trip coming up; my friend also invited me on a yacht trip; her friend has a timeshare on a yacht or some f*cking crazy ass sh*t. Baller status; I ain’t a baller, but hey if somebody invites me on a baller trip that I can afford, I’m into it! So I might be doing that in August. So this year, since this is, you know, new years, almost New Years Eve. This year of 2017 is going to be the year of yes. I’m going to travel way more. I don’t have kids, I don’t have debt. I want to f*cking do cool ass sh*t! So that’s my goal of 2017.

I don’t know why I’m telling you all this, but maybe if you’re from Bali. If you’re listening in Bali; hey, would you like to meet up? Are you cool? Are you a sketch human being? Because I don’t want to meet up with sketch human beings. But hey, maybe we can be friends. Just putting it out there.

So anyways, let’s get started with my favorite things, because I share all this stuff on the blog every week, but they’re in all random different posts, and so I thought I would share it all here. So I want to start with beauty, because beauty stuff I think is so cool to share with other women. Because we’re always like; “Why does Jennifer Aniston look so young? How is she doing it?” Well it’s probably all the f*cking beauty work she’s been doing, but doesn’t share that stuff. Nobody shares it. And I’m doing it.

So my first and favorite thing right now is my esthetician. So her name is Shawn; her place is called Skin by Shawn. Just, by the way, if you’re listening to this podcast and you’re like, “I can’t remember any of this.” Just go to my blog,, I’ll be linking every single one of these products. So I’ll be sharing it there, and if you have any questions you can ask on the blog.

But my esthetician is name Shawn. I’ve been going to her for over a year now, and my skin has completely changed. I had really bad acne scars and lots of dark spots started showing up, and she’s gotten rid almost completely of all my dark spots, a ton of my acne is gone away. I try to see her once a month; I try to get to her once a month, and she’s done a ton of different procedures on me. So I’ve talked about these procedures on my blog, so I’ll link those as well. But, I’ve done, what’s it called, profractional; which was by far the most f*cking painful thing I have ever done. It was absolutely insane. She puts numbing cream on your face before, I don’t know if the numbing cream had worn off, but it was terrible. It was like getting a tattoo on my face.

Well you know, when you’re getting a tattoo, you bleed, and they wipe away your blood. I could feel the blood of this laser, after this laser went across my face, the blood dripping down my face and she would wipe it away. It was so f*cked up. But, it is hard core awesome.

So, I showed pictures of it, and I think people are like, “I’m never going to do that,” but it is awesome. My wrinkles have become less and less around my smile lines, and some of the acne scars I had in my cheeks have gone away. It has been amazing, I absolutely love it.

And somebody; I think it’s gotten a little bit bigger because Chelsea Handler, she posted a picture of her doing it and how her face looked after, and she did a level 75, and I asked my esthetician what I did, and my esthetician said I did level 350. So it was quite a bit more intense; but the healing process is very quick. Your face; it’s crazy how fast it turns over. It’s awesome. So I’ve loved that.

I’ve also; I recently did, she got a new laser called the Viva Venus, and I guess this is big in Hollywood. Maybe Jennifer Aniston is doing it, and she’s just not f*cking telling us about it! But the Venus Viva laser has been awesome. I did it on my whole entire face, and it hurt really f*cking bad. Not as bad as profractional, but this one takes a lot longer than profractional, and it’s like 1 cm at a time of your face. And it’s someone like pricking a needle with your face; that’s what it feels like. Over and over and over! But it’s so worth it guys. Pain is f*cking worth it. Look at the gym; who likes to f*cking workout, it’s painful? Uh, nobody. But, you get results from it. I see that with my face as well. I see face stuff as just as important as doing all those other things, because you only get one face. This is the face you’re f*cking stuck with, so you might as well take care of it, just like you take care of your body with food and with working out, and you take care of your sanity, you know, face is important as well.

So I’ve loved my esthetician. If you’re in the Denver area, or Colorado, you need to see her. She is so f*cking awesome. Every time I go, I always get derma plane, which is pretty much like shaving your face with this intense razor, so they shave your face and it takes off all the dead skin and hairs, so your face feels like a little baby’s butt. Little cute baby’s butt. And I do that every time, and she does the laser sometimes. I’ve done chemical peels with her; and I’ve done chemical peels with other people, and her chemical peels are 10 million times better. She does this light peel under your eyes, which I swear brightens up your eyes. All those little crow’s feet that you get; I think it just brightens up your face so much. So I need to do that again. A chemical peel. I did one before my wedding in February or something. So it’s about time.

So yeah, I did chemical peels, the profractional, derma plane, Viva Venus, and everything has been awesome. I cannot tell you how much my skin has changed. And to go along with that, she introduced me to this brand called Vivant; I believe I’m saying that correct. And it’s like a skin care line. They have a ton of different serums; they have mandelic acid; they have just so many different products. And I’ve linked this on my blog, and the products I use. But if you have acne issues, you absolutely should try this product. And it’s good all around; I mean, it’s amazing for aging, it’s amazing for dark spots, for lines, everything. But if you have acne issues, once I started using this product my acne completely went away. And that’s also cutting out eggs; I can’t seem to eat eggs because my face flares up, and I take spironolactone, which clears up my face as well. But I still get zits, and when I’m using those products regularly, I don’t. It is amazing. I swear by these products. I’ve never had a product that I swore by, and this completely changed my face. I swear I wake up and my face looks younger than it did the night before instead of looking all haggard. So I love, love, love it.

Next, let’s talk about for the beauty products; my eyebrow lady. So my eyebrow lady is amazing. Her name is Leah, and she works downtown at this amazing spa. It’s like right next to the Oxford Hotel if you’re in the Denver area, and it’s the most amazing spa ever and she just moved there. But she did my microblading on my eyebrows, and so just a little update; I’ve loved the microblading. It’s been absolutely amazing. It definitely fades a little bit, and you’re kind of bummed; so what I make sure to do is I always get; I try to get my eyebrows tinted once a month or so. I have to do that because my hair is naturally blonde and I dye it brown, so my eyebrows lighten up pretty quickly. So the tinting really helps fill in the spots that kind of didn’t stick as well.

So I’ve loved the microblading; I would highly recommend that to anybody. It’s been awesome. I still fill in my brows, pretty much every day, but I don’t have to. When I got, whatever, just the gym, I don’t fill my eyebrows in. but it doesn’t bother me like it used to because they look so much darker and so much more bold. So I’ve loved that.

I’ve also; I’ve done tinting on my eyelashes, and honestly; I thought it would make a big difference, and I just didn’t see a difference that much. I wasn’t a huge fan of it. She did a great job, I just didn’t care for it for myself. So I probably won’t do that again. But I just did; and I’m doing to do a post about this next week, I believe. I did permanent eyeliner. It’s very, very minor, minimal. I think when you think permanent makeup, everybody freaks out from all the things that have happened in the past. But it’s not like that. It’s very, very minor, you can barely see it, but it does make your eye pop a little bit more when you don’t have any makeup on. She does it really, really minor; and I will do that. I want to do it once more and get it just a tad bigger. So it was awesome, but I want to go just a little bit bigger with it.

I thought that hurt way more than microblading. I didn’t think microblading hurt at all, because my skin was so numb. And she numbs your eyelids as well, but it’s just weird when someone is that close to your eye, and they’re tattooing it. It’s very freaky. So that was a little bit harder, but it’s still not nearly as painful as profractional, so it’s easy to get through. We’re women we can do it. Or dudes, whatever, you can do it too. So I’ve loved that, I highly recommend that if you’re in the Denver area. Sorry to keep saying that if you’re like; “I don’t live in Denver, shut the f*ck up!” I apologize. But she is the person to go to for that kind of stuff. Highly recommend.

Next, is a little bit about hair. I’ve been loving this new product; it’s from the company, I don’t know if it’s J. Beverly Hills or just Beverly Hills, but it’s their lift up volumizing spray foam. And it’s awesome. I have super; I don’t know, fine hair I guess, and it’s flat to my head {laughs}. So this lift up volumizing spray makes a huge difference. I’ve loved that, and I’ve been using that any time I wash my hair; which is once a week. But it makes a huge difference. Especially when I’m taking photos and I need my hair to look not like a f*cking sad dog.

The other beauty product I’m loving is this mascara. I follow this one beauty blogger on Instagram; and I’m going to pull her up. But she shared this; she does all kinds of DIY makeup stuff or face, like what is it; I don’t know. Whatever. She has like 4.3 million followers, so you probably actually follow her. Her name is Farah Dhukai, and she shared this mascara, and I’ve loved it. My eyelashes don’t look as f*cking crazy as hers do, but it still makes a difference. It’s this L’Oreal volume, volum-in-nous. Voluminous, oh my god. {sigh} I hate myself, I should edit that out. But I won’t, because I’m lazy. Voluminous Super Star mascara. So it’s like a two for one. It has the primer, which is white, and it just really gets your eyelashes extra long, and then you put the black on top of it. It is amazing, and gets your eyelashes really long. It’s awesome, so I highly recommend that.

So those are my favorite things with beauty products. Definitely recommend microblading, and I definitely recommend working on your face, doing sh*t on a regular basis, not just like getting one thing a year. Obviously, financially, that can be challenging for sure, and I’ve moved things around in my life so I could go to the esthetician more. But it’s just like; you wouldn’t go to the gym and do one workout in a year, and think that was going to make all the difference. You go to the gym on a regular basis because you know you’ll see results from that. I see face stuff as the exact same thing, and that’s why I’ve been going to an esthetician regularly now. And I seriously love her! So I’ll link those all on

Next, let’s talk about my favorite food. Food, obviously, is the best. I have been; my husband and I got in this routine of making gluten free pasta on Friday nights, and I hadn’t had gluten free pasta in years, and we finally just found a brand and it was just brown rice and I loved it. I literally don’t taste the difference at all. I absolutely love Capello’s paleo pasta, but my stomach just can’t take almonds. I stay away from nuts pretty much most of the time, so I wish I could do that pasta but I can only do it in a smaller amount. And so the gluten free pasta just works better; the rice pasta works better for my stomach. And I love this brand called Jovial, and they have all kinds of different gluten free pastas. Like, whatever, all the different shapes and sizes and all that jazz, and I love that brand. They have such good stuff. So we’ve been making pasta almost every Friday night, and just finding a good sausage and good, what’s it called; pasta sauce. Loving that. So that’s our new thing.

My other favorite product, if you’ve never tried, is Eating Evolved chocolate. They have the best; and by the way, nobody is paying me to plug this sh*t. this is literally my favorite stuff. I wish I was getting paid; that would be f*cking cool! But these are literally just my favorite brands 100%. Eating Evolved chocolate is absolutely amazing. They sent me this amazing goodie box for Christmas; so f*cking nice of them. But they have so many cool things. They have these coconut butter cups, and they have different flavors like caramel and mint; I think they have banana. And I think I like the regular one, just the coconut one the best, but it’s like, imagine like a Reese’s cup but it has coconut butter in it, and they’re just so filling and such a good; it just makes you feel satisfied. You know when you have chocolate and you just want to go back for more, and you’re like shoveling in your f*cking face! Everyone did that over the holidays, obviously. So this chocolate doesn’t make you feel that way. You’re excited to eat it, but it makes you feel satisfied. It’s so f*cking awesome.

They also have chocolate bars. They sent me; I think it might just be a holiday thing, but they sent me chocolate covered figs, and they have hot chocolate; like hot cocoa that you can mix in. just clean, amazing ingredients. They use coconut sugar, and my favorite bar is their caramel; I think it’s called caramel crunch, and it’s crunch and kind of salty. It’s just so good. You guys absolutely; if you guys haven’t tried their. Jackson! That was weird. People are going to give me bad reviews now! {laughs} Anyways, if you haven’t tried their chocolate, you totally should. It’s amazing.

Next, this other brand is f*cking awesome. They’re one of my favorites as well. Siete foods. If you haven’t tried their tortillas, I don’t know where you’ve been, but it’s this amazing family who come from a Mexican upbringing who want Mexican food, but they have allergies. So I think one of them; I don’t know if all of them in the family have allergies, but one of them has this allergies, and they still want to enjoy all the foods they’ve been eating while they grew up, and all the things that encompass, food, and bringing together, and family, everything.

So this family built this company together and they have; they first came out with tortillas, and they have almond flour tortillas, cassava, and coconut. They have a chia seed one; it might be coconut and chia seeds; sorry, I’m forgetting. But my favorite is the cassava coconut one. So I’ll put it just on top of a burner on my stove, just turn the little fire on, and I’ll just char it on both sides so it gets super pliable and build that taco and it is so good. And I love them. I love them. The people are awesome there.

But, they just came out with a new product; and they came out with tortilla chips! And they’re cassava based, I think they have lime, sea salt, and nacho, and the lime is f*cking awesome! I’m obsessed with them. They’re so, so good. They don’t make you feel like sh*t, they’re amazing. You should definitely check them out. I don’t know if they’re available in stores yet, I know they’re working on that. But check them out online, and buy their sh*t. they’re amazing, the family is amazing. Support cool people, like Eating Evolved and Siete. I’m sure Jovial is awesome, I just don’t know them. I’ve actually met the people at Eating Evolved and Siete, so that’s why I want to support them, they’re so cool and they have amazing stuff.

Last but not least, I’ve just been obsessed with Thai food. I’ve been doing a lot of research for the blog for different Thai recipes, and just seeing; there is so much cool Thai food out there. So I go; there’s a restaurant that’s right by me, Thai Pod Café, and they have gluten free, like their curry is gluten free optional. I’m like; what are you putting in your curries that’s not gluten free? Are people putting in corn starch, or I don’t know; some nasty ass sh*t? I don’t know, but that’s kind of worrisome.

But I’ve been loving Tom Kha soup, and just drinking that on repeat, because it’s just been so cold here in Colorado and annoying. And I have loved that soup. It’s like a coconut curry soup, and it’s so bomb. It has vegetables in it, whatever meat you want to put in it; I love it. So, every time I go to Thai food; which, by the way, I just went to lunch with my best friend to a new placed called Thai Monkey Club, and it was f*cking awesome. I forget what I got; I got something. And I forget what it was called; but it was like a soup with rice noodles in it; it was like a coconut curry soup with rice noodles. That was so good. That was Thai Monkey Club if you’re in Denver. Sorry; oh my god are you so annoyed? Stop saying if you’re in Denver, Juli! I apologize.

So that’s my favorite food stuff right now.

Next is fitness. Like I said, I’ve been trying to do more; I’m trying to do more videos more than anything. So I recently did a little cooking video, just a short cooking video with making apple pie cookie bars, and everybody has been doing these overhead shots, but I just don’t have the one piece that you need to make your camera go up overhead, so I haven’t been doing that. I need to get that. Because it’s really hard the way I have it set up to get my hands in it. But like tomorrow I’m filming another one, and I’m trying to film another one on Sunday, and share these cooking videos every two weeks or so on the blog.

But I’ve also been trying to do more fitness videos and help other people get inspired in the New Year and try new stuff and see how your body likes it. I’ve loved looking at two girls on Instagram; they’ve been such an inspiration for different movements, because they have just so many cool movements. There’s Hannah; I think it’s Hannah Eden Fitness. And remember I’ll link this on and Alexia Clark; but I’ll also link that other post from Men’s Health to get even more inspiration.

But those two girls have so many cool moves. They have a little bit more equipment than I have at my gym, so I can’t do all the stuff. But they’ve just inspired me to do more videos and just get inspired in my own way to make up more workouts for you guys that you can do anywhere. So I’ve been looking at those two girls; love them. I’m planning; I need to get this done next week, but I’m planning to do a newsletter/subscriber workout little pamphlet so I was going to send out to all my newsletter subscribers a little workout, 10 travel workouts that you can do anywhere. So you can do them in your garage. You won’t need equipment. So I’m making up those to send you guys, and I was going to film a video, so you could watch the video on YouTube. So if you had questions about any of the movements, you can go straight to YouTube and get it. So yeah! That’s what I’ve been loving with fitness lately, and just getting inspired in the gym in other ways other than Crossfit. I still Crossfit multiple times a week, but it’s been fun to just try something different and get more people excited about fitness.

Going along with that fitness route; Zella active wear. I’ve been loving Zella for a long time and sharing; if you follow me on Instagram, you’ll see I lot of active wear and clothes. On my Monday post and my weekly workouts, I share on sale fitness apparel, so I’m sharing workout clothes all the time. And what I always go back to is this brand called Zella, and they sell it at Nordstrom; I think it’s only at Nordstrom. And I’m obsessed with them. They have the best clothes. All the clothes are awesome. So if you’ve never tried those clothes; and they’re pretty affordable. I think they’re average; not average, but they’re cheaper than some of the more expensive brands out there, so I just love them. Highly recommend.

Other; ok these are random stores. This is random sh*t kind of. I’ve been loving Hobby Lobby lately. Do you guys ever shop at Hobby Lobby? Because I hadn’t since I was a kid and you went there for crafts and like f*cking popsicle sticks or some bullsh*t like that. But, now I go there a lot of times to get decorations for food photos, because they have; everything is on sale all the time. It’s like 50% off no matter what it is. So I’ve been going there. They always have cool stuff for baking, if I’m baking cupcakes like I did for the blog on Thursday. I made these champagne cupcakes, so I went there to get cool cupcake liners and little decorations. They always have such cool stuff.

But then they have such awesome stuff for your home; and it’s cheap too. Like you can get great stuff for the walls, like I don’t know, paintings, whatever. They have such cool stuff. I f*cking love Hobby Lobby. It’s like the worst checkout and the worst customer service a lot of the time; no offense Hobby Lobby. But it’s so worth it. Oh my god I love it there.

And then another store I’ve been loving, and I don’t know why I haven’t shopped here more, and I’m disappointed in myself. But Natural Grocers; because I have one pretty close to my house, but I also have Sprouts and Whole Foods; like any grocery store is in the same distance luckily. But Natural Grocers is the bomb. They don’t have as much fresh meat; they have a huge frozen selection of meat, so you just kind of have to plan ahead with that. But they have so much gluten free and even paleo stuff there. Like if you need gluten free snacks, go there. They have a hundred million billion snacks. It’s just awesome, I really like there and there prices are awesome. I always spend less when I go there, so I’ve been loving Natural Grocers. And there’s hardly anybody in there a lot of times. I don’t know if that’s bad for them, or I just hit it at the right times, but it’s awesome. Not crowded, customer service isn’t the best, no offense Natural Grocers. But, everything else is awesome there. I really love it. That’s my new favorite store.

And last but not least, my new favorite podcast which I’ve been listening to on repeat. I don’t know, I think I’m through 9; 8 or 9 episodes, is My Dad Made a Porno. And somebody left a comment on my blog, and they’re like; “I don’t understand why you like My Dad Made a Porno, that podcast, because when I started listening to it, it just felt like an advertisement.” And I think she was maybe talking about the ads that are at the front of the podcast, and that’s just ads. It’s just like anything like ads on a website or commercials. Those are ads on TV; its’ just an ad, and then it goes into the podcast. If they’re doing ads, they’re making money. It’s f*cking bomb ass! I wish I had ads. Maybe I’ll have ads someday.

Anyways. My Dad Made a Porno is literally this guy, his dad wrote a porno; or maybe it’s maybe it’s My Dad. Oh my god; I wrote My Dad Made a Porno. My Dad Wrote a Porno. So it’s not his dad {laughs} in the scenes of the porno; he wrote a porno. So this guy is reading his dad’s porno, and he goes chapter by chapter with two of his friends on the podcast, and the way he reads it, the way it’s edited, their English accents; because I don’t know, they’re UK, London, wherever they’re from; their English accents make it even funnier. But the people in it; the girl that’s in it, she is hilarious. It’s so fun. So if you don’t like cussing, if you don’t like words like vulva instead of vagina; if you don’t like strong sexual content, absolutely do not listen to that podcast. But if you like to laugh a lot, and you like fun stuff like cussing, sex, and vulvas, then you should definitely listen to that podcast. It is f*cking awesome. So funny, it’s gotten me through things. Like sitting in a car for 8 hours to Nebraska.

But, a lot of people did a bunch of recommendations and I’ve been trying to listen. I like Guys We bleep F*cked. That’s what it’s called, Guys We F*cked. That’s a podcast as well. And these chicks just talk about their sexual experiences, and I think they have guys on every episode, the guys they’ve had sex with. Which I think is personally funny; it’s not like, it’s not my favorite podcast, but I think it’s funny. And I like when girls are open about their sexuality; that’s even better. So I’ve liked that.

I tried to listen to; I forget what I tried to listen to. But there were a couple of recommendations, and I just couldn’t get into them. I don’t know why. But I need more true crime stuff to come up. I need more true crime stuff, guys. More true crime! Because if I’m going to f*cking travel to Bali, which the first flight would be LAX to Sydney. If I’m going to travel 14 hours, I need a sh*t ton of podcasts to listen to, and movies, like Eat, Pray, Love. {laughs} wouldn’t’ that just be so fitting.

So yeah, that’s what all the stuff I’ve been loving lately, guys. I think that’s it. I think that’s it. But I had a couple of questions on the blog, so I was going to go over those. And then I’ll need your help, because I don’t know what I’m going to record next week. I just don’t know what I want to record about. So I need your help. But let’s first get into questions.

Ainslie, she asks, “Can you please include your favorite cities and places to travel to?” So my favorite places to travel to; Portland, and these are places that I travel pretty much once a year. Portland, Austin, San Diego. Not travel once a year; Costa Rica. I went to Costa Rica last year, and loved it so much that I’m taking my husband back this year in April. And then Jamaica was f*cking awesome. I mean, I got married there so obviously I have a different viewpoint on it, but it was amazing. Love that place.

She also asks, “Your favorite workout music.” My favorite; the only thing I really listen to. I’m not a person who just listens to music, unless I’m doing something like working out. And the only music I really listen to is EDM, which is like techno if you don’t know what EDM is. So I have; I actually have a play list that’s public on Spotify, so I think it’s just Juli Bauer Roth, and the playlist is Happy CFB; and it probably has like 300 songs that I’ve added, I keep adding to all the time. But it’s pretty much all EDM, and that’s what I like to work out to. I want to work out to f*cking go hard music, and because I don’t know; somebody asked me to play country in the gym once. I was like; go f*ck yourself. This is not a place that we’re playing country. Nothing against country, but not in the gym. Get your life together!

Ok. Molly, “Could you talk about all your Denver favorites?” Oh my god, are you guys annoyed with Denver? You should just move here. Wait, don’t move here, the traffic sucks. “I’d love to know your favorite restaurants, hikes, things to do, must sees. I’m traveling to Denver later this winter for the first time and would love to have your input.”

So if you go to my website, at the top of the website there’s a Community tab. Click on Community; I think it’s on the third page or so. I have a post with my favorite restaurants in Denver. It has a huge list there. There’s a sh*t ton of restaurants there. Then you can go through all those there. But for hikes; I personally f*cking hate hiking. I do not see the purpose of walking uphill as enjoyment. That’s just not for me. So I’m not the best person to ask for that. I did one 14er; you know 14,000 feet or something, I don’t know. I don’t f*cking know. But I did one 14er and I was like; I will never do this again. This is the least fun thing I could think to do early in the morning on the weekend. Will never take part in that again.

But if you live in Colorado, pretty much everyone loves hiking. So if you just Google online, I’m sure there are 100 things. But one hike I actually did enjoy is St. Mary’s Glacier, it’s the best. I took Jackson up there, my dog, and he; I’m surprised he didn’t die. But it’s like this short, not super hard hike, but you get up there and there’s a lake and then above the lake is a glacier. And people are swimming in the lake, people are hiking the glacier, like ice pick hiking, some are skiing down it. It’s f*cking so cool. So I’d highly recommend that. I don’t know any other ones because I hate hiking.

Another place to go see is Red Rocks. Go see Red Rocks, it is a must, whether you’re going to a concert or you’re going to get your workout on there. You can do both, or you can just see, and it overlooks all of Colorado. It’s beautiful. It’s awesome. So I go workout there a lot. So those are my only favorite things. If anybody was like, what’s your favorite thing to do in Denver, I’d be like, eat. What else would you do? What else do you do when you go on vacation? That’s literally all I do. And then I workout, so yeah, those are my favorite things.

Christine, “What is your favorite thing about yourself? And what is your favorite quality about your husband and close friends?” My favorite thing about myself is that I will f*cking hustle and work my ass off to build a better life for myself and my family, and I would do whatever it takes. I work my butt off, I work 7 days a week, and I love it. and that’s my favorite thing about myself, is I will work my ass off to provide for myself and my family. That’s my favorite thing probably.

And my favorite thing about my husband; I talked about this when I did a podcast about our love story; is his heart. This guy; when you meet him, comes off like an asshole. I mean, depending on the situation; I thought he came off as an asshole. But he cares so deeply about the people he loves, and he would do anything for those people; he would take a bullet for them, that’s why I love him. He has such a big heart.

And the thing I guess I love about my friends, and that’s a big broad question, is just those people that I keep close in my life are the people who are genuinely kind. They’re good people; they’re not fake about who they are, they’re just genuinely good people. That’s why I keep those friends around. That’s probably why I don’t have many friends, because there are a lot of assholes out there.

Whitney, “I’m hopeful you will bring up your Kitchenaid mixer.” Well, Whitney I’m going to.”And I’d love to hear how you actually use it. I’m lazy with branching out in the kitchen, because I don’t want to clean more; it seems like so much work for something I can just do in one bowl.”

So, I was very lucky that an awesome friend for a wedding gift bought me a Kitchenaid mixer. We didn’t do any wedding gifts because we went to Jamaica, and we didn’t invite anybody because we’re selfish, but we ask for any gifts. We didn’t do a registry or whatever. So, my friend was so sweet and bought me a Kitchenaid mixer; she’s amazing. And I use it, the main things I use it for; number one for frosting. And you can use a hand mixer, it’s just not quite as good. You just don’t get quite as good a consistency in my opinion, and then you have to hold it the whole time, which sucks. And then I love, and this is just a minor thing too. Whenever I pull apart a chicken and I need pulled chicken or pork, I throw the meat in there and turn the paddle on, and it pulls apart your meat itself. It’s awesome.

And there are a ton of other attachments that go with a Kitchenaid mixer, I just don’t use those attachments I just use the paddle pretty much. And I love it; it’s amazing. Can you do without it? For sure. If you don’t want to clean up more stuff. If you’re making; like for me, I make frosting on a regular basis, I shred meat on a regular basis, so it’s really made a big difference in my own kitchen, and I’ve loved it. But it’s definitely something you can do with other products as well. So I hope that helps.

Maria, “What is your favorite non-paleo treat? Or do you not have any cravings anymore?” I really don’t have non-; well, I guess non-gluten free cravings. I crave gluten free pizza sometimes, I crave sushi or rice, but I don’t really crave anything sh*tty like f*cking Oreos or fast food or soda. I don’t crave nasty ass sh*t, since I’ve cleaned my body out enough.

But my favorite non-paleo treat is something like a gluten free pizza. That’s probably my favorite treat. Or brownies; I love brownies, gluten free brownies or paleo brownies, I think you can make really good ones. So those are probably my favorite treats.

And she said, “I know you love sushi; so do I.” congratulations, Maria; sushi is the best! “What is your absolute favorite roll if you had to pick?” So I don’t know if this is at other places; I don’t even know the real name of it. But there’s this seared tuna belly at Izakaya Den, which is one of my favorites; it’s my favorite sushi restaurant in Denver. The seared tuna belly is out of control divine. It is so f*cking good. And I had friends come into town who brought our hot tub into town recently, they came from Nebraska and we took them there. I was like; you know, not everybody loves tuna or tuna belly, it can freak people out maybe. And they tried it, and they’re like; we need to get more of this. And I think we ordered like 2 more orders of it. It’s absolutely amazing. I wonder if you can get it at other places. But you should totally look it up at your local sushi place.

“What is your favorite workout move?” So I’ve been trying a ton of fun stuff. I’ve been doing these landmine movements; because we’ll just get like a plate, like a big 45 pound plate, put that on the ground, and then put the end of a barbell into the middle hole of the plate, and then you can just do; it’s called landmine. But you can do all kinds of cool moves with it. We did these twists, kind of like Russian twists, and we did a front squat into a side twist with a press. So much fun. So I’ve been loving that, and I always love Bulgarian split squats. I think Bulgarian split squats are bomb, and you can do them weighted with a barbell, with a plate, with dumbbells, you can do them free just standing, you can do them jumping. You can do so many different moves, so I’ve really been loving that move. And your butt feels so sore afterwards.

“Favorite restaurant anywhere you’ve been?” Almost hands down Departure in Portland. And we just got a Departure in Colorado, but I honestly love the Departure in Portland even more. The décor is just so out of this world. But the food is the best food you will ever have. It’s like, every time you bite something new, you’re like; “How does something taste like this?” it just blows your mind. I love Departure. Highly recommend to anybody in Portland and in Denver now, as well.

Her last question is, “What is Jackson’s favorite treats?” Jackson will eat anything. But he, I guess he loves, oh what’s it called; freeze dried raw treats, I give him that. Just any kind of different brand. And then peanut butter. Like I’ll get the peanut butter jar out, and he starts slobbering. It’s f*cking adorable, unless you don’t like dogs, and then you’re the devil. But he loves peanut butter. Oh my god, he’s so cute right now. He’s being so good! I just took him on a long walk so he wouldn’t annoy you guys. Ok? Ok?!

Steph. “What are a few of your favorite recipes you’ve created? Favorite cookware? Favorite Crossfit moves?” Ok, ok let’s start from the beginning, Steph. Favorite recipes, and that is so f*cking hard to say, because I honestly, I have around 650 recipes on my website, and that’s so much cooking. I’ve done so much different cooking in my life, and I’ve loved so many things in different ways. Obviously I’m loving Thai food right now, so probably anything that’s Thai related. But, I’m going to do a post on Sunday of the best of 2016 for PaleOMG, and that’s going to include my favorite recipes and then the most popular recipes, and they’re not necessarily 2016 recipes, they’re just the most popular of 2016 and they go back pretty far. So I will be sharing all my favorite 2016 recipes there, so definitely check the blog out on Sunday.

“Favorite cookware?” Le Cruset. I f*cking love Le Cruset. It’s just the best. I need to invest in more. I have one pot, and then one baking dish, and they’re the best. It’s the best. I need to get more cooking pans from them.

“Favorite Crossfit move?” Squat snatch, for sure. I think it’s the hardest movement, and it’s so beautiful when it’s done correctly. I love squat snatch.

“Favorite travel, carryon luggage?” I recently just got this luggage, it’s called Delsey and it’s actually like an erectile dysfunction commercial that everyone’s been telling me about. So I have a carryon luggage, and then I have a big luggage, and they have just amazing luggage. And it’s like the hard outside luggage, and I love it. It’s bomb.

Do I take a carryon luggage to Bali or do I check my bag? It’s kind of scary checking a bag. I don’t know. I don’t know; tell me what to do.

Erica, “What is your favorite non-working out, non-cooking hobby?” Oh my god, what the hell else would I do? Maybe walking my dog, listening to podcasts, now hot tubbing. Are those hobbies? No but those are things I like to do with my free time.

“Favorite horribly wonderful reality TV shows?” Anything in the Bachelor/Bachelorette franchise I will watch. And guess what, it starts next week. F*ck yes! I try to watch some other reality shows; I can get behind the Kardashians sometimes, but other times it annoys me. But Bachelor? I don’t know what it is about that show. What is it? I love following Kaitlyn and Shawn, who are the most adorable couple from the Bachelor and Bachelorette; if they ever break up, life will be so sad. They’re so cute, and their dog is so cute. But I can’t wait for next season to start! F*ck yeah.

Let’s see, “Favorite thing to do with your husband, or do for your husband; surprise him with?” What do I like to do for him? Well I like to cook for him. I want him to eat healthy, so I love cooking for him, because that’s how I show my affection, is cooking for someone and that’s how I show my love for him every day. Because I don’t want to f*cking cook every day; that’s literally what I do for my job. And it would be like him having to come home; well, I don’t want to say what he does for his job. But him coming home and having to sell what he sells to me. That would be super annoying, anyways. I like to cook for him, just because I love him that much. So that’s probably my favorite thing to do for him. Yeah.

I’m not good with surprises. He’s the best at surprises and has done so many surprises for me; he’s f*cking awesome. But I’m really bad at that. I don’t know if he would like the surprise. Literally; his birthday was yesterday, and he was like handing me my phone, he’s like, “How do I take my birthday off of Facebook? I don’t want people to know it’s my birthday.” So I took it off for him, and then he came home, and he was like, “I got through almost the entire day with no one knowing it was my birthday. And then someone found out, because I f*cked something up, and someone found out, and they came in and they brought me cupcakes, and they were singing me happy birthday, it was so f*cking annoying.” Like this guy does not like being the center of attention like I do, obviously, we’re just completely polar opposites. I was like; how are you annoyed that someone brought you cupcakes? He’s like, “well I didn’t eat them because it’s after the holidays, I feel like sh*t.” Like, ok. We see birthday’s differently.

But, that being said, he never really celebrated his birthday because it’s around the Christmas birthday. So sad to be a Christmas birthday child! If we ever have children; obviously, if you’ve listened to my podcast I hate children. But if we ever do it, we’ve got to make sure to time that sh*t right. No Christmas babies! It’s so sad.

Ok, last but not least, Becky. So she has, her questions are easy. “Favorite breakfast? Favorite lunch? Favorite dinner? Favorite treat?” That’s pretty awesome.

So I mentioned before I don’t eat eggs. And I’m sorry, I should rephrase that. I rarely eat eggs; I try to stay away from them because they make my face break out. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t love, love, love, love eggs, and I love eggs Benedict. Tomorrow I’m going out to brunch with a friend, and there’s this place that I love for eggs Benedict, and I just might have to do it. You know; sometimes it’s worth a zit. So that’s my favorite breakfast.

Favorite lunch; no, do not care. The last thing I want to think about is eating lunch, so I have too much sh*t to do. So it will be whatever I made that day, or whatever is in the fridge. So it could be like a sausage and a potato, and that’s it. It’s whatever I have around. No favorite lunch.

Favorite dinner right now; Thai food, duh! It’s the best! Why can’t we eat Thai food for every meal? Favorite treat, I’d say Eating Evolved chocolate. I have been doing that little bit at night. But anything chocolate that’s gluten free; cake or cupcakes. I’ll be up on it; you know what I’m saying? I’ll get up on it.

Ok, last but not least. I think this is last. Lisa. “Favorite Starbucks order?” So recently I just tried the almond milk at Starbucks; you don’t need to write me and tell me that it’s filled with filler and sh*t. I’m sure it is. I do not care. If I’m f*cking getting my coffee at Starbucks I’m not shitting the bed about some fillers. So I tried an almond milk latte recently with an extra shot and I loved that, but I really like just getting cold brew and adding my own heavy cream, and I like liquid stevia, just a couple of drops of liquid stevia to brighten it up a little bit. So just a cold brew, and then I don’t ask them to add the heavy cream; I either ask for a side of cream or I take it home and add my own heavy cream, because I drink dairy.

Oh, that reminds me, I have a story. Anyways, so I like to add it myself, because they’ll add; I’ll be like, “small splash” and they put in like 2 feet of heavy cream. It’s like, heavy cream with a splash of coffee. No thank you. So I just do it myself.

“Favorite teeth whitening product?” You know, I am just a Crest White strips girl. I just finished my Invisalign and my dentist gave me some product to try, and you can put it into your retainers, but I haven’t used it yet. I just use Crest White strips and I think it works awesome. I’ll just use the lightest brand; or like, the least invasive. It doesn’t hurt your teeth as much. So it’s like 5 minutes on or something like that.

“Favorite movie?” Avatar. Love that movie. They need to make the second one; one the f*ck.

“Favorite genre of books?” I wish I could say I read books, but b*tch ain’t got time. I need to get some books for this flight to Bali, and movies, and podcasts. And I; judge me all you want, but I f*cking love Twilight, and I loved the Hunger Games. I couldn’t finish the last book; I thought it was boring. I like thriller books; any of the things that have been made into movies. But I don’t have a favorite genre.

“Favorite vegetable?” Right now it’s kale. I’m just all up on kale, because it’s so easy to cook. I cook it with some bacon and some lemon juice and bomb; it’s done in 2 seconds, it’s awesome.

“Favorite school subject?” I f*cking hated school. {laughs} God, I’m such a Negative Nancy; Jeeze Debbie Downer over here! Favorite school subject? Well, sorry, this one was just a last question so I didn’t write anything down for it, because I literally just pulled it up on my blog. Probably; I had a sociology class that was just really interesting. I was just talking about this the other day with my husband. We were talking about wanting to give money for the holidays to some sort of charity, and finding the right charity. And in this sociology class, we talked about is anything in life actually selfless, because if you want to give to someone, it’s because you want to feel good. Oh yeah; because we paid for someone’s Starbucks order when we were at Starbucks over Christmas; we paid for the person in line behind us. So I told him about this; he was like, this is a terrible way to look at it.

But, is anything really selfless? Because we wanted to pay for that order because it made us feel good. So I loved the sociology class; it was just such a different way of looking at things. That class was super fun. And then I had an awesome sex class; it was literally, I forget what it was called. But it was this class in college; and people who weren’t in that class came to that class. But, I mean, we talked about porn, we talked about C-sections, we watched a C-section, which I f*cking don’t recommend. It was just a very interesting look in sexuality, that was really interesting.

But I loved all my health classes as well; I mean, I taught an aerobics class, I taught water aerobics in college. I did classes like that that were super hands on; I just love anything hands on. I hated kinesiology; I don’t want to f*cking do that. That was really boring to me. But still interesting, but boring. So that was probably my favorite subject. “Favorite…” Oh yeah we already talked about that.

“Favorite city you visited?” Again Portland. I love Portland. It’s just the best! And I’m just talking US cities; there are other places to go to. Like Bali. Can Bali be my new favorite? Haven’t been there yet, but maybe it will be.

Ok, before we go, because this milk topic just made me think of what happened over the holiday weekend. By far, my strangest Christmas. On Christmas Eve we went to a friend’s house, and he was like; hey, do you have anything planned for Christmas night? Like, no, what do you want to do? So he’s like, we’re going to go on an adventure. So he says; I have two questions to ask you. Do you trust me, and do you like milk. I was like, well I don’t really drink milk. I like heavy cream, but I’m not like an, “Oh, can I have a glass of milk with my dinner.” That’s f*cking weird to me.

But he’s like, yeah, whatever you’re fine. So he picks us up, drives us. We don’t know where we’re at at all, it’s night too so we can’t see anything. We pull up to this farm; smells like sh*t, you know, as farms do. And we walk into this shed, and it’s like Mexican flags and lights and decorations everywhere; a whole room of people who do not speak any English, only Spanish speaking. And there’s a cow; just a cow. Which I don’t know if you’ve been up close to cows very often; it’s not like the f*cking commercials. This cow had sh*t all over its butt. Because, you know, they poop and it just goes everywhere. But the butt and the udders are very close together. It’s just gross. But I guess; oh that makes me think of a line in Forgetting Sarah Marshall. That’s funny.

So, there is poop all over this tail; like hardened on there. Like hard sh*t. and they have this table set up. And now we’re like; ok, we’re going to milk a cow. This is what we’re going to do, milk a cow on Christmas night. What else would you f*cking do on Christmas? So this table set up, and it has water, it has sugar, cocoa powder, and coffee. And you get a scoop of all of it, and they put the water in it, and then you head over to the farmer, and he milks the cow with the sh*t just hanging off the tail smacking you in the face; he milks the cow right into your Solo cup; which, you know, Solo cups are thin. The cups get very warm, and we usually drink our milk cold. This milk is hot as f*ck. And it’s just burning in your hand. It kind of grosses you out.

Mixes all the ingredients, because the udder is just like pfft, pfft, pfft, and then you drink it down. So I take a sip, and like at first you kind of want to gag because you’re just thinking about it and it’s all foamy. Take a sip, and I’m like; god this coffee is really strong. And we’re just sipping it for a little bit. And someone comes over, and they’re like; what do you think? We’re like, it’s good, actually. And he’s like, so, that water is actually Everclear. Everclear, guys. Let’s think about what Everclear is. It’s like, what, 100 proof, like 40 billion proof alcohol? I’m a person who likes to stay away from alcohol because it f*cks me up. So immediately stop drinking that, hand it to my husband. My husband at this point had already put whiskey in his, because he did not know there was Everclear. So he’s drinking whiskey Everclear chocolate hot chocolate milk. What the f*ck?

So we hang out there for an hour. I actually give my drink to him, which was a bad idea because, turns out Everclear really f*cks you up. And I was like, ok who is going to drive us home? Our friend drove us here, and he’s f*cked up. Somebody has got to drive us home. So I have to be the designated driver; I have to be the adult here. So I stopped; and I say that like I’m responsible. It’s just I don’t like alcohol.

So I make my own cup with no Everclear in it, and just drink hot chocolate milk. It was delicious. But yeah, that was our Christmas evening. Followed by; I was like, ok guys can we get out of here? I haven’t been drinking so I’m starving. At this point it’s like 8 p.m., and they’re like; let’s go to a bar! I’m like, ok whatever. We go to this one bar and it’s closed, so we go to this other bar across the street, it’s like a total dive bar, hole in the wall in Omaha, Nebraska, and we hang out in a bar on Christmas evening. And I saw a girl show her boobs to a dude. I was like, what are you doing? You’re in Omaha Nebraska at a dive bar showing your boobs on Christmas night. Get your life together. That was just my judgment moment. Because I was sober and f*cking hungry.

I finally got them to leave the bar to go home to eat dinner at 10 p.m. Total sh*t show. Just a weird f*cking Christmas. We need to find a new tradition. I’m glad I experienced it, but weird f*cking night. That one did not make my favorites list; but it did make the podcast, because you’ve got to talk about that sh*t.

So that’s that this week guys, that’s all I’ve got for you. I have no idea what I’m going to talk about on the podcast next week, so if you have any recommendations or anything you’d like to hear about; it doesn’t have to be paleo related. There’s way more sh*t to talk about. Well, you just call me up. Just head to the; what’s it called. The blog. Sorry, I got distracted by a phone call. Stop calling me!

So hit me up. Let me know what you want to talk about, let’s do this. Don’t forget to rate, review, and subscribe on iTunes. If you’re going to leave a review, only leave a positive one. Because why are you spreading negativity in this world, b*tch? You’re not a b*tch. But whoever is. Oh Jackson is like, “What is that about, mom?”

Anyways, rate, review, subscribe. Head to the blog. Head to the Instagram; sharing all kinds of fun sh*t there. I hope you have a wonderful new year. Let’s kick some serious ass in 2017; a’ight? OK, see you seen, bye-bye!

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