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A lovely listener named Catherine asked if I would talk a little bit more about fitness, how I stay motivated and get out of ruts, so that’s exactly what I’m talking about this week on the podcast! At the end of the day, it’s all about motivating yourself and making the conscious decision that you deserve better for yourself and your long life.

But firs,t I’m talking about explicit content such as strong language that some human beings on this earth cannot handle, dirty podcasts I’m loving lately, the Bachelor, and every other random thought that popped into my head while recording this shorter podcast.

Listener discretion is advised.

Episode 16 Transcription:

This is Juli Bauer from PaleOMG and you are listening to PaleOMG Uncensored.

Juli Bauer: Well hello guys. Welcome to another episode; another lovely, lovely episode of PaleOMG Uncensored. To begin with, I think we have to do what I’ve started to take on on a weekly basis. I think this is my second week doing this. So if you’re starting not at the beginning; go back to the beginning; what the f*ck? But starting before that. Rewind, rewind, sorry.

If this is your first podcast that you’re listening to; first episode of PaleOMG Uncensored; I’d like to warn you that there may be strong language in this podcast, and sometimes sexual content. Because these two things are very fun. That’s why there’s an explicit letter E next to my podcast; if you don’t know what explicit means, that means it’s bad. So if you don’t like that, if you do not like explicit content, that is your own fault for listening to this podcast. But there is no need for you to email me or write me to tell me that you hate cussing. I hate when people don’t cuss; or don’t like cussing. But I’m not emailing them to complain about it.

My mom, I think I’ve only seen her say “f*ck” once because I was a teenager and I probably almost lit the house on fire. But you know, she never uses that language. I’m pretty sure she doesn’t listen to this podcast because of that language; do I come after her, and give her sh*t about that? No. I don’t give a f*ck. Because it changes nothing in my life. If you do not like cussing, then stop listening now. And thank you for trying it out; but you know, if it’s not for you, it’s not for you. There are millions of other podcasts out there. Literally millions. I don’t know if that’s completely true. But there are hundreds of thousands; so there’s no need to listen to mine if you don’t like it. So that’s my TSA; is it called TSA announcement? Or something like that. I’m just giving you the honest truth here. And that’s that. It’s just been a day.

This woman named Lynn left a comment about my last podcast about how I’ve been changing and she’s not a fan of it. And she also said she has my cookbooks; which I cuss up a storm, and I have many bad reviews on Amazon because of my cussing in my third cookbook. And literally every post on my blog on has cusswords in it. So I’m not sure how I’m changing. I think it’s just because you’re hearing my voice, and you’re hearing that word and if it affects you in a negative way; I don’t know, you just don’t process it very well.

But I am who I am. I’m not apologizing because the work f*ck hurts your feelings. It’s just a word. It’s not a racial slur; it’s not an opinion about politics. I’m not talking about f*cking Trump on this podcast; or Obama, or whoever the f*ck that offends you out in this world. I’m not talking about abortions; I’m not talking about any of that jazz. I’m literally talking about fitness and food and fashion and whatever the hell comes into my mind. I just don’t know why it’s so upsetting. The world was not created to do any of us any favors. It’s not doing me any favors. So you might as well do, listen, and create whatever you like. So if you don’t like this podcast, f*cking make your own! Simple as that.

Ok. I’ll let that go. Wait, wait, wait, wait. Just because I’ve gotten a couple of these comments the past couple of days. Sometimes I see the people; I think about this because I just watched this movie the other night. The people who complain about cussing over the internet, or trolls, it reminds me of Amanda Bynes in Easy A. You know the movie Easy A with Emma Stone? Which, she’s the best thing since f*cking pancakes. Well, people out there complaining about cussing are Amanda Bynes in that movie. And do you know what happened to Amanda Bynes in real life? Think about that. Google that sh*t.

Ok. I need to just let it go, right? Right? There’s so much sh*t. I mean, I listen to so many murder podcasts, and I listen to sh*t about child molestation and sex trafficking and murdering, and then people get incredibly upset about the word f*ck. I’m like; why? Go listen to a murder podcast and be upset about the real terrors in this world. Ok. Now I’m going to put it away.

Let’s talk about podcasts real quick. Just because; speaking of podcasts. Just podcasts I’m loving lately. Because I’m pretty sure I went through every true crime podcast there is out there. Luckily somebody gave me a new one; let me see if I can find it. Somebody gave me a new true crime podcast to listen to, so I need to listen to that one. But I haven’t yet. Oh; Missing and Murdered; Who Killed Alberta Williams. A reader recommended that. So I’m going to listen to that; I just downloaded it. I just haven’t listened to it yet.

But there are three new podcasts that I’ve been listening to that aren’t murder related, if you’re not a huge fan of murder, which is fair. I’m loving My Dad Wrote a Porno; {laughs} so this is very graphic. So if you’re not a fan of the word f*ck, you will not like this podcast. It’s literally about a guy whose dad wrote a porno, and it is so funny. They have British accents, so I feel like that just makes it 10 times better. British people saying dirty stuff is hilarious. People from America saying dirty stuff is just dirty. So that’s one is super fun.

Guys We F*cked; again, if you do not like this podcast, do not go over there. But these girls just talk about their sexcapades, and they interview guys that they’ve had sex with. It’s just very interesting. It’s very interesting listening to other people’s sex lives. Like, interesting. Never heard of that thing before.

And then a reader or listener just recommended the B*tch Bible; which, thank god she did, because I was getting all this sh*t on my blog today, and then I drove away; stopped looking at my computer, drove to a coffee shop, and I listened to; let’s see what her name is. Whatever her name is on the B*tch Bible; Jackie. Yeah, she’s just this, says whatever the hell she wants, just talk about random sh*t and her first episode is with her mom, and it is so hilarious. So, again, if you don’t like this podcast, don’t listen to those three. But those are the three I’m into right now that aren’t murder related. And I feel like I’m in less of a dark place because I’ve been listening to more positive things.

When you get wrapped up in those murder episodes; I mean, it gets dark, man. You’re like; lose all hope of human kind. So luckily these bitchy ones have brought me out of that. These sex related ones. But speaking of murder; real quick. Did you guys watch the Menendez Brothers; it was like a special on ABC. It was; I don’t know, talking about the Menendez Brothers; those are the guys who murdered their parents. I always kind of knew the story but didn’t know the background. And that was super interesting to listen to. Their dad raped them; it’s super f*cked up. But if you like true crime stuff, you should watch that show. It was a good, just little short thing. It was interesting.

We’ve got to get out of this dark rut I keep pulling ourselves into. I’ve had a couple of you guys ask if I’m going to; what’s it called, interview anyone on the podcast. And somebody has given a couple of recommendations of people to interview. And here’s the thing. Since I work on the interview; no. Since I work on the internet, I do not like any human beings. There are awesome people out there; but man, those negative sh*tty people, they just drag you down. So I pretty much hate all people. And I don’t really like just talking about paleo; it’s super boring. Some people are really into it, and I was super into it when I first started with paleo, but to me it’s very boring. I like to talk about other things as well.

But I think I’m going to interview my friend Cassy; she has the blog; oh my god I’m yawning. Sorry guys. It’s literally 4 degrees outside; I’m on the couch with Jackson so he won’t chew a bone and piss you guys off on the podcast. But I’m cuddled up in 47 blankets, because I’m always cold. So I’m getting sleepy and I’m going to get bad reviews for my yawn, but whatever.

So I think I’m going to interview Cassy from I wrote the fitness portion to her newest cookbook that’s like the best book of all time, and she’s like the best girl. So if you hate cussing, but you like awesome food, you like fitness, you like fashion, you like adorable dogs; she is the person to follow, because she doesn’t cuss and she’s like the bigger the hair the closer to god, style, you know what I mean? She’s a good human being. She’s not like me, she’s a good human being.

So I want to interview her and talk about random sh*t, because she likes more than just food. And then I love my friend Vanessa; I went on book tour with her. She has the blog Clean Eating With a Dirty Mind; which, ok, there you go. Listen to that blog title; you know it’s going to be good. Her and I, on this book tour, is it she and I? F*ck I’m going to get in trouble from my mother for that. She and I; her and I? I don’t know.

So she and I; we’ll say that; went on book tour together, and I don’t know if you’ve traveled with another human being, but if you’re not traveling with your spouse, traveling can be really f*cking annoying with other people, and Vanessa was the best human being. And go to her blog right now so you know who the hell I’m talking about; Clean Eating With a Dirty Mind. Vanessa is so f*cking funny, and she’s as weird as f*ck as I am. So her and I; oh my god. She and I? F*ck. {laughs}

We’ll just say we, we’d be in a hotel room, and so tired because we had been on two flights that day, we’d been in multiple airports, we had to rent a car, we had to drive through the city, we had to check into our hotel, and then we’d have to get ready and go straight to our event. So not glamorous at all. And we’d be so tired that we’d be hallucinating and we’d just say gibberish to each other; and we just got each other. She’s the f*cking best, so I want to interview her. She works for a really cool company; I’m not sure if I’m supposed to disclose what kind of company she works for, but she works for a really f*cking cool company, and has a cookbook, and has a blog, and she’s just really cool.

And you know who I might interview? Because she’s into basic b*tch stuff like me, is my mother-in-law. I’ve got a cool mother-in-law who gives me makeup all the time. It’s just so much fun. I just love it. But she’s into basic stuff like the Bachelor. So I might have to interview her someday. Because she’s just a gem.

And wait; oh my god, how long as this been already? It’s been 12 minutes and I’ve talked about nothing on this subject. So if you’re a skipper; just keep skipping away, ok. Ok little panda? So the Bachelor is on. Thank god because what the hell else are we supposed to do on Monday nights? Are we supposed to watch WWE Raw? I’m into Total Divas on the E Network, but I’m not into watching the actual Raw footage of WWE. That sh*t is whack.

But what else are you supposed to do on a Monday night? So the other day I got sucked into the rabbit hole of the Bachelor. Somebody gave me a podcast to listen to that was Bachelor related, so I got sucked into that. Thank you listener for that. Then I started doing some research; because if you watch the first episode of the Bachelor, you can tell that the Bachelor was set up for Luke, who didn’t win the last season and we all fell in love with his very thick accent and brooding smile and super horse legs; bow-legged. He’s so f*cking bow-legged, but he’s just so handsome. I mean, my legs are super f*cked up so I’m not talking sh*t about that. But he had this significant cowboy walk, and cowboy-esque personality. So we all thought it was going to be him; right? Right?

And then all these girls come out. There’s the girl from Hoxie; whatever state that’s in. she’s literally the perky version of Wednesday Addams. Go look at her; she is Wednesday Addams. But obviously she was meant for Luke. She’s like “pig sooie” or whatever the hell that means when she came out of the limo. Is that English language? I’m not sure. But, of course, I get in this rabbit hole. I start looking up stuff online, and Luke I think was dismissed because he had alternative motives, like his country music career. So they axed him and hired Nick. Which, congrats to Nick and his new career. Who knows how many sponsorships you’re going to get out of this; fantastic for you.

And I did a little recap on the blog; and I cannot wait for this season. I love when men cry, and I wonder what happened. I cannot wait. But Corrine obviously became the top human being of the Bachelor episode; and if you don’t know who Corrine is, or if you don’t watch this show, that’s fine. She was the girl who; I think she had a really low, did she have a really low-cut dress? There was one other with a really low-cut dress. But in her intro, she owns a multi-million dollar company with her family or something. And I think the company was flooring; my friend looked it up so we could Google this b*tch and see what she was all about. Textiles? Oh, epoxy floor coverings. That’s how sexy it was. But she talks about how she has a multi-million dollar career with her family; she lives with her parents still. Hey, we’ve all done it. And then she mentions that she has a platinum vagine. You know, I love that she said vagine. I haven’t said vagine in a while, and I’m going to take that back on. Because vagina is gross. Vagine.

But what does a platinum vagine look like? Because in my mind, she should probably get that checked out. I’m just saying. But she is going to be the mess. She is wanting to control the day with her vagine. Go you; to each their own. Go you. I hope he keeps her a while for a while. I’m sure the show will make him. It’s going to be wonderful.

Oh my god, and wait. I swear to god this is the last topic before I talk about the real topic on the podcast. So my husband, the other day, was pretty hung over from New Years’ Eve. So Sundays in winter become; he watches football. And if you’ve listened to me before I f*cking hate football, and I wish football would go away. But obviously, you know, it’s not going anywhere. It continues. Like winter is the darkest time because it has snow and football. So it’s like, what the hell am I going to do if the football is on TV in my house? So I took on either starting to work out on Sundays, because I don’t normally workout on Sundays. I go to brunch with a friend, get out of the house, get away from the sound of football. I can’t even stand the sound of it. And then I get a sh*t ton of work done. So I kind of tune it out. I need to get some headphones to listen to, but I sometimes do. I’ll turn on my podcast in my office, and then I’ll cook and photograph, and the other day I filmed a cooking video for you guys. I’ve been trying to do more of those.

Luckily my husband; maybe not a lot of football was on. But he turned on Alaska: The Last Frontier on the Discovery channel. It’s like the family of Jewel; you know, Jewel the singer, her family who decided to still kick it in Alaska and live the rough life of living off the land. They literally hunt, they grow their own food; they do a lot of sh*t. and it’s like; first of all, how many pieces of equipment can you have? How do you own every piece of equipment there is in the world? It’s very interesting. But he got me hooked on this f*cking Alaska: The Last Frontier. It’s dark, man. It’s a life I do not want to live. In Alaska, living off the land. Man. That’s f*cking rough. But it was really interesting. I don’t know why I felt like I needed to tell you that.

But, ok, let’s talk about the real subject here. The whole reason you’re probably listening to this podcast in the first place, if you even made it this far in. congrats; I’m very proud of you. But today I’m talking about fitness. I had a lovely reader named Catherine ask how I keep fitness interesting. So here’s what she said. Here’s her comment/question she left on the blog. “How do you put things together; exercises, intensity, etc., to really keep your body and mind from getting in a rut. I love that you’re a trainer and know how to combine movements to get the best bang for your buck. I have no idea how to do that. Also, how do you mentally get to a place that you allow yourself to take a step back? I still have a hard time taking rest days. I’m not into lifting crazy heavy or being the strongest, but I have a hard time not working out every day. Anyways, I know that’s lots of questions; keep up the great work; you are awesome.”

Catherine; you are f*cking awesome. Thanks for bringing a whole topic to life here on PaleOMG Uncensored. See; for all the negative people; there are a million better, awesome people like Catherine. So let’s start talking about the basics. Hold on; let’s get a sip of water first.

So let’s talk about the basics. Start from the beginning. And if you are not working out yet, you need to. You need to be physically active in some way. Our bodies were made to move. They were not meant to be big blobs on the couch, or big blobs in moving furniture like in the move Wall-E; which that movie is amazing and really what our country is coming to.

But, working out is different for everyone. Everyone’s bodies are different; everyone’s situations are different. So you have to find what works for you. Whether that is walking your neighborhood or running the Leadville 100. Which is 100 miles; running 100 miles in the mountains. That’s; just think about that. That’s f*cking crazy. I’m not expecting you to do that.

But my point is, everyone starts somewhere. Everyone has different interests, everyone is just plain different. So you have to find what works for you. And what works for you may change over time, and that’s ok. So that being said, let’s get down to the basics of honesty here. Exercising sucks. If you’re a person who has exercised your whole life, maybe you’re like; “oh, I don’t get it. Exercise is great, I feel so good!” No. if you’re a person who was not moving at some point, and then you get back into exercise; exercise f*cking sucks. You feel like you can’t breathe, you can’t function, your body is shutting down. It’s not normal for a person who hasn’t felt that in quite a while; it’s not normal to feel that way. Meaning to them. It is very normal in the grand scheme of things, but the body is saying; “Why are you doing this to me? I have been sitting comfortably on the couch eating my chips and not felt like this. Why are you putting me through this?”

So I think a lot of people maybe worked out in high school or college. Not everybody; maybe that wasn’t your thing. I didn’t work out much in high school, and it wasn’t until college I tried to start pushing myself more in the gym. But I remember doing my first few burpees, and it was literally like, “I’m never f*cking doing these again. Ever again.” Because my body was going into shock. It was like, what are you doing?

So the first month or so, maybe longer, it depends what state you’re at, can be incredibly hard and incredibly hard to keep yourself accountable. So if it hurts, you don’t really want to keep doing it, and I get that. But it gets easier, and the more you see maybe physical changes or the more you feel the difference in how you feel when you’re not working versus when you do workout, the more you’ll want to stick with it and the more you’ll begin to crave it. So know that it’s normal if you don’t work out to feel like, “I don’t want to f*cking do this because this sucks.” Because it does. But it does get better and the body adapts to that feeling. I hope that makes sense.

That being said, you have to find a workout that works for you and that you enjoy and that keeps you motivated. Just because, say Crossfit, or Orangetheory are the rave, the fad right now, doesn’t mean you have to do that. You don’t have to do it if you do not like it. You need to do what you like and what keeps you wanting to go back. So start trying it all. A lot of gyms have free trials, or free classes. I know our gym does that. We do a week free for our boot camp style classes, and we do; I think one or two free Crossfit workouts to try it out and just see what it is. So shop around, try new things. Get outside your comfort zone.

And try all kinds of things. There are so many different ways to workout at this point. You could get a personal trainer, you could try Curves; Zoomba; spin, Crossfit, Orangetheory, Body Pump, boot camp, Barre; what’s it called; dang it now I’m blanking on one of them. I don’t know; marathons, triathlons; there are so many different ways to workout and you could just workout by yourself. There are so many things online; programs that you can download through people online, like the amazing two chicks of Tone it Up; those chicks. You could download their workouts. You can find stuff on Instagram.

I’ve been sharing more workouts on Instagram, because I see how much people like those and how it gives them inspiration in their own gym, so I’ve been sharing more Instagram workouts and plan to do more and more with that this year. So shop around; look around; try new things, just get moving. I don’t care what you do, get moving. You’ve got to do it. Your body is the one body you were given as we know of, so you might as well take f*cking care of it and live a cool-ass long life. And by being sedentary and wasting away on the couch is not going to be the way to do it. Just my personal opinion.

So, I’ve been doing Crossfit for about 6-7 years now, because for me I never get bored with Crossfit. I love the programming at my gym; my gym is called Crossfit Broadway in Denver. Not mine; the gym I go to, I don’t own the gym. But I love the programming, I love the head coach, I’ve been friends with him for years now, and he’s the whole reason I go into the gym, because I feel motivated and I know that if I’m having a sh*tty day that one hour spent in class is going to completely change it around. Or at least get me to a better place than I was before. So get to; you’ve got to find what motivates you.

And even though I’ve gone through competing to not competing to kind of just not loving some of the programming or the strength cycle I’m going through, I will always go back to it even though I mix other workouts into it, because I’m always challenged. And for me, I want to feel incredibly uncomfortable because I’m not only strengthening my body, I’m strengthening my mind. If I know I can push myself and finish a workout that I thought I’d never be able to finish, then I know in my real world life I can do that same thing. I can push so much farther than I thought I could, because Crossfit taught me that.

I think fitness is often thought of as just physique or health; but it is so much more. If we are able to strengthen our bodies, we’re able to strengthen our mind, and we can push so much further than we thought we could. That’s what’s so cool about fitness and knowing that all the hard work you put into something can pay off. I think that’s what’s so cool.

So for me, I’ve coached for about 5-plus years in Crossfit, so I know how to program through trial and error, because I’ve programmed many times in my life and many things have failed in the past of programming, whether it was just way too hard or way too easy. So, when I program workouts like on Instagram or in my weekly workout posts on Mondays, I want to learn new things that I don’t know of. I want to learn new movements. And we have a great boot camp style class, so the woman who programs the workouts there, I’m always learning new movements from her. I just did the boot camp class yesterday; it’s called Fit at our gym. I just did that class, and then I programmed a workout on Instagram today with multiple movements that I learned in those classes.

So I am always taking inspiration from other people whether; sorry, I have to yawn. Whether that’s a person at my gym or online, something I saw on Instagram. I’m always looking for new inspiration so I can program it and try it out myself and see if I like it or not. And that’s what kind of helps me stay motivated, is trying new things. Because we do all this fitness; that’s why you should try new things. Because you strengthen your body; so whether you’re going outdoors to snowboard or ski, you want your body to be strong so you can do those things, those fun things outside of the gym. So that’s why I like trying new things; I don’t want to go up to the mountains because it’s cold, but I like to try other stuff because it keeps me motivated.

And let’s talk about a topic that Catherine brought up; and that’s rest. And I feel like; ok, say you’ve gotten to this point where you’re working out on a regular basis, and then you get addicted to it. Maybe you’re addictive personality, and the more you workout the more you love the feeling of working out, and that maybe you’ve earned your day, I don’t know. But you get addicted to that feeling, and then it’s hard to not workout sometimes. I went through this for a good amount of time when I was competing in Crossfit. I did not take rest days. My rest days were running 3 miles, and that’s what I did for my rest days. Or I’d row a 5K or something.

Nowadays; well, so, when I was not resting, I was always wondering why I wasn’t seeing results. Because I was working out all the time; I’m like, why am I not; why are my legs just getting bigger? They’re not getting more tone, more sculpted. Why am I not seeing the results of everything I’m putting in. and I didn’t blame it on Crossfit; I didn’t blame it on the workout I was doing. I was like; well I’m just not doing something right. So, f*ck. That was bad.

Ok so I’m not doing something right, so I just probably should workout more. So I just worked out more. And I was literally doing 3-4 workouts a day; just f*cking stupid. So, once I finally stopped competing in Crossfit and said f*ck it, I’m going to take more rest days; my legs completely changed. My legs were always the thing that I never could really gain muscle in, and that completely started to morph and change when I started taking rest days. Because I was reducing the inflammation in my body and letting my muscle tissue heal itself. Because you’re breaking down muscle tissue; it has to rebuild. Your body just needs that. Just like it needs sleep, it needs rest days.

So once I started taking more rest days, I actually started seeing the results of all the work I was putting in at the gym. And that’s what really changed my outlook on rest. I thought rest was such a bad thing, and it’s not. You have to take rest days so you can really see the full potential of your workouts. So don’t forget that fitness is so incredibly important; but letting your body heal is just as important. So if you’re a person who is kind of addicted to working out, keep that in mind.

So we’re in January here; this is the month where we’re like; “F*ck yeah, we can do this! I love working out (I f*cking hate it) but I love working out.” But then we get to; whatever it is, February. And those feelings kind of start to fade. That motivation of summer time or whatever your f*cking goal is; whatever you have in mind. Weight loss, fit into a certain pair of pants, whatever it is. That kind of starts to dissipate and we lose focus. We use January as this refocusing time, but hey , there are 11 other months in the year. So it’s time to cut the cord with these habits. If you’re a person who is the person who makes goals or resolutions on January 1st, and then they’re gone by mid-February, it’s time to cut the cord with that. No need to do that.

Small goals in between are a great motivator; but no more creating a goal and then not sticking to it. There is no point in that. That would not be acceptable at work; if you told your boss that you were going to do this huge project and you were going to get it done, and then you just kind of forgot about it and acted like it never happened. That would not be acceptable at work; so why is it acceptable for you? You should hold yourself to the highest of standards, and you should remember that these goals were set for a reason.

So if you’re feeling unmotivated come February; it’s time to wonder why and think through why you’re not feeling motivated and start changing that. So if you’re going to this gym and you hate it every f*cking day, and it’s been a month and you hate it; time to go to a different gym. Time to mix it up. Maybe it’s time for you to workout by yourself, or maybe it’s time for you to hit a class, or maybe it’s time for you to bike to work. You need to figure out what is going to keep you motivated, and maybe it’s in different terms than you thought it would be. No more; and I’m telling you, I don’t know why you’d listen to me, but I’m telling you. No more thinking that it’s ok to just forget about your goals. That’s not what life is about. We set goals for reasons, and we have to accomplish them because we set those goals for ourselves, and we set those standards. And at the end of the day, it’s just being a grownup. You say you’re going to do something; you do it. And that’s what being a grownup is about. Being a child, you can say whatever the f*ck you want and it doesn’t matter. But being an adult, you have to hold yourself to a higher standard and really motivate yourself.

And say you have a partner and you want them to workout with you to keep you motivated. Tell them that; if they don’t support you, get a new partner. F*ck that. But you should find a way; whether it’s with a workout partner, maybe a friend or your spouse, someone that gets you in the gym or out doing whatever physical activity, snowboarding, skiing, I don’t know, I don’t know what else do you do outside? Not anything right now because it’s disgusting. Go sit in my hot tub; that’s one. But whatever you need to do to hold yourself accountable, you need to do that. That is what fitness is all about; putting yourself, holding yourself to a higher standard and believing in yourself and accomplishing those small goals.

And saying that, I think it’s really good to set some goals when you first get started with working out. When I first started Crossfit, I put together a little book; just a little notebook, and I wrote down all my goals. I wanted to be able to do kipping pull-ups. I wanted to be able to snatch; at one point I said 95 pounds. That was my long-term goal; one of the last things I accomplished. I wanted to be able to do a muscle up. I wanted to deadlift a certain weight. I wrote down all these goals, and that’s what kept me motivated. It wasn’t like; ok, I want to lose weight, I want to fit into a certain pair of pants, because that didn’t work for my mind. That made me go towards very obsessive, negative behaviors. So putting goals in numbers workout wise kept me way more motivated. Because each day I was getting stronger; each workout I was seeing progress, whether it was I was just a little bit faster, or I was stronger, or I beat someone in the gym that I hadn’t before. These small, small goals really kept me going.

So maybe doing that same thing for you; you want to be able to swim a mile nonstop or whatever. I don’t know; a mile is a really long ways. But you know what I mean; putting something on paper that you say, ok, I want to attain this goal. How am I going to get there? And for me, getting to a 95-pound snatch back then, I had to work on snatches all the time, and really work my way up to that. If I just put this goal of 95-pound snatch and didn’t try ever, well I wasn’t going to attain that goal.

So maybe put down; if you’re a person who likes to write sh*t down; I am. Put down what you want to accomplish this year, and how you’re going to accomplish it. And remember that you might not feel motivated every day, but that’s like. Do you feel motivated to go to work every single day? Hopefully yes, but maybe not. And you still do it. Do you feel motivated to brush your teeth every night? I know I sure as f*ck don’t when I’m like falling asleep on the couch and I have to wake back up to brush my teeth and floss them. But do I brush my teeth and floss my teeth every single night of my life? Yes, I’m an adult, yes I do it. Fitness is the same thing. I’ve said that so many times.

Do you want to pick your kids up from school? Probably not. But are you just going to leave your kids? No. because you’re an adult. Fitness is the same thing. So do it; just f*cking do it. If you’re like; “My life is too busy, I don’t have time.” Do a workout at home when you’re watching TV with everyone else. I create travel workouts; there are body weight workouts and I’m planning to do even more. Find something you can do at home, and workout for 20 minutes, and you did a workout, and you went all out for 20 minutes. Boom, you’re done. Don’t say; “Oh, I have to go to the gym for 2 hours.” No you don’t. There are plenty of workouts out there that are short, sweet, and get you to your goals way faster than just sitting on the couch. And I’m saying this while lying on the couch with a dog on top of me. But you know what I mean.

So find a workout that you love; know that it may change, and then find another workout you love. Push past f*cking February; nobody wants to be out in this cold, I get it. But get to the gym, or get to your garage, or get to your basement, and do something. And hold yourself accountable. Set your goals, whatever those goals may be, and don’t forget about them. You set those goals for a reason; don’t let, “Ugh, I don’t want to do it!” f*cking take over. Because how is that going to make you mentally stronger in your own actual life if you can’t be mentally strong in just a simple 20 minute workout?

Gah, that’s tough love, right? What a b*tch. You guys should go listen to the B*tch Bible. She’s a doll.

So that’s all I got for you. I think we all get in ruts, and we all have hard times when it comes to fitness. But the longer you can stick with it, the more likely you will stick with it over and over and over, even when you go through ruts. Say you’re pregnant and you’re bed-ridden; you can’t get out of bed. Well that’s going to be hard getting back to it, knowing where you were at before, but you can do it. Anybody can do it. Whether you’re f*cking sit and be fit on PBS, or running Leadville 100. I don’t care what you’re doing; do something. The body was made to move, it was not made to be a slug. You know, slugs even move! Yeah, yeah. Slugs move. They make those little f*cking nasty ass spots.

Oh hi Jackson! You little doggie! So don’t be a slug, I don’t know, whatever doesn’t move. A bugger that’s on the ground. Don’t be a bugger.

That’s all I have for you today. What a short and sweet podcast! So I’m thinking about interviewing some people soon; only the handful of human beings that I like in this world. So that should be fun. Next week is going to be random reader podcast; or random reader questions, so if you have a question that you’d like to ask, whether it’d be about facials. Not facials, but procedures, treatments, I don’t know what they’re called; I’ve been doing lately.

I posted a picture, or a video online, and it was like the end. I tried to take pictures while I was getting this laser done to my fast and skin tightening, but the laser, it’s really f*cking bright. You have goggles on, it’s really bright {laughs} so the pictures did not come out whatsoever. Imagine this woman is working on my face and I’m taking pictures at the same time. I’m such a f*cking annoying human being. But I have to say that I’m not a person who Snapchats at social events. That’s why I haven’t been Snapchatting much because I like to hang out with the people that I’m around and not be on Snapchat. No hate on those people.

But ok, back to the point. If you have questions about anything, next week on the blog I’m sharing my favorite treatments I’ve been doing lately to the face. I just had an awesome laser that I tried and it’s been amazing. And I’m going to talk about profactional, going to talk about permanent eyeliner, going to talk about; oh, I’m trying something called lash lifting this next week. So I’m going to talk about all that sh*t on the blog next week. So that’s going to be a topic next week.

If you have any questions, whether it’s food related, fitness related, fashion, beauty, why I’m such a b*tch; whatever you need to ask, feel free to come over to the blog to and you can ask it anywhere; on my Monday post, my weekly workouts post, I’ll be asking for random reader questions, so feel free to ask them on Monday there. I’d love to hear from you; only positive people, I would prefer those, because those people are just way more f*cking fun.

So any questions, I’ll be doing a full random reader questions podcast. But I think I’m going to do some interviews soon. I think that would be fun because I’m running out of ideas. I’m running out of things to talk about other than the Bachelor. And I think I would get a lot of hate if I did a Bachelor recap every single week on the podcast. But I’m going anyways, hahahaha! {laughs} Jokes on you. Did I just blow your eardrums out? I tried to pull my head back.

So that’s that. If you want to get free recipes, free content, fun sh*t, head to I have all kinds of new stuff on there. Making some new cooking videos; I have a new cooking video for you guys going live on Tuesday, and it’s like 1 minute because people have very short attention spans, so I just made it one lovely minute for you short attention span human beings. So feel free to head to

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It’s getting close to dinner. My husband is working super late tonight, so I get to pick whatever the hell I want, and my husband is even healthier than I am, so it’s like; “ooh, do I want to get Thai food?” I get to do whatever I want tonight. Watch f*cking trash TV; just be a basic b*tch. Sorry, they were talking about basic bitches in the B*tch Bible so it’s jut in my head right now; it’s just hot.

Ok that’s all I’ve got for you guys today. Thank you so much for coming and listening; you’re such a doll. If you don’t workout, do it. And if you want to workout with me, head to my Instagram. It’s just PaleOMG. Pale-OMG. Like the title of this podcast. And I’m sharing all kinds of new workouts there. So let’s get motivated this 201. Let’s f*cking change lives through fitness! Change your life. Let’s be f*cking awesome this year! Ok thanks for listening. You’re a doll. I hope you have a wonderful weekend, wonderful week whenever you’re listening to this. Go kick some ass, and take some f*cking names. Bye!!

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