Make It Stop: Thanksgiving KornuKopia with Alex Dunn and Brian Melanson


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Due to KOVID-19, Heather and Mike won't be getting uncomfortably drunk around their families this Thanksgiving, so instead they've decided to get uncomfortably drunk together over Zoom. To make it a family affair they're joined by Alex Dunn (Mike's Brother), and Brian Melanson (Heather's Pretend Dad). It's time for a tWiSteD Turkey Day 'cause we're feasting on a veritable KORNUKOPIA. The Blackout Power Hour is back. Over 60 songs, over 60 sips, it's enough KoRn to bind up your system for days on end. This episode starts off the rails and plummets off a cliff as we all rapidly become too drunk to podcast. We're sorry about this one. Happy Thanksgiving!

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