The Devil's Music 32: Javier Escovedo


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Rock’n’roll icon Javier Escovedo is perhaps best known for being the founding member of the legendary early West Coast punk combo The Zeros. A life-long musician hailing from Chula Vista, California, he formed the The Zeros in 1976. After playing three gigs total, by early 1977, they put out a record on Bomp, literally becoming a sensation with their shredding guitars and poppy stick-in-your-head anthems. In the 80’s he moved to Austin,TX and had success with The true Believers. Still super active musically, he’s put out two solo albums – “City Lights” and “Kicked Out of Eden” and has another on the way. In this episode, Javier and longtime friend, hostess Pleasant Gehman discuss the early days of late 70’s California punk, the Zeros’ totally wild first gigs, Javier’s encounters with the likes of Carlos Santana and Sly Stone-plus the up-coming Zeros film documentary “Beat Your Heart Out” and much more.

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