Make It Stop: The Clash - Cut the Crap (w/ Brandon, Jack and Meagan from Time and Place)


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They were the only band that mattered, but by 1985 they were in tatters. The Clash's swan song Cut The Crap is infamous in the music world, regarded by some as the worst album ever made. Having split with co-frontman and primary songwriter Mick Jones, Joe Strummer soldiered on with a few savvy studio musicians and his egomaniacal manager Bernard Rhodes. Together they set out to prove that they didn't need no Mick Jones and they could do it all themselves. Laden with studio trickery, drum machines, and 40 layers of identical sounding buzzsaw Les Pauls, the album is truly a chore to listen to, an all-time misfire from one of the greats. Mike and Heather are joined by Brandon, Meagan and Jack from Time and Place, because we knew they loved The Clash and we wanted to traumatize them. Fingerpop!

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