See Hear 79: Interview with Isabelle Raynauld about "Tuning The Brain With Music"


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On the See Hear podcast, we've spoken about films that have music's relation to politics, history, cultural shifts, and singing plants.

We figured it was about time to get a little scientific.

On episode 79, with Tim on sabbatical, Bernie and I spoke with film director, Isabelle Raynauld. She is a film professor at the University of Montreal with a strong interest in neuroscience and music therapy. Over the course of several years, Isabelle has made a great documentary called Tuning The Brain With Music (released at the start of 2020). In the film, she speaks with all manner of people about studies that have been made into how the brain accommodates music. The scientists and therapists speak alongside people whose lives have been changed for the better by music. Tune in and find out how.

Thanks so much to Isabelle for her time and enthusiasm. We'd recommend you search out the film, available to stream from

You can also order her book Reading and Writing a Screenplay: Fiction, Documentary and New Media from

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