His Journey - His Destiny w/ Kerry James, Jr. ("KJ")


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Get ready to be a “KJayer”. Now you’re probably asking yourself, what’s that? Well, today’s guest started singing when he was 19 years old and on Christmas of 2012, his number 1 fan (his mother) got him his first acoustic guitar. Well fast forward to today, Kerry James Jr (Better known as KJ) is an accomplished R&B Indie Artist in his own rite. A Singer-Songwriter and Musician, his story is all about Peace, Love, and Determination. Papa Geoff talks with him about his journey, how he got started in Gary Indiana, his musical career, and his upcoming EP. I know you’re gonna really enjoy this conversation. I was so honored that he came on the program today. Many many thanks...

Enjoy the broadcast - Much love and respect always,
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Papa Geoff...

"Mother and I"
Music & Lyrics by Kerry James, Jr.
(Used With Permission)
© Kerry James, Jr.
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