003: Dr. Rodney White/Sarpy Chiropractic- Moving across the world, business transition and health tips

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From Sydney to Sarpy: Advice and Stories from Dr.Rodney White

This week on the podcast we have Dr. Rodney White, Owner and Lead Care Provider at Sarpy Chiropractic. In part one of this two part series we discuss everything from restarting in a new country, health tips, all the way to small business advice. But how does one decide to BE a chiropractor??

I played a lot of sports, had a lot of injuries and I’d been to both chiropractic and physical therapy and both had helped me, but chiropractic, far and away, seemed to get me a better result and at that point I decided I really wanted to work in sports. I originally thought I wanted to be a sports journalist because my dad always worked in news and at the time, I really started to dislike English class so I figured I probably can’t be a journalist. “

Dr. White’s career now though, is quite a bit different than it used to be.

“At our practice in Sydney, we had a lot of Olympic athletes, Australian rugby players, so it was kind of fun to work on them and watch them on T.V. that night. But the realization I started to have was the regular person who comes in with health issues, when they can’t walk because they’re in so much pain, their level of gratitude because their life has just been miraculously changed for them after a few visits . It is so much different than the athlete who, their whole career, they’ve got people working on them in their team. They would come to our office for stuff but there was a little more high maintenance to it, a little more entitlement and not as much appreciation is just the regular person who we can impact their life with a simple piece of advice or couple simple adjustments.”

So how does going from working on renown athletes to the everyday person maintain the rewarding feeling? Would it seem less exciting??

To run into people at the grocery store who you know you’ve helped them and made a big impact on their life and to have them come up and say hi and introduce you to their friends or family they’re with, and say, “oh, this is the guy that helped me out” it’s not such an ego boost, it’s just makes me feel good that I get to do that every day. “

So lets get straight to debunking the health myths…. Give us a good one.

“We were all taught stretch before we play a sport, whether it was baseball, rugby, soccer, surfing, whatever. What makes the most sense is To do Dynamic Warm up. (lunges, butt kicks, high-knees, things of that sort.) When we do static stretching( still stretching), we’re also stretching the ligaments that hold out joints together. So, muscles move our body parts, ligaments protect our body parts. So when you roll an ankle, your muscles didn’t kick in quick enough to be the extra support so the ligaments get torn because they couldn’t hold it properly, when you static stretch for about the following ninety minutes, your muscles and then your other connected tissues like ligaments, stay more loose and flexible. So, now you’re actually at more risk of injury.”

Check out the full interview with Dr. White to hear more of his story, get some more great health tips, and learn who Dr. White REALLY is.

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