Fear of a Cucked Planet w/ Greg Belvedere of RebelBass


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Just in time for Valentine's Day, Greg Belvedere of the RebelBass Youtube channel joins us to discuss his upcoming video about the online right's "Fear of a Cucked Planet". Around 2015 the term "cuckservatives" began cropping up as an insult employed by the alt right against conservatives they believed were not right wing enough. The term cuck quickly became an insult to contemptuously refer to men seen as weak or servile. The term, however, originates from a fetish in which a man likes to watch his wife or girlfriend having sex with another man. Additionally, the kink usually has an interracial element to it. As such, the alt right's use of the term "cuck" seems to clearly come from their own racial paranoia. Greg promises expands on this angle while also attempts to tie it to the other anxieties of the alt right in his upcoming video on the subject.


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