Celebrity UFO Sightings


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When the average Joe phones in to claim that he has witnessed a UFO, we probably hear little about it. When a world renowned celebrity tells the world that he has seen something unusual, everyone pays attention. Headlines in magazines and newspapers will be written and interviews conducted by the most straight-faced journalist for the job. It can’t be easy for anyone to speak up and make a UFO claim, let alone someone whose income depends largely upon people buying their work. But in recent years there has been an increasing number of celebrities who have been willing to risk their public reputation due to sure faith in what they have seen. It could be that the aliens are amassing and are ready to introduce themselves to more of us. Or it could simply be that there are unidentified flying objects and that is all. They may not have any alien connection. When Larry King conducted a survey on his show a few years ago, 86 percent of people said that they believed in aliens. This is definitely not a scientifically sound study, but it does suggest that many of us are open to the possibility that we are not alone in this big wide universe of ours. On this episode of ParaReality Radio, I'll be relating some stories of a handful of celebrities and their UFO sightings. Some of them are living, others are dead. Some are actors, some are musicians and others are politicians. Despite the differences in their backgrounds they all share two things in common. All are celebrities and all of them saw an unidentified object flying in the sky. These are their stories.

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