Chemtrails 2015


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If you've listened to this show for even just a small amount of time, you'll know that I'm a huge Chemtrail theorist. I've done more than one episode about them and I even devoted an episode of my short-lived internet TV show about them. I've even had a mysterious caller, who calls himself "Citizen X", leave a message to me about them on my studio line! Just exactly what are Chemtrails? Are they some sort of government inoculation program? Could it be some form of population control? Maybe it has something to do with the weather and global warming? Who is behind Chemtrail spraying? The government? The Bilderberg Group? Illuminati? Or is it some private organization? How can we protect ourselves from the effects of Chemtrails? What ARE the effects, anyway? I'll answer all these questions on this episode of ParaReality Radio, plus, I'll be debuting a new segment on the show that I call "Sandman Speaks", where I'll give my personal opinion on this episode's topic.

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