Crop Circles


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Crop circles have been appearing in grain fields all over the earth during the last few decades. They appear suddenly, usually at night. At first they were simple circles of bent-over grain stalks. Soon a new crop of more elaborate designs evolved - geometric forms reminiscent of profound mathematical theorems. Some say that these diagrams must be created by intelligent alien beings from elsewhere. Even though these diagrams must be constructed in a very short timespan, the genuine crop circles never show any serious mistakes or blunders of execution. Investigators see this as evidence that the aliens must be very intelligent and much more advanced than we are. That's mere speculation, of course. There are those crop circles that are made by human hands - pranksters who are seeking fame or just want to create something artistic. However, all crop circles can't be explained away as being man-made. Some designs are too complicated to be made overnight by a few people stomping on wooden blocks in a wheat field. This brings up the question of who really made them? Was it really aliens? Did humans really do all this? Was it some kind of as yet unexplained natural phenomenon? I'll be taking a look at all these as I investigate the mystery of the crop circles on this episode of ParaReality Radio. By now, I was closing in on the first season of ParaReality Radio. I had really gotten into my groove by now and had established the flow of the show and myself as a serious broadcaster. This episode originally aired on Live365 on 11/27/2004.

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