Is Paranormal TV Ruining the Paranormal Industry?


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Paranormal reality shows are all over our TVs these days and have been for over a decade. Their popularity doesn't seem to be waning; in fact, it seems that they're more popular than ever. That has to be a good thing for the field of paranormal investigation, right? Don't be so fast to say yes. It seems that the serious shows that wanted to bring credibility to paranormal investigating and show the science behind it are on the way out and a new era is being ushered in. This new era of paranormal "reality" TV is now full of quasi-scripted shows with fake experts, fake witnesses and fake witnesses. Instead of trying to gain credibility for the industry and show that there is scientific evidence for the paranormal, it is focused on making as much money as possible. This is causing a major setback in the field of paranormal investigating and it's credibility is in serious danger. The paranormal community needs to ban together and stop watching and supporting these types of TV shows before it's too late!

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