Lizard Man of Scape Ore Swamp


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The Lizard Man of Scape Ore Swamp or the Lizard Man of Lee County is said to be a seven foot tall creature that has three toes on each foot and three toes on each hand. Its head is said to look very much like an alien grey. The Lizard Man has been reported all around Lee County South Carolina, in Colombia South Carolina and in the swampy area between Charleston South Carolina and Folly Beach South Carolina. It is supposed to be a reptilian humanoid creature said to walk upright like a man and it has been reported to kill and feed on dogs, cats, and wildlife in the area. Several people over the years have reported seeing the creature feeding on road killed deer and other road killed animals. The cryptozoological creature is seen most often in the swampland of Lee County in and around Bishopville South Carolina. The creature is said to be a mixture of human features and dinosaur features. It is said to be covered with green scales all over its whole body. People who have seen it says that its hands and feet have suction pads that it can use to climb much like a gecko lizard. Many theories have been presented in relation to the identity of Lizard men, theories such as living dinosaurs, and even offshoots of evolution in which the reptilian hierarchy continued to evolve along the same path as early primates. At one point in time reptiles ruled the earth, it is not out of the realm of possibility that the most dominate species on the planet could continue to evolve in small numbers unseen by mankind. Although no reptilian species known to man have shown signs of such advanced evolution, the reptile is the oldest and most successful species on the planet and could hold secrets that have yet to come to light.

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