Secret Nazi Antarctic Base


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What do Nazis, Antarctica, and aliens have to do with one another? Conspiracy theorists hold that Nazis may not only have had a secret base in Antarctica, but that they also either discovered alien technology or encountered actual aliens while there. This would make an excellent summer action movie, but are these stories based on anything? Like many conspiracy theories, there are some elements of truth to it all. But whether the facts can be woven together into one cohesive narrative without having to make great leaps of logic is another matter. While there are more than a few conspiracy theories that deal with the Nazis and advanced ancient and/or alien civilizations, the supposed Nazi/alien/Antarctica connection, as told by a number of paranormal/conspiracy writers, can be summed up like this: the Nazis claimed an area of Antarctica as German territory and sent an expedition there + the Nazis experimented with innovative technology like stealth aircraft and liquid-propellant rockets = the Nazis in Antarctica must have found alien technology or met actual aliens. Is all this really true? It certainly sounds far-fetched. Let me presents the facts, theories and possible explanations and let you make up your own mind.

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