Derek Jeter, Daniel Jones Internal Clock, 1 Question With Gardner Minshew And Guys On Chicks


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The Cowboys beat the Giants and Daniel Jones has the funniest internal clock of all time (00:02:10-00:19:41). Aaron Judge stalled at 60 and College Football Talk (00:19:41-00:34:37). Hot Seat/Cool Throne (00:34:37-00:58:11). Derek Jeter joins the show to talk about his career, negotiations with Marlins Man, the time the Post called him Derek Eater, being a crazy competitor and tons more (00:58:11-01:34:45). Gardner Minshew joins us for 1 question with a QB (01:34:45-01:39:31). We finish with guys on chicks (01:39:31-01:51:24).

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