Tyson Fury, Professional Bull Rider Ezekiel Mitchell, NFL Week 5 Preview & Geno Smith Is Back


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The Seahawks played another weird game with 2 fingers broken, a double punt and Geno Smith returning to our lives. USA Soccer and playoff baseball(00:02:25-00:15:45). We preview Week 5 with picks and discussion about every game and Fantasy Fuccbois(00:15:45-01:08:35). Tyson Fury joins the show before his big title fight on Saturday night(01:08:35-01:21:56). Professional bull rider Ezekiel Mitchell joins the show to talk about what goes into bull riding, bull riding for fun, and the best bulls of all time(01:21:56-01:53:41). We finish the show with Fyre Fest of the week(01:53:41-02:09:55).

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